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Takumi Kun: Crying Confessions (Gii x Takumi)

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ayama Takumi glanced at his watch for the 20th time within the time span of 5 minutes. The 3rd year student was anxiously waiting for the arrival of his boyfriend Saki Giichi aka Gii. The two of them had been dating for two years now. That day was their anniversary, that day Gii had told Takumi to wait at the spot they had shared their first kiss. But that day it was raining hard and Gii was nearly an hour late. Takumi didn't have an umbrella.


Feeling a sneeze tickle his nose Takumi headed back to the campus desperate for a hot shower. Once he collected a dry change of clothes he headed to the shower room. The hot water was able to wash away the chill from his bones but not the tears from his eyes. On his way back to the campus Takumi could have sworn he saw Gii laughing up a storm with one of their classmates Takahiro. After finishing his shower Takumi changed into his dry clothes and wiped all evidence of tears from his face as he made his way back to the dorm. He didn't want to have to answer any questions.


Once the third year had reached Gii's room he held himself back from slamming the door shut before throwing himself on Gii's bed. The tears came freely this time with no rain or shower water to wash them away or hide them. Eventually the 3rd year cried himself to sleep, tear drops still evident on his slightly flickering eyelids.




"Arigatou." Gii nodded his head in thanks when the man across the counter handed him the black satin box. Inside was something he had wanted to give to Takumi ever since he first saw him. As the thought of Takumi crossed his mind he glanced at his watched and his eyes went wide. "Damn it." He pocketed the small box and muttered an apology to the shopkeeper before racing out of the shop.


Gii immediately began his search at the location he and Takumi were supposed to meet. No Takumi. Allowing no hesitation to enter his mind Gii ran back towards the campus were he asked a frew other students if they had seen the other boy. When the all told him no he felt a sharp pain in his chest.


Gii ran through the entire school ignoring the protests of the teachers and other students. He checked every class room every hallway, the library, still no Takumi. Feeling defeated Gii headed to his room. When he opened the door he stopped dead in his tracks. Lying on his bed was no other than Takumi. Gii walked over to the sleeping form of his boyfriend and slowly sat down on the edge of the bed. His hair was damp which triggered a pang of concern. Had Takumi been waiting for him out in the rain? Not being able to stand not holding his lover in his arms Gii bend down to kiss the other boy but stopped.


Tear tracks. Tear tracks all over his precious Takumi's face. Gii never wanted to see Takumi cry. The result would be the feeling of his heart breaking because he was unable to keep his lover happy. In pure means of comfort Gii gently pressed his lips to the still sleeping Takumi's. He had no idea if this would pull the other boy from his slumber. All he knew was he wanted to hold Takumi tightly in his arms and not let go. "Gomen Takumi Ashiteru."


Takumi had woken up when Gii had returned. Not in the mood to face the other man the 3rd year stayed quiet. When he felt the kiss he didn't respond but he didn't reject the other boy either. But when he heard Gii say 'Aishiteru' his eyes opened, "Don't lie to me Gii."


Gii nearly fell back when Takumi's eyes opened. Unable to hide his relief he tried to pull the other boy in his arms. When Takumi pushed him away his eyes went wide. "Doushite?"


Takumi sat up and turned so his back was facing his boyfriends. "Don't give me that. You were supposed to meet me at our spot. I waited a whole hour a whole damn out in the rain for you. When I couldnt' take the cold anymore I came back to campus where I saw you talking to Takahiro." Takumi brought his knees up to his chest. "You like him don't you? You're sick of being with me and now you want to go out with Takahiro. I'm right aren't I?" When Takumi didn't recieve an answer he turned around and chocked back a gasp. Gii was crying. Gii had tears in his eyes, "Gii?"


Gii sat back down on the bed but surprisingly made no attempt to pull Takumi close to him. "Takumi please listen to what I have to say. Gomen, I never meant for you to wait that long. In fact I never intended for you to wait at all." he said not being able to find the strength to look the other boy in the eye. "I love you so much. Which is why I have a very important question to ask you. " Gii reached into his pocket and pulled out the black satin box. "Takumi, you mean everything in the world to me. I know we're a little too young but I don't care. I've been wanting to do this for months." He opened the box, and inside was a silver band with a clear gem embedded in is. "Hayama Takumi, will you marry me?"


