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Uzakis Character Book

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Name: Sionder Arensson

Nickname: Sion

Sex: Male

Position: Seke

Race: Northern

Age: 24

Birthday: 12th September

Height: 5ft 8in

Weight: 75kg/160lbs

Eyes: Blue/grey.


Hair: A deep, dark brown that appears black unless you see it in bright light. It's slightly wavy and thick and he suffers from severe bedhead after sleeping. It easily tangles if he skips brushing it.


Setting: Sion lives in a classic fantasy realm. It has all the usual elves, dwarfs, humans, kings and lords and evil-doers. Elves in this realm are bigger than humans, stronger, taller and faster. There's also bad blood between the humans and light elves due to past wars.

He lives in the capitol, Ylaheim, simply referred to as 'the big city'.


Background: Sions profession is being an adventurer and he is part of 'Lucky Dogs Seventeen', a team of seventeen people all working for Lucky dog. They pick up requests/jobs at the Questing Office, mostly he and his partner Agni work independently from the rest of the crew. Sions only living family is a brother he hasn't spoken to for five years.


Personality: Sion is a laid back character, perhaps too laid back at times, and a slacker at heart. He's not really into adventuring but hasn't bothered to change occupation simply because he doesn't care enough. While some adventurers might pursue quests for glory and fame Sion doesn't bother unless there's a good reward in for him. So, he's a bit of a morally gray character.

He does have a soft spot for underdogs, children, old people and animals even though he doesn't want to admit it in case it would make him look weak.

A bit of a hothead and, from time to time, a loud mouth he's prone to find himself in sticky situations. And although he's not the obvious hero in the story he's protective of those he care about and not one to stand idle by if someone's in trouble. He's an excellent tracker and has a keen eye.



+Animals, particularly baby animals.

+Getting paid and having money.

+His partner Agni, even though she talks his ears off.

+Sleeping in.

+His brother.



-His brother.

-People going on and on about glory and fame.


-Working hard.

-Having to get up early in the morning.


-Fruits in food.

-Being poor.


Random Information:

*He hates and loves his older brother, they have a complicated background.

*Sion learned his tracking skills from his mother who was a royal huntress back in the days.

*Agni and Sion met first day in Preparatory Adventuring Class, PAC-academy, and they have been friends ever since.

*Sion is a sucker for praise.

*He can't grow a good beard, only gets patchy.


Here's a stolen and edited image of the different sizes of the races in the realm, from left to right are Humans, Elves and Dwarves:


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Here's a character I want to save even though he became a bit of a narcissist. He's got a warm heart underneath that cold, calculating facade :)




Name: Gabriel Picket

Sex & Position: Male, Seke

Age: 26

Height & Weight: 5ft 9in, 175lbs

Eyes: A dark blue.

Hair: A deep auburn color.






+Hot Showers






-Lying assholes

-His stepfather

-Abusing power


Personality: Gabriel Picket is an open and chatty guy, he's charming and sociable and isn't shy around crowds or strangers. He has an air around him that makes people relax in his presence and open up when they meet his soft smile and handsome face. In most situations he appears calm and collected, levelheaded and not one to jump to conclusions.

Beneath his charming surface he's judgmental and quick to divide people into different categories of either being useful or useless, intelligent or idiot, strong or weak. He's smart, aware of his good looks, and his decisions are thought through and calculated for the best possible outcome for his own gain. Gabriel has a moral code of always upholding the law and doing the right thing, no matter the situation. There are many people he's friendly with but not many people he's friends with. Most of his colleges like him, a few thinks he's full of himself and a narcissist. People forget that he's smart and underestimates him, something he's aware of and uses whenever possible.


History: Gabriel comes from an upper class family, his mother was mayor for a period but then stepped down when her husband and Gabriel's father died in a shoot out at his work as a detective. He has always been popular and he has always used that to get his way, or in getting what he wanted. Early on in life he decided to become a police detective like his father, something his mother didn't want for him for she'd rather see him rise in politics. He's worked his way up quickly through the ranks to become a detective.

Other than that he's had a string of brief lovers, never anyone he actually loved more than himself and his career.


Random facts:

*Gets lonely and sad sometimes and numbs that with drinking and mindless sex with strangers.

*Hates his stepfather, he's convinced his stepfather is only a leech, a gold digger.

*Believes people only like him for who he pretends to be.

*Loves animals, watches a lot of cat-videos online.

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Another detective I want to keep around :)



Name: Sam Walker.

Sex & Position: Male, Seke.

Age: 26.

Height & Weight: 5ft 10in, 160lbs.

Eyes: A steely blue.

Hair: A deep, dark brown that's almost black.


Personality: When first meeting Sam he seems distant and scattered minded, and to some extent that is true, since he has trouble focusing on one thing at a time and is easily distracted by the on-going's around him. He is however very sharp and has no trouble multi-tasking, he also has a very good memory when it comes to information he's read or heard. He's not as good at remembering the small things like where he put his keys or phone or even where he parked his car.

Other than that he's softhearted and friendly and at the same time bit socially awkward when interacting with people. If he encounters a problem or gets stuck he stubbornly works his way through or around it, he has a hard time to let go and move on. He can become a bit obsessive over different things or people or ideas, the focus of his obsession varies.

Doesn't have a good sense for fashion, dresses mostly in black and uses the same type of clothes.


Abilitly: Sam has the strange ability to touch items and sense intent or imprints of intent and emotions left behind. It has to be strong intentions or impressions for him to get a clear “transmission”, as he calls them. Sometimes he can also sense people's or animal’s intentions, but it appears random and only when the subject is feeling very strongly about something. It's weird and strange and Sam doesn't know what's going on, to the world he simply calls himself psychic. He wears gloves to avoid random transmissions.


History: Sam grew up in the suburb to Noname City, a comfortable life with both his parents and younger brother. In high school he 'came into his powers'. It happened gradually and puberty was already a weird time even without the 'power'. There's nothing extraordinary about him other than that.

He lived in Noname City and worked as a nurse for a time. Until he was fired following the brief media attention he got when he aided the police in finding a serial rapist that terrorized the city. It was a difficult time, making the police trust his descriptions and handling the disbelievers and also believers. After that he moved once and changed phone number twice. Following that he's consulted few times, after someone died, as a consultant to Chief Anna-Lee Leigh. She's a firm believer in his ability and he's helped her district solve some crimes but she's keeping him secret, always making sure to find solid evidence to back the case up.





+roller coasters









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