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The Overdramatic Aominecchi

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Disclaimer: Okay, maybe I am not THAT overdramatic.

I just love to extragerate things.


Well, a few things about me first:


[table=width: 450, class: grid, align: center]


[td] Roleplayer[/td]

[td] OOC Drama[/td]



[td] Writer[/td]

[td] Rude People[/td]



[td] 100% Free Spirit[/td]

[td] IDK? I am a pretty chill person.[/td]




So ummm, I suppose I am a very random at times too. Also very shy, but once we get closer, I am sure I will annoy you. Anyway, I love writing. I have been practising since I was 10 (I was a kid with lot's of free it OK?) and I've written a few KPOP and Dragon Age fanfics. My roleplay experience accounts for eight years and I always love to try new things, either in RP or in my life in general. My motto actually is: Everything in life is an experience.


Anyway (x2), here I'll be posting - mostly - random stuff, such as weird encounters that I have had, poems, ideas for RP or fics, plots and the such. I mean, don't have your expectations high of me because I am the Master of Disappointment. Yeah.



- - - Updated - - -





The Red String of Fate .

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.

- Chinese proverb.


A red thread is tied around everyone's little finger; binding two souls that are destined to be lovers, or soulmates. The lives of those who are connected are intertwined, fate constantly bringing them close. Very few can actually see the thread, and even fewer believe in that myth.

The story starts at/in [insert setting], where Muse A meets Muse B by accident, discovering they share the same thread. Moreover, Muse A is utterly shocked to find that his destined pair is a man and thus, attempts to do anything within his power to cut off their connection.

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