Takumi's eyes went wide at the sight of the ring. At first his words didn't seem to want to cooperate but finally he said, "Marry you? But Gii what about Takahiro?"


Gii had been hoping for a 'yes' but he was grateful Takumi's answer hadnt' been a 'no'. "I was asking Takahiro if he had seen you around. I spend time this him because he's my partner for a project." He cupped the other boy's face in his hands. "I have told you time and time again you mean the world to me."


Takumi removed Gii's hands from his face and threw his arms around the larger man's broad shoulders. "I love you Gii and my answer is yes I will marry you."


Gii pulled Takumi out of the embrace long enough to slip the ring on his finger and capture the other boys lips with his own. "Ashiteru Takumi." He kissed the other boy again gently pressing him down on the bed. As they made love a small thought couldn't help but sneak in both of their minds. Thank Kami-sama there no classes that day.

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Kya!!!!! Sooooo cooooolll!!! I love it so much! This was just :leaf15: "Gii sat back down on the bed but surprisingly made no attempt to pull Takumi close to him. "Takumi please listen to what I have to say. Gomen, I never meant for you to wait that long. In fact I never intended for you to wait at all." he said not being able to find the strength to look the other boy in the eye. "I love you so much. Which is why I have a very important question to ask you. " Gii reached into his pocket and pulled out the black satin box. "Takumi, you mean everything in the world to me. I know we're a little too young but I don't care. I've been wanting to do this for months." He opened the box, and inside was a silver band with a clear gem embedded in is. "Hayama Takumi, will you marry me?"


Very, very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Kya!!!!! Sooooo cooooolll!!! I love it so much! This was just :leaf15: "Gii sat back down on the bed but surprisingly made no attempt to pull Takumi close to him. "Takumi please listen to what I have to say. Gomen, I never meant for you to wait that long. In fact I never intended for you to wait at all." he said not being able to find the strength to look the other boy in the eye. "I love you so much. Which is why I have a very important question to ask you. " Gii reached into his pocket and pulled out the black satin box. "Takumi, you mean everything in the world to me. I know we're a little too young but I don't care. I've been wanting to do this for months." He opened the box, and inside was a silver band with a clear gem embedded in is. "Hayama Takumi, will you marry me?"


Very, very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!


What if I told you there's more? This isn't a one-shot story. I already have 6 chapters written and will be writing chapter 7 when I'm updating a few of my other stories. So there's more where this came from!

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Really??? That's great!!! :msn_red_fox 3 You totally made my day! Could you add more please? I'd love to read them! :D

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Really??? That's great!!! :msn_red_fox 3 You totally made my day! Could you add more please? I'd love to read them! :D



If you don't want to wait for me to put it up on here you can check it out @

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.


I also wrote out the 3rd movie love scene in novel form for the heck of it check it out if you want! And enjoy!

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Great fanfic! Can you post here more? :D

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Here's Chapter 2 for all who enjoyed this fic!


Chapter 2: Threats and Bad News


"So it's true then?"


Takumi jumped when he heard someone come up from behind him. He had been twirling his engagement ring completely unaware of his audience. "Oh Takabayashi-kun." It had been a week since Gii had proposed to him and during that time the two had spent Golden week with their parents before returning to school. Takumi hadn't seen Gii since the proposal so he was highly missing his fiance.


Takabayashi smiled. "Gii popped the question didn't he?" he sat next to the black-haired teen eager for all the details.


Takumi only nodded as he continued to look at his ring. How could something so small and simple seem so important to him? He didn't know but he would treasure it no matter what. "It's a little overwhelming I admit and I know we're a little young to be even thinking of marriage but."


Takabayashi chuckled. "Well think of it this way Hayama; with that ring your relationship with Gii is secured and no one will be able to steal him from you." He leaned back against his seat. Michio and I haven't gotten that far yet and I don't know if we even will. But I do know I can easily say I'm happy for you."


