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Basic Korean Writing 기본 한글 쓰기


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Before any writing you need to know basic alphabet or structure of language you are try to learn.

Korean(한글han-gul) has 14 consonants(자음ja-eum) and 10 vowels(모음mo-eum).

First, let us know what 14 consonants are.


(니은 ni-eun)

(디귿 di-geud)

(리을 li-eul)

(미음 mi-eum)

(비읍 bi-eub)

(시옷 si-od) end written sound is S but coming out sound is D.

(이응 i-eung)

(지읒 ji-eud) end written sound is J but coming out sound is D

(치읓 chi-eud) end written sound is CH but coming out sound is D.

(키읔 ki-eug) end written sound is K but coming out sound is G.

(티읕 ti-eud) end written sound is T but coming out sound is D.

(피읖 pi-eub) end written sound is P but coming out sound is B.

(히잏 hi-eud) end written sound is H but coming out sound is D.

With this there are double up one… for sound just ad Ssang in front.

(쌍기역 Ssang-gi-yeog)

(쌍디귿 Ssang-di-geud)

(쌍비읍 Ssang-bi-eub)

(쌍시옷 Ssang-si-od)

(쌍지읒 Ssang-ji-eud)

And there is some consonants go together. This is most used in under. This one I will give you few examples.

(Saks) – wages

앉아(Anja) – Sit down

많이(Manhi) – a lot

닮았다 (Dalmassda) – looks like it

핥다(Haltda) - lick

밥값 (Babgabs) – meal price or money for meal

But, same as English with out vowels consonants doesn’t make any words.

So now let learn about 10 vowels.







(woo / u)

(yoo / yu)



This vowels also mix together to work.












These are the most basic you need to know before structuring into word...

Some people said Korean is most scientific language in the world.

The building structure of Korean isn’t easy, but long as you know how to put consonants and vowels together it will be easy to put together. And the sound of the word will not change much at all...

So what you write is what you get.

So let built up some word.

First, let use first consonant and vowel together.

(ga) – Go!

Even just one consonant and one vowel together made into the word.

There are many other...


(na) – I or Me,

(da) – Everything,

(la) – sound La,

(ma) – it’s some kind of root veggie,

(ba) – Bar,

(sa) – Four,

(a) – Ah,

(ja) – Ruler, Go to sleep!

(cha) – Car,

(pa) – Dig or sound Fa,

(ha) – laugh sound Ha

Like this... even one work also could have many meaning.

Also, you could put other consonant under this single word.

(gak) – angle or each

I will stop here for today. I don’t want you to over work on from first lesson. ^^

Next lesson will be making word with as first letter...

If you have any question on lesson or any word you want to know or make just ask.


And for the lesson... because of my health I only can do one or two for a week or even less... --;;

Sorry about that but, I will answer any question with or with out lesson soon as I can...

Also, if you have any request on lesson let me know...

I will try to do that also...

So please remember this is only me doing it... you can also work along with me... ^^

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For help when you write Korean from your computer...

You need to set your language... I don't know about this part...

I hope some one could give some info on this please...

For help on your keyboard... here is image that which key change to with korean letter...


Each computer has little different way to change...

Some computer you just push right side of Alt key to chang to other language...

some computer you have to use you mouse to change...

Language bar is at right side of you bottom screen...

Any way... I hope this keyboard picture could help you write some Korean word here... ^^


I am not good with tech. part... hope some one who is good at that part could help here... ^^

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You see, I had a problem with trying to write ㅔ and ㅖ, but now I can :)


And now I have another problem... XD


What is the first component of the second character????

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@chiakaiyuki... You're welcome!

I forgot to tell how to used the upper letter but I guess you found your way to used it...

From your question...

That is written 심장을... I will go over with all not just second part...

the () mean the you keyboard english letter... so you could find easyer to used later...

First part is with ㅅ(T)ㅣ(L)ㅁ(A) - Sim

Second part is with ㅈ(W) ㅏ(K) ㅇ(D) - Jang

Third part is with ㅇ(D) ㅡ(M) ㄹ(F) - Eul

I hope this is what you are looking for... ^^;;;

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Here is Korean consonants and vowels chart...

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.

Which ever sound you want to here just move your mouse and put that...

This will help you understant how each consonants and vowels work together and how they sound like...

Until the next lessons about puting one or two or more put together to make a word...

And then we will move on to putting some consonants under to make more word...

When that is done we will move on to write simple sentence...

