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Kurai Hoshi

GACKT: RRIII ~What happened after~ (PROTO x ZERO)

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Kurai Hoshi

Summary: World War II, the Germans started to transform soldiers into Cyborgs. PROTO their first try vanished from the battlefield and they replaced him by another man. ZERO, being betrayed by his best friend got killed and transformed into the "Nibelungendemon".

"Requiem et Reminiscence" is the story arc of a tour in the year 2000 made by GACKT. 2009 he continued this story with another tour and another protagonist. In RRIII you shall whitness what happens when PROTO and ZERO meet each other.



Chapter 1: complete

Chapter 2: complete

Chapter 3: complete

Chapter 4 - ff: only in German so far In Progress


Warnings: So far not much... military talk (little) Another warning: bad English.. it isn't my first language and I so far haven't found someone willing to translate the story from german to english for me.




Chapter 1: RRIII ~What happened after~


As he now detested these sounds. The shrill whistle of the rocket was even here, nearly thirty miles from the front line clearly to hear. At least for him, who was hiding between the abandoned houses. The front has been here a few weeks ago already had pulled through and not left much except a few ruins. Actually, he wasn’t enthusiastic about coming here, but the rumors that had been tenaciously spread in the area had gotten his attention.

Two years had passed since he abandoned his troops, being sure that they wouldn’t exist any longer without him. And he was right, shortly after his disappearance they dismembered, just to be newly created not long ago. A unit being lead by HIM according to the witness reports. And exactly that was the reason he was curious. The “God of Nibelungendeath” like his enemies used to call him vanished 2 years ago from the battlefield and yet there was this excitement and gossip that seemed to be true when he regarded his surroundings.

The few people he had met on his way here had been on the run, delivering him in fear only brief reports but all had been equal in their content. HE had visited their village and then moved the front line with his unit almost forty kilometers ahead.

And the fear in their eyes had been real. He remembered exactly the situations the panicked looks and cries when he emerged from the bushes on the roadside and approached them. Although the uniform had rather suffered in the past years within his hiding game, it was still recognizable as the SS uniform it had once been. And in these days people feared this uniform, related to his face.

The young man sighed and shuddered when another whistle followed by the hard explosion disturbed his thoughts. For his senses the sounds of the war where closer than for others, he could feel the seismic movements of the earth whenever a bomb hit the ground, heard the pondering sound of the machine guns.

Just to be entirely sure he needed to get closer, had to take the risk of being discovered and caught. He narrowed his eyes as the memories floated in from his first attempt to flee. The threats and humiliations and the pain. They had promised that he would never forget them, and they where right. He just wasn’t sure about the part of him that remembered. Was it the last part of humanity that was left in him or just the electric wires?

The brown-haired man sighed while leaning against the wall in his back.

The fleeing people had told him that the German unit was cornered and it might not take long for their defense to fall. Proto sighed; he really was tired of fighting. His gaze went up to the sky, clouded but no rain was falling. The slight breeze was filled with the scent of gun powder. Yes, this was war and it wasn’t over at all, even though he had always told himself that it would be over soon.

After Elena’s death he had tried to convince himself to be able to end the war, the fighting and suffering. And later, when he noticed that he wasn’t able to do as he had hoped he had wished for it to happen with his disappearance. And now the SS had been able to find and create his twin.

So far he still wasn’t able to believe it. The young man straightened up and got onto his feet again. Strolling through the abandoned houses he was caught in his own thoughts, thinking about what he had become and how everything had happened.

Not even two years ago he used to be a human being, a normal soldier. Well, not that normal at all being the leader of a troop of guerilla always taking action when other troops of the SS weren’t able to handle a situation. Everything had been just fine, his military career and even his private life with Elena, his fiancée had just been perfect. Until one day changed everything. Elena was killed in an assault and he hasn’t been there to protect and save her. The memories still hunted him even though they where supposed to have vanished. He had suffered for months till he made his decision. He wanted to forget and a new research project had caught his interest. The troops where trying to find a way to create a super soldier, a cyborg but they had been in need of volunteers for the test phases. In exchange for his memories and normal life he decided to become a machine, with more power, more knowledge and faster reflexes than anyone else in his unit. In a moment of despair he had hoped to end the war sooner, to forget Elena’s death and to make the world saver place for everyone he had ever cherished in his life.

But it didn’t work out the way he had hoped for. After his change they used him, even more than before. They scheduled the actions into innocent cities, commanded raids and death. And every try to ignore these orders ended in punishment.

When he then found out that his highest commander of his old unit was part of the assault that had killed Elena he had seen red. He killed the man and was faced with even more punishment, having the satisfaction of revenge even though it wasn’t enough to give his souls some peace.