Takumi nodded his head in thanks before returning his attention to his ring. "A lot of people have been giving me dirty looks ever since we came back from break. I know a lot of people aren't too thrilled about my relationship with Gii but I'm still afraid I'm giving him a bad name."


Takabayashi gave the other a look. "After everything you went through how can you keep doubting yourself. Gii loves you and he always will. I don't ever want to hear you say otherwise. And if someone starts anything you let me or Akaike know okay? okay?"


Takumi only nodded as he stood up. "Well I better get going I promised Gii I would meet him after class. he said he had a surprise for me."


Takabayashi smiled. "Okay I'll see you soon."


Takumi watched as Takabayashi walked away. He looked at his watch to see he still had an hour before he was to meet with Gii. To pass the time Takumi headed towards the music room. It would only be a couple of days before it was torn down and he wanted to spend as much time as he could there. Before he reached the building he was stopped by one of the other students.


"You think you're all high and mighty don't you Hayama-senpai? Just because you're dating Gii-senpai." a brown haired 2nd year entered Takumi's personal space. Seconds later another student came up from behind him.


"You know I think he's just using Gii-senpai. Hayama-senpai doesn't belong with the rest of us."


Takumi stepped back. "It's no business of yours." he kept his hand shoved in his pocket not wanting them to see his ring. These guys were built bigger than he was and didn't know what they were capable of.


"It is too our business whether you like it or not. You can't hog Gii-senpai all to yourself you know. We don't care if you think you're dating him. Gii-senpai is ours and you better stay away from him." responded the third.. He shoved Takumi against the wall and got right into his face. "Or I'll make you regret even enrolling in Shidou." with a quick shove he and the others walked off.


Takumi stood there frozen for several moments. All though they were underclassmen compared to him they were bigger and tougher looking. He hated to admit it but they had scared him. As he wrapped his arms around himself he held back a wince as he touched his shoulder. It was tender no doubt a bruise in the making. Deciding to keep it himself Takumi entered the music room now in hopes to avoid anymore unwanted encounters.


"You asked him didn't you?"


Gii turned to look at his best friend with the goofiest grin he has ever worn. "Hai."


Akaike leaned against the door frame of the empty classroom. "And judging by the look on your face he said yes." He folded his arms in front of his chest. "I wonder what your parents are going to say about all this."


The smile on Gii's face faded and he turned to face Akaike. "What do you mean by that exactly?"


Akaike looked down at Gii. "You're expected to run your father's company in a few years. Won't your parents expect you to marry someone with a background more like your own?"


Gii stood up and walked up to Akaike. "Are you saying Takumi's not good enough to marry me?" Before he could get an answer from his friend Gii's cell vibrated in his pocket playing an unfamiliar ringtone. He flipped it open 'Moshi moshi? Uh Oto-sama Hai?"


"Saki I have already spoken with your school. You are to leave a week from tomorrow to return home."


Gii looked at his phone confused. "Gomen Oto-sama but may I ask the reason behind the need for my return to America?"


"Why to meet your fiance of course."


Gii dropped the phone only to have Akaike catch it.


Akaike placed the phone next to his ear. "Gomen Saki-sama. Gii seems to be in shock right now."


"He shouldn't be. We already discussed this over his break for Golden week. He mentioned thoughts of marriage. His mother and I have taken this into consideration. We believe Saki should wait until he's out of high school but we figured he would like to get to know her better before the wedding."


Akaike looked at the phone confused. "'Her' you mean you have already chosen Gii's bride?"


Gii's head shot up at the question. "Put the phone on speaker Akaike". Once the two of them could hear him Gii spoke, "Oto-sama I mentioned marriage because I already have someone in mind."


"I'm sorry Giichi but that's not possible. You're mother and I were planning to wait until you finished high school to tell you but I suppose now is a good time as any. The arrangements for your marriage to Keisu Yuko have already been made."




Akaike looked at Gii, "You know her?"


