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Soul Bound/Chapter Ten

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Chapter X: The Second Diary




June 20th~ (continued..)


What is he? I was so upset after Harina left me in a rage. I was in my thoughts holding Nami's photo when I heard his voice. He was standing by the paperwork. How did he get in my home? What did he want? It is a mystery to me. Those eyes and that smile captivated me again. What do I do?............



"I think I can help with that!" I hear a familiar voice as I look up to see the man from the cafe. "Tsuzuku! What- how did you get in here?" I said as my heart began to pound. Before I could get an answer from him, he moves too fast for me to see and stood very close to me. "W-What are you?" I ask as I back away. He moves closer, causing me to hit my back on the door. He smiles that smile as I close my eyes. "Do you really want to know?" He whispers as he leans in close to me. I feel compelled to reach out and touch his face, as I did, he turns his head into my hand. He looks back to me with those eyes staring into mine. "Yes....I do." I reply as I step toward him. I reach out my hand as he pushes it way. Before I could get upset, he pulls me to him quickly, as I gasp from surprise. He laughs quietly at my reaction as he stare into my eyes. "I will find you again." He said quietly. "What do you want?" I question. "I can give you what you want.....Mimiko." Before I could speak he disappears. 'Who is he?'...........


July 2nd~


Tsuzuku hasn't come back to me. I want to look into his eyes. I want to know who he is. Or what he is..............


July 10th~


He came back! I was mesmerized by his gaze again. I asked him what he meant by, he could give me what I want. He told me that he could help me with my problem but for a price. That doesn't help me! How can I pay him if I have no money?!................



"What did you mean?" I ask. He smiles as he looks down at the bills on my table. "I can give you what you want.........for a price." He replies. "WHAT?! I have nothing how can I pay you? My being broke is my problem!" I shout. He rushes up to me as I fell on my couch. His face close to mine. "Lower your voice to me HUMAN!" He said firmly. The way he said the word "human" made me question him in many ways. "What are you?" I ask. He smiles at my question as he circles me. "I am a Lemaegus....your kind call me demon or yokai." He replies. I laugh at his answer as I move to the drinks cabinet to poor some whiskey in a glass. "You have no horns! Where is your tail?! Your pitch fork? Demon ha!" I laugh as I drank my whiskey. He moves quickly and is standing next to me. "You don't want to piss me off. Or you will see my true form! Now, do you want my help or not?" I stay silent as he said those words, trying not to show fear. 'How do I know you will help me?' I thought as I stood still. He let out a sigh as if he knew what I was thinking. "Because if I wasn't going to, I would not be here, stupid human." He said. I still stay quiet taking all of this in. "I guess you don't want my help." He said as he turns to leave. "Wait!"


July 15th~

He told me that if I wanted the money that had to give him something. He asked for my soul! If I do that I cannot enjoy the freedom of being wealthy again. I finally figured out what to do and that's when he saw her photo. He wants her! He wants my niece! What do I do? The young blonde I met a month ago appeared. He is called a Chevalier. I think I have bitten off more than I can chew.................



"Have you decided what you will give me in exchange?" He asks. "You said that it doesn't have to be money." I reply as he nods in response. "It can be your soul." He said as he sat on the back of my couch. "No! If I do that I can't enjoy my wealth!" I reply quickly. He smiles as he stare at something behind me. I turn to see his gaze on my Nami's photo. "Then I want her." He said in a serious tone. "No! She is my only niece! I can't do that!" I reply. He stood up and moves to me quickly. "Then here is your choice. It's your niece or your sister." My eyes widen when I hear what his answer is. "Why so surprised, you hate her remember." He said as I stood silent. "But I-" before I could say anything he continues "Fine.....I will return in a month. Make your decision between then." He said as he walks toward the balcony. "You have gone too far Lemaegus!" A familiar voice in a surreal tone spoke as I look around the room. "Subaru......shouldn't you be at home, dealing with your brother?" Tsuzuku said in arrogant tone as I look toward the balcony. The young blonde I meet last month, was standing on my balcony. His eyes glowing blue. "Stay out of this Chevalier! This doesn't concern you!" He shouts to the man who seems angry.


Suddenly, Subaru moves quickly as he grabs Tsuzuku by the throat slamming him against the wall. "When it involves HER, it is my concern....LEMAEGUS!" Blue flames surround him as he tosses him across the room breaking a table. "You are that young man who is friends with my Nami!" I said quickly. "Does she know you-" he interrupts me before I could ask. "No.....she does not. I have never told her. I love her too much to tell her what I am." As he said that I could see the sincerity in his eyes. "Get lost Chevalier! She is my countenance!" Tsuzuku shouts as he disappears. "Please Mimiko! I implore you....don't make this deal. Whether you lose your sister or Nami becomes his slave, he will kill you and take your soul. Don't do this to your family, to Nami. I couldn't bear it if she became his property." With that he disappears from my sight.




I hope you enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoy writing it ^^

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