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Let me teach you Filipino Language

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Do you want to try and learn the Filipino Language [Tagalog] from Philippines. Just talk to me and I'll teach basic phrases and word to you for free :D


Lesson 1:


=Basic Tagalog=



Good Morning - Magandang Umaga

Good Afternoon - Magandang Hapon

Good Evening - Magandang Gabi

Good Day - Magandang Araw

How are you? - Kamusta ka?

How have you been? - Kamusta ka na?

(If someone ask you [Kamusta ka? or Kamusta ka na?] You should answer this.

Fine/Good - Mabuti (In a simple way)

Just fine (So-so...) - Ok lang. Ayos lang (In a simple way too yet much define)

How's Life? - Kamusta ang buhay?




Day - Araw

Morning - Umaga

Afternoon - Hapon

Evening/Night - Gabi

Time - Oras


=The 5 W's=

What? - Ano?

When? - Kailan?

Where? - Saan?

Who? - Sino?

Why? - Bakit?



I - Ako

You - Ikaw

Him/Her - Siya

They - Sila

We - Tayo


=Thanks and Sorry=

Thanks - Salamat

Thank You/Thank you very much - Maraming Salamat

Sorry - Patawad/Paumanhin



=Basic Examples=


1. English: Good Morning to you.

Tagalog: Magandang Umaga sa iyo.


2. English: Who are you?

Tagalog: Sino ka?


3. English: You look good.

Tagalog: Mukhang Ok/Okay ka naman.


4. English: What time is it?

Tagalog: Anong oras na?


5. English: My apologies.

Tagalog: Iyong Ipagpaumanhin.


Note: This is one is also used as "Sorry" too but much more graceful and tactful.


6. English: Where you going?

Tagalog: Saan ka pupunta?


7. English: I love you.

Tagalog: Mahal kita.


8. English: I like you.

Tagalog: Gusto kita.


9. English: I love you, too.

Tagalog: Mahal din kita.


10. English: I like you too.

Tagalog: Gusto din kita.



That's all for today. For those who eagerly to learn and wants to fully understand the Filipino Language [Tagalog] and can construct, understand, and speak fluently. You can PM and we can talk in English and I can translate it for you in a best way I can.

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Thanks so much for the lesson! :Jumping around: I've been trying to learn Filipino because I love Pinoy movies so much and many of them are not translated. :(

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I can teach you more if you love too~ I think learning Filipino [Tagalog] Language is quite easy albeit our mother tongue is [Tagalog] I'm much more fluently in English.


I can teach and speak to you both in English and Filipino [Tagalog] Language.

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Hey, it's some are similar to Indonesian! With Bahasa Dayak, precisely

I = Aku

You = Ikaw

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