If you want to know how to write consonants and play some simple game with...

You could go

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
to play...

This is Korean site... so everything will say in Korean...

I hope this will help little more for you to understand Korean little better...

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@hama Yey, thank you! It's a little confusing, cos the font make the chracters look different. But I'll remember that one.


감사합니다 :)

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@chiakaiyuki... You're welcome! 별말씀을... ^^

I am glad now you could see it...

Some time even you know single word but with other you just couldn't tell...

Best way to learn new word is keep see and use the word...

Soon you can tell what that it is...

I should make a game when I finish all the lesson on making word...

There is game call 끝말잇기(Ggeut-mal-is-gi)...

This is game word with each word last letter will be next person first letter become...

Like this...

가방(ga-bang) Bag


방송(bang-song) broadcasting


송아지(song-a-ji) calf


지팡이(ji-pang-i) walking stick


이슬(i-seul) dew...


Or should I start now?

I wonder I how many people could do it if I start now? --;;;;

Any way... I will try to find some way for people do enjoy making word...

So... if any one want this game to go on...

Please push thank you...

If I get more then 10 people who is willing to go

Then I will start the game...

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Making word 1…

From basic of making word is always consonant first then vowel.

가게(ga-ke) – store, 가구(ga-goo) – furniture

Also, you could add other consonant under. This call 바침(ba-chim).

감각(kam-gak) – sense, feeling, 관계(kwan-kye) – relationship

For 바침(ba-chim) not only single consonant use, you also could use mix of consonants.

(kapt) – price, 읽기(il-gi) – reading

Mixing consonant and vowel to make a word, but also you could make a sound.

Like baby making sound 가가구구(ga-ga-goo-goo)...

Or describing something like putting nicely side by side... in Korean you only say 가지런히(ga-ji-run-hi) 놓다(not-ta)...

There are lots of expressions that English can’t put in to word, but in Korean you can.

Like baby’s walking... 뒤뚱뒤뚱 (twi-ttung-twi-ttung)... there isn’t any word like this in English. Only way is to tell in English is to fully explain it. It’s unstable walking looks like might fall into one side but not...

But, you have to remember not all the mix match become word.

There is no word 갛가 in Korean… ^^;;;

So even you do mix match to make a word you still have to remember not everything become word.

So with out Korean dictionary is little hard to know that you write is right word or not...

But, not everyone has one... also even in the internet I don’t think there is English-Korean Dictionary. I do know there is Korean-English one... in Korean site... I think

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
is better then any other but not the best one...

Sorry today lesson will stop from here...

I will try to make it better lesson for next time...

But, still I just don’t know what I have to teach... --;;

Sorry being not good teacher for you… T T

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hey, I got a question.

This is S right?

and this is for ss.


But there are several times I noticed that even the consonant D or T or P or B can become like this:


why is that? I tried reading korean manhwas and also tried writing them from Hangul to Romanization and vice-versa, but I noticed that instead of or or etc., it's actually this:


so why is that? And I'm sorry for my english.


Example, like this:

5 다섯(da-seot)

6 여섯(yeo-seot)


isn't it supposed to be: da-seos ,since it's and yeo-seos?


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Well... what I write is how that soudn come out in real...

If it's as first one it will stay as what it is...

But, if it's in under one or end sound... they do change time to time...

It's like english you lost s or t sound at end...

But, in korean the under one is more then one consonants or what is ofter or befor do effect the sound...

ㅅ and ㅆdo effect more then other...

For written it should write as S but when you say it they most come out as T sound...

I have to look for why they change that way...

I try my best to make the sound close as it said in real...

But, Korean and English sound are little different...

So sometime is hard to give a right sound...

Because when it come with the sound best is to hear it not read it... --;;;

I hope this explain little bit...

I will try to eplaine this sound change in other lesson later on...

I also have to found out about why some sound chang in that way...

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Thanks SO much hama!! I really feel that I'm learning something in these threads, and I have never been one for learning foreign language. Please please continue with new lessons. I appreciate it very much!

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With my personal reason and other I couldn't keep doing this...

If some one ask for I still help out but other then that I don't think I can do any more...


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  • 11 months later...

I've studied hangul maybe 2 or 3 years ago?? (I can't remember..) And it's quite easy writing them but I'm not so good in reading.. And if I can read it, I can't understand it.. :cuteonion58: Those were the times when I was crazy over Korea and K-pop... Then I found anime and Japan.. hahaha.. Then I got crazy over nihongo.. XD

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