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Hi everyone and welcome to my little library. If you wish to rent one of my boys out than just pm me~




"Dear rabbit, my legs are getting W E A K chasing you."

"The snow fields wouldn't seem so B I G if you knew."


name: azazel

pronounce: uh - zey - zuh l

alias: aza, zel

gender: male ♂

age: twenty-seven

language: main french, secondary english

species: dragon

status: open


"That this blood on my T E E T H it is far beyond dry."

"And I've captured you once but I W A S N T quite right."


build: elegant and toned

height: five ten

hair: black

eyes: bright green

unique marks:

➊ Scarring down his arms and a rather prominent scar down the left side of his neck.


"Oh rabbit, my claws are D U L L now so don't be afraid."

"I could keep you warm as long as you can just T R Y to be brave."


personality traits:

➊ Possessive

➋ Sarcastic

➌ Hopeless Romantic

➍ Quiet

➎ Observative

➏ Blunt



➊ Warmth

➋ Silence

➌ Simplicity

➍ Relaxing

➎ Being alone

➏ Heights



➊ Complexity

➋ Loud noises

➌ Orders

➍ Crowds

➎ Cold

➏ Failure



➊ Advanced senses

➋ Shapeshifting into dragon form


"And my teeth may be S H A R P and I've been raised to kill."

"But the thought of fresh M E A T, it is making me ill."


theme song:


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"I can feel the A N I M A L inside."

"My R E S O L V E is weakening."


name: xavier

pronounce: zay – vee - er

alias: avi

gender: male ♂

age: thirty

language: main russian, secondary english

species: werewolf

status: open


"Pounding on the D O O R S of my mind."

"It’s N E A R L Y overpowering."


build: muscular and well defined

height: six two

hair: dark purple, almost black

eyes: gold

unique marks:

➊Wolf and Dragon tattoo taking up his whole back.


"I cannot B E G I N to describe."

"The hunger that I F E E L again."


personality traits:

➊ Irritable

➋ Narcissistic

➌ Direct

➍ Reliable

➎ Dismissive

➏ Impersonal



➊ Running

➋ Reading

➌ Peace and quiet

➍ Observing others

➎ Company

➏ Stimulation



➊ Cowards

➋ Deceivers

➌ Boredom

➍ Being uncomfortable

➎ Lack of control

➏ Fear



➊ Advanced senses

➋ Shapeshifting into wolf form


" Run if you I N T E N D to survive."

"For the B E A S T is coming to life."


theme song:


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