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My role play rules, don't hate me :'(


Please don't

•Expect perfect grammar from me, I'm not perfect.

•Do not always expect super long posts from me, I do the best I can

•Do not use text lingo

•Do not get onto me for misspelling a word I'm on a tablet I do my best

•Do not get mad if I don't reply every five seconds, I will not abonden you without warning (unless for some unknown reason I can't warm you, then when I can get back on I'll beg for forgiveness)

•Please don't abonden me without warning if possible, if you become uninterested in the role play let me know I won't be mad.





(Ages can be negotiated if the age dont fit the role play, new Characters may be added later)



Name: Akira


Status: Free


Age: 15


Race: Cat neko


Height: 5'0


Weight: 110


Personality: He's very shy and quite. He doesn't socialize with others easily and often hides from reality.


Background: He's alone in a basement, hidden but not unreachable from society. He was put there by his older brother after their parents passed away from old age. His older brother hated him because he felt his parents liked Akira more than they him.






Name: Alex

Status: Free


Age: 19


Race Wolf neko


Height: 5'6


Weight: 123


Personality: He's very playful and kind, he spends all his time outside in the snow, playing tricks on and scaring people that cross his path.


Background: He was raised by other wolves living in snowy areas only, he learned to hunt, play, survive and understand the animals, but human manners are something he doesn't have.





Name: Alexander


Status: Free


Age: 28


Race: Vampire


Height: 5'9


Weight: 135


Personality: *He can be a bit cruel at times. He's the type that won't give in to anyone or anything, and at times he seems cold. He has a bit of an attitude towards everyone, and has deep trust issues. But he can be a good guy if you get to know him.


Background: When he was young he was told by his mother he was a mistake she wished she could fix, and his father just ignored him and fought with his mother. As he grew up he had many times where people he thought he could trust stabbed him in the back, making him regret trusting him. He lives his life ruling a small kingdom.





Name: Nicholas


Status: Free


Age: 20


Race: Human


Height: 5'5


Weight: 130


Personality: He is calm and quite, usually can be found alone reading Yaoi manga. He is usually a social outcast which is why a library is his home away from home.


Background: He has lived alone since he was 16, his parents both are still alive but work out of town constantly. They have been sending him money since they left trying to make amends for never being around. This makes him a bit withdrawn from people, he suffers from abandonment issues, which no one knows since he has no friends.





Name: Ted


Status: Free


Age: 23


Race: Human


Height: 5'0


Weight: 125


Personality: He is a sweet boy, hard working and caring. He spends everyday he's not working at the daycare he owns volunteering at a nursing home helping take care of the elderly people there. He loves his life and love people, he's very outgoing and playful.


Background: His whole life was spent helping others. His mother raised him alone, teaching him the value of helping others in need. He has many friends that he talks to and is very social.


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