"Yuko was my childhood friend in America. We used to joke around about getting married but we never agreed on actually going through with it." Gii explained.


"This is a fine match Giichi. You are to wed after the two of you finish high school on your grandfather's birthday."


"But Oto-sama what does Yuko -chan have to say about this?" Gii asked wondering if she even knew about the arrangement.


"Yuko does not. She and you will meet for dinner when you return here. We will inform her then."


Gii still didn't want to accept it. "But Oto-sama-"


"We are finished Giichi. I will see you in a week. Take care of him for now Akaike-san."


"I will Saki-sama sayonara." Akaike ended the call and caught Gii before he lost all feeling in his legs. "You didn't know about this at all did you?"


Gii was speechless. He didn't know what to do now. "How could this happen? What am I going to tell Takumi?"


Akaike was at a lost for words himself. Gii's phone did the talking for them as Takumi's ringtone filled the empty classroom. Knowing Gii was too shaken up to answer Akaike answered. "Moshi moshi Hayama. Gomen Gii's indisposed right now."


"Oh I was just wondering if he still he wanted to meet me at the music room. He said he had a surprise for me or something." Takumi answered. He was still shaken up from the earlier encounter but he tried his best to keep it out of his tone.


Gii took the phone. "Takumi I need you to do me a favor."


"What is it Gii?" Takumi asked highly worried at the tone in his fiance's voice.


"I need you to come with me back to America in a week."

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i love it..please continued it ...omgee can't wait...Takumi is going to America or not?...hehe

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I like it a lot! I hope you will post more of it! :hamtaro-005 (9):

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hapter 3: Danger and Decisions


Takumi looked at his phone confused. What had Gii just asked him? Something about America. A couple of students had walked behind him chatting up a storm so he couldn't hear what his boyfri-no fiance had said. It would take a while to adjust to addressing Gii like that. But he liked the sound of it. After waiting for the area to quiet down again Takumi turned his attention back to his phone. "Gomen Gii could you say that again? I didn't catch it."


"Hayama you need to come to the picnic area as soon as you can." Akaike answered instead.


Takumi bit his lip unsure of what to make of his friend's tone but thought better not to ask about it. "Okay I'll be there in a few minutes. I'm outside the concert hall. See you soon." He ended the call and placed the phone in his pocket before jogging in the direction of the picnic area. I took him longer than he guessed it would thanks to the fact he couldn't help but feel someone was watching him. Forcing himself to ignore the thought he picked up his pace and held back a sigh of relief when he saw the picnic area and both Akaike and Gii waiting for him. As he took a step closer he noticed one of the same guys earlier walking towards him.


"You really don't know how to listen do you Hayama-senpai?"


Takumi froze on the spot as he recognized the guy to be the same one who had shoved him against the wall earlier that day. He could feel fear creeping up on him but did his best not to portray it physically. He was older than him so he had to find some way to work up the courage and act like it. "Leave me alone." his voice was still quivering but he did the best he could do thanks to his state of mind.


"I really hate repeating myself. But since you're my senpai I'll be a good little first year."


Takumi had never been introduced to the underclassman since he often kept to himself when at all possible. But he could recall hearing this one's name a few times around the campus. Something like Mitsarou but he wasn't sure.


"We told you to stay away from Gii-senpai. But I guess you want us to inflict the memory personally so you won't forget."


Takumi looked at Mistarou for a moment before averting his gaze back towards Gii and Akaike who had their backs to them. He didnt' want to have to deal with this now. But it seemed the other boy wasn't giving him a choice. "Look. I never agreed to anything. So would you leave me alone? As your senpai I'm ordering you to." He had to stand up for himself some how.


Mitsarou reached back and seconds later his fist collided with Takumi's eye. "You're ordering us huh?"


Takumi fell to the ground wincing as he released a faint cry of pain. "Why are you doing this?"


Mistarou leaned down and grabbed a fist full of Takumi's hair. "Oh shut up before I do some real damage."