At this time the idea to flee came into his mind and grew just waiting for the right moment. A few months later he was able to seperate from his unit and vanish. He never know what the scientists had changed on him, the young man he once forced for information wasn’t able to give out more than just a few codes and scenarios.

Now he was on the run for around four months and nothing had happened. He had suspected some self-protection mechanism to prevent that he could fall into wrong hands but nothing happened. And honestly he hadn’t really thought about it at all. But when there was the talk about him on the battlefield he became curious.

And that was the reason he was here now, crawling through the ruins getting closer meter after meter to the cornered unit. This was the way they had come and this would be the way they had to take in case of fleeing complete destruction.

A series of detonations shook the ground and caused Proto to grab a hold on a wall. This didn’t sound like a positive attack on the enemies. He kept hold of the wall for a while longer till he was sure nothing would follow and continues his path in a faster way.

An uneasy feeling grew into him when it was silence. There wasn’t a fight back to hear no further attacks. This didn’t sound good no matter for which part. The brown-haired stopped and listened. He tried to hear any sound, anything that would prepare him of what he had to expect. But nothing happened. Just silence. He sighed and thought. Was it really a good idea to go there now? Or should he wait till he was sure that nothing more was going to happen? So the minutes went by without him moving and just getting the result that it would be better to wait. The sun was about to go down, even through someone couldn’t see it became darker as with the clouds on the sky anyway.

He wouldn’t have any problems in seeing in the dark but since he didn’t know what was waiting for him he felt that approaching at daylight was a lot safer. Another night under the sky. He looked around searching and decided on one of the houses that still looked like it wasn’t falling apart any minute and located slightly away from the main street. If someone would pass by at least they wouldn’t notice him so fast.

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Kurai Hoshi

Chapter 2


It hadn’t been a quiet night, not that he had expected one but the trucks and other vehicles that rolled through the little village by night didn’t really help him in finding some sleep. Since they had all been driving to the battle field he was kind of sure that it had been German cars and hasn’t been willing to check this fact out.

The cyborg got up and looked around. It was still early but he wouldn’t complain about that, since now he would have enough time. He left his hide out and checked on the streets. The tracks of the cars were still visible and he could say on their wheels that it had been material or supply cars. No armor was involved. Proto closed his coat and followed the tracks. The closer he got to the battle field the more careful his movements became, the more careful he listened to his surroundings.

There wasn’t a stone on the other anymore. He could smell the gun powder and saw the small fires on the sides of the streets. In the last moment he got aware of the voices ahead and stopped in his tracks hiding behind a broken wall to not get caught.

“Can… it move?”

The voice was cold and emotionless and Proto lifted his head a bit to see what was going on. Around 100 meters away an officer was standing at a pile of dust. In his position he wasn’t able to see if something was before it or if the guy was just talking to himself.

“We… are still catching movements, and signs of life”, the soldier behind him answered while regarding the little transmitter in his hands.

Proto let out his breath and left his hide out place. To know what they were talking about he need to see what the men were seeing. It was a small group of around ten people, a General, a kind of sad looking Major General and a few Majors that closed in on the others.

The brown-haired man sneaked from one ruin to the next. But since the group was distracted he wouldn’t be noticed at all. He reached the ruin to the right of the pile of dust and sank to his knees. Now he was closer to the group but also had a free sight on whatever they could see. He leaned forward and his breath stopped.

While playing hide and seek he had already noticed the one or another dead soldier and one look was enough for Proto to confirm them being Cyborgs. A whole unit of Cyborgs? This was new even to him, but what he was seeing now was even more overwhelming. On the pile was another Cyborg, and even from his position Proto could tell that not much was left of him. He was missing both legs and one arm was ripped just above the elbow. Probably because of the explosion he had heard the other night. But what was even more shocking was the look in the face of this Cyborg.

This Cyborg sitting on the floor was him… Or better said it was an almost perfect copy of him. The brown-haired swallowed and watched the scene unfolding in front of him. He was the one people where believing to be Proto. But how had they been able to find a person that looked so much like him? Protos thoughts where confused but he still followed the scene happening.

“Did you think you could escape? You are nothing more than a trained dog. A puppet. A piece of metal junk. What’s the matter? Are you sad that your comrades died? Cry for me like a real man. Or are machines not able to cry?“

The General sat down next to the Cyborg a cigarette in his mouth and seemed to enjoy his triumph. Proto had to ask himself if he would still be as confident when the guy in front of him would be completely functional. He came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be the case and had to smile. It was always the same. These Generals being higher than those they send out on the front lines, no matter if human or machine. But they would never think about acting indecent or challenging against them. The fear that those machines fighting their fights would