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My Lakorn addiction. Help

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I'm addicted to lakorn. I do not how this happened. I love lakorn, its so entertaining and funny. I am currently watching Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawad 1427438752-fbimg14266-o.jpg?w=640&h=244. I tried to get into k dramas, I know they are popular, but I couldn't.

Club Friday 5 with P'win and Boss p19dfvre60ebng70c0f1kia1qrh3.jpg&w=700&h=502 Club Friday to be continued with P'win and Boss watch?v=cfovA1sTSNk I do not know thai so do not ask how I knew the story lol I was desperate so I asked people who knew thai to summarize every episode of this one :)

Club Friday 2 with Choke and Hack tumblr_nj1q8brRwg1tiuw59o1_500.png

This is Club friday to be continued with choke and hack, I have not seen it but if anyone can give me a summary that would be great watch?v=yUbaWTuIed4&list=PLboXu2CuZ4ALQWdJVH0bK6VSgJEfiy6dl

Random thought Waterboyy is the best BL Movie ever, I dare you to post a non thai bl movie that was better lol b3Egopy1_43a745_c2x.jpg

Love songs love stories

part time the series

make it right the series


what does khun mean? how do I end this addiction?

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