Real damage? That didn't sound good at all. Unsure of what to do Takumi hoisted himself up only to be knocked back down. He remembered the warning Akaike had told him that first day and he wished he had believed it or at least prepared himself for it. Takumi knew he had to get away from this guy now or regret it later. He hoisted himself on to his feet after scrambling a few feet away. He had to put distance between himself and Mitsarou now. Not worrying the fact his dress pants were now dirty he made a run for the stairs. "Gii!"


Mitsarou ran after him knocking him to the ground. "Did we say you could leave?" He asked sneering. "Senpai?"


Takumi cried out again as he felt a jolt of pain shoot up his leg from his ankle. He could tell he had twisted at least and damn if it didn't hurt like crazy. "Leave me alone." he said this time through a tone filled with pain.


"Shut up." Mitsarou hissed kicking Takumi in the stomach hard and landing a few more blows earning a cry of pain from his victim each time.


The others each got a hit in but Mitsarou did a majority of the damage.


One of the other guys noticed they had company not to far off and began to panic. "Mitsarou-kun he's had enough lets go."


Mitsarou glared at his friend. "You wimps. If you guys want to go I'm not stopping you. I'm not done with him." He kicked Takumi again this time in the head earning another cry.


"Let's go we're not gonna get in trouble with Gii-senpai." with that they took off.


Akaike had thought he had heard Takumi's voice but had brushed it off as his imagination since the concert hall was clear on the other side of the campus. Unless he ran as fast as he could Takumi wouldn't have made it there already. But when he heard the noise again he couldn't help but cure his curiosity by turning around. What he saw made his blood boil but he knew if Gii saw this there would be hell to pay. "Gii..."


Just by hearing Akaike say his name in that tone, Gii knew something was wrong. He followed his best friend's gaze and in seconds saw nothing but red. He ran down the stairs shoving the 1st year off his boyfriend and gathered a now beating and bruised Takumi into his arms. "Who the hell do you think you are?"


Mitsarou's eye widened. "Gii-senpai I it's not what it looks like."


Akaike approached the first year and treated him to a hard glare. "Enlighten us what is it then?"


Takumi looked out through his swelling eye and groaned.


Akaike's glare grew colder. "I'm waiting." He hated violence and most of all hated being angered like this but he wasn't about to let this pathetic first year think he was getting away with what he obviously wasn't denying. "Why did you do this to Hayama?"


Mitsarou looked away. "I don't believe Hayama-senpai deserves to even be close to Gii-senpai. He's not one of us. He's a commoner compared to us." He made no attempt to hide his disgust.


Akaike held back the urge to scoff. He knew something like this would happen this year but never knew someone would go as far as to inflict physical damage to get their point across. "I'll be reporting you to Kenosho-sensei. Follow me please.


Mitsarou said nothing as he followed his senpai into the dorm. He did however shoot Takumi the deadliest glare he could muster. "This isn't over Hayama-senpai.' he mouthed so Gii wouldn't hear.


Gii pulled Takumi closer. "Takumi are you okay? Where does it hurt?"


Takumi couldn't move. If he did he'd feel a jolt of pain almost immediately. "Gomen Gii." he managed to gasp out before passing out from the pain.


Gii lifted Takumi into his arms and carried him to the infirmary. No surprise the school nurse one of the few woman on the campus shooed him out the door. Gii took a seat on the bench just outside the infirmary and rested his head in his hands. "How could I have been so stupid?"




Gii glanced up to see Shingyoshi and Misu standing there. "Oh hi."


"Saki have you seen Hayama?" Misu asked noticing his rival was not in a good state of mind.


Gii turned towards the infirmary. "He's in there."


Shingyoushi's jaw slammed to the ground. "Huh? In the infirmary? But what for why?


Gii tightened his hands into fists before explaining all he knew. "Apparently he doesn't believe Takumi deserves to be near me."


Misu could tell Gii was angry but had never seen hims this upset before. "Saki do you know who the student was?"


Gii shook his head but turned to look at the others. "No but when I find out I'll make regret even allowing the thought of hurting Takumi to cross his mind."

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Very very cute! Poor Takumi! You was right that I'm not gonna like what happened to Takumi, but apart from that, it is very well written! I really liked it :D

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It's gorgeous! So kawaii! You're a very talented writer! :D

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Chapter 4: Undeserved Treatment and Deserved Punishment


Gii sat up from his bed when he heard the door to his room open. Akaike stood there with a very concerned expression on his face. Just an hour previous the school nurse and instructed the third floor dorm-head to go back to his room and get some shut -eye. He wasn't being of any help moping outside the infirmary. Knowing better than to argue Gii had reluctantly returned to his room but was unable to shake the thought of Takumi being hurt. He clutched his pillow tightly both in anger and frustration.


Akaike had never seen his best friend this upset before and it worried him greatly. "I couldn't sleep and from what I can tell neither can you." He took a seat on the edge of Gii's bed. "Did the nurse tell you anything?"


Gii looked over and shook his head. "All she said was Takumi was sleeping. So I'm hoping that means he's going to be okay." He hoisted himself up so his back was propped up against his pillows. "Oh did you ever find out who that good-for-nothing first year was?"


Akaike nodded, "Mitsarou Kazunori. I have never heard of anyone more arrogant."


"Mitsarou Kazunori? Why does that name sound so familiar?" Gii asked sitting up all the way this time.


"He's the Great Grandson of Shidou Koichi. He was the one who franchised our school." Akaike explained. "No wonder he's been so confident in himself."


Gii's grip on his pillow tightened even more. "His confidence is going to be his downfall. What did the headmaster say?"


"Well Mistarou-kun is suspended for a week. He's being sent home." Akaike answered. "A week from now you're due back in America to meet your 'fiancé' right?"


Gii outwardly cringed then groaned. "I still have to tell Takumi about that!" He leaned forward resting his head in his hands. "Can this night get any better?"


Akaike placed a hand on his best friend's shoulder. "Give him some time to rest up then tell him. If I were you I'd tell him as soon as you can though. I'm sure he'll understand." He let out a faint yawn. "I'd better get back to my room. Tanake didn't even realize I left." He gave Gii a one-armed hug. "Try to get some sleep Gii." With that he walked out the door.


Gii reached over and turned off his alarm nearly knocking the annoying device off his bedside table. He had only slept for quite literally 3 hours but he was grateful it was Sunday; the one-day he could freely relax. With that he covered his head with his pillow. But the minute everything that had happened came back to him he sat up fast. "Takumi!" Kicking off the covers and quickly pulled on his uniform; straightening his hair quick before running to room number 270. He quietly knocked on the door and waited for a moment before opening it. He saw Misu Arata sitting up in bed. He had obviously just aroused from his sleep. "Ohayou Misu." Gii greeted after entering the room.


"If you're looking for Hayama he never returned from the infirmary last night." Arata said standing up.


Gii nodded. "It was obvious considered his bed is untouched. Thank you. I'll be sure to give him your regards if he is awake." He left the room not knowing how Misu would act around him considering their history together. Just as he shut the door another door shut at the exact moment and Gii looked up to see Takabayashi standing there.


"Gii! Misu-kun informed me about Hayama. Have you heard anything? Is he all right?" Takabayashi wasted no time in getting the details.


Gii looked At Takabayashi with a grave expression. "I have no knowledge on Takumi's condition. I haven't seen him since I took him to the infirmary yesterday. In fact I was on my way there to see how he is. If you like I will inform you and Akaike first hand."


Takabayashi weakly smiled. "Please do thank you Gii." With that he headed down the stairs no doubt to get a coffee.


Gii headed in the direction of the infirmary stopping dead in his tracks when something occurred to him. He had seen the name Mitsarou somewhere else and had spent most of the morning trying to figure out where. Then it hit him. Mitsarou Kazunori was on his register for his floor. He was in room 305 with Kirihondo Takashi. As he neared the infirmary he made a mental note to speak to Kiriohondo-kun. He had to find out what Mitsarou's deal was.


Pushing that aside Gii knocked on the door to infirmary. After a moment he opened the door to find Takumi lying in one of the beds. He looked much better then he had when he was first brought in here.


