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frederic フレデリック

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+・゜*♬+・゜* ♫ +・゜*♪ frederic ♪*゜・+ ♫ *゜・+♬*゜・+




The picture appears to be too big, if you want to see the drummer, please open the picture in another tab m(_ _)m (sorry but it had to be this pic Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑))



The band is composed of:


・MIHARA Kenji (1990/02/20) vocal & guitar


・MIHARA Kouji (1990/02/20) bass, lyrics, composition & artwork

They are twins even though they don't look alike (・・?)


・AKAGASHIRA Ryuuji (1989/06/26) guitar


・TAKAHASHI Takeru (1989/06/13) drums



A song I love キャ━━━(●′∀`●)━━━ !!!!!

At the start he asks if we'll have a good time[also means if we'll play] with him ァハハ☆・゚:*(*´∀`*)ゞ*:゚・☆テレルャンッ

Frederic - Kitaku Beats

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A song that was used for an anime (Koi to Uso's opening theme)

Frederic - KanashiiUreshii




A popular song

Frederic - Togenkyo




Does anybody know about them? Like them?

As for me, it had been a very long time since I've heard and immediately loved a band!






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