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Exellda's Rules of the Role Play

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I'm looking for a dedicated partner(s). I am looking for a good rp partner who can communicate with me. I've been doing this for years. Plots are usually planned out together.




1) Long replied are nice. I would like decent replies. Ones that are at least two paragraphs long (4-5 sentences each) or more.


2) No Godmodding, please. I cannot emphasize this enough. You do not know my OC's and how they would react. I control my characters, you control yours!


3) One-liners... Well If you read the first rule, then you shouldn't have an issue with this. I won't respond to one-liners.


4) I am understanding that you have a life. As do I. Just message me if you have any issues, I won't bite. I am a college student, trust me, I know life can be busy. I don't mind if I have to wait a day, a week or even a month or so. I'll be worried after a week if I don't receive a reply or any contact at all. I'll assume you dropped the rp after a month if I don't hear from you.


5) Grammar. If I cannot understand what you're saying, then you need to redo it. I mean, I don't mind a few mistakes here and there, I make mistakes too every once in a while. But please try to make an effort to write well.

-No text or slang unless that is the character's personality.


6) Mary Sues... I do not want any Mary Sues with their cliche ukes. That being said, I'll accept uke(s) but they have to be able to take care of themselves, no obsessively 'overly cute' ukes. They cannot be weak. They cannot run away and cry every time something 'bad' happens or if they don't get their way. Honestly, I kind of avoid uke role players... Sorry about that. However, if I like your character and the rp- and it seems promising, then I'll take uke(s).



I do like rps were it doesn't matter you tops or bottoms, seke. I have role played as the seme and uke. Sometimes I like being the seme, then other days I want to be the uke.



SEKE IS PREFERRED. I play Seke most of the time and I enjoy that position the most. Switching, in my opinion, adds more to the story.


ALSO: Don't expect the role play to just be porn... PLOTS ARE NICE! -If I roleplay Seme, just know I WILL NOT accept wimpy, whiney Ukes. ALSO NOT THAT I WILL NOT, IF I ROLEPLAY AS A SEME (OR ANY POSITION) I WILL NOT BE PLAYING AS A SADISTIC CHARACTER. MC will not be torturing yours. Period. Nothing of the sort. Mean Semes are just not my thing, meaning I can't do them as mine are always too sweet and nice. If you want to be a mean Seme, then okay... We'll talk it out.


I'd really just love a Seke so we could switch at any moment.



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