"Ah Saki-kun I figured we would see you soon enough. Young Hayama has been asking for you." The nurse spoke walking over the Takumi's bed. "Well as you can see he is looking a lot better. He did suffer a minor concussion and a few other minor injuries. Mostly I believe he was just frightened. He'll be glad to see you."


Gii faintly smiled. "Yes much better." He took a seat on the edge of Takumi's bed and placed a hand on his fiance's shoulder. "Takumi?"


Takumi looked at Gii then looked away. "Gii please don't look at me. I -I don't even deserve to be in your presence." He shrugged Gii's hand off his shoulder as he turned so his back was facing them.


Gii was taken aback by his fiancé's choice of words. He had been worried sick that Takumi had been seriously injured, but hearing Takumi say that was like a kick in the teeth. He had never heard Takumi speak like that before and it scared him deeply. "How can you say that Takumi." He gently took a hold of Takumi's left hand showing off the engagement ring. "If my words don't make you believe then this symbol of my love for you should. You of all people have no right to say something like that. I consider those words 'taboo'. I never want to hear you say those words or even thought of those words again. Do you understand me?"


Takumi's eyes widened. He had never heard Gii speak like that. Now he didn't know what to do. After a moment his eyes spilled over with tears. "Gomen Gii." He sniffled looking away only to have his chin cupped by Gii's warm soothing hand. "Gii?"


Gii said nothing as he leaned in and pressed his lips to Takumi's in a soothing kiss. "No Takumi I'm sorry. I shouldn't have raised my voice like that, especially what you had to endure yesterday." He pulled Takumi closer. "I just hate it when you say things like that."


Without thinking Takumi flung himself into Gii's arms now sobbing freely. "I was so scared when Mitsarou-"


Gii held Takumi closer and kissed his forehead. "Don't worry. Akaike took care of him for the moment. I promise he won't bother you again. And if he does he'll answer to me personally."


Takumi buried his face in Gii's chest for few moments before looking up now with curiosity written on his features. "Oh Gii why did you want to see me yesterday?"


Gii visibly winced. For a few precious moments he had forgotten about that. Now he knew he would have to explain everything. "Takumi there's something I need to tell you and trust me when I say this will not be easy for me to explain." He looked around the infirmary. "But not here okay please I need to be alone with you; completely alone."


"Hayama-kun needs his rest. Saki-kun you are free to return in a few hours and may escort Hayama-kun back to his room if Hayama-kun wishes it so." The nurse said stepping back into the room just seconds later.


Gii only nodded politely giving Takumi one last hug and a gentle kiss on the forehead. "I'll see you again soon Takumi. Rest well." With that he stepped out of the room and leaned back against the door. Takumi was okay that had been his main concern. Now he had to tell the others. No hesitation entered his mind as he headed towards Akaike's room. Hopefully the head of the student council was still there. Once he got there he knocked on the door then let himself in only to find the room empty. There was only one other place Akaike might be and he headed there wondering if he would run into Takabayashi on the way.


Sure enough Akaike was at the picnic tables reading, something he seemed to enjoy doing, especially on Sundays. But not even the collected works of another famous author was enough to keep Gii's best friend completely distracted from the outside world.


Akaike looked up from his book the minute he heard Gii's very footsteps coming up from the back road. "Did you find anything out?"


Gii sat down next to his best friend and took a moment to catch his breath. "Yes Takumi is well. No major damage according to the nurse; nothing physically anyway…"


Akaike immediately caught Gii trailing off and he looked up at him concerned. "Gii?"


Gii leaned forward resting his head in his hands. "Mitsarou scared him; severely. Takumi claimed to believe he didn't deserve to even be in my presence. I couldn't believe it when he said that. I just couldn't."


Akaike nodded in understanding then his mind came across something. "Oh did you tell Hayama about."


Gii shook his head cutting the other off. "Not yet and I'm not looking forward to it either. Mitsarou nearly broke Takumi. I can't help but fear that hearing this will finish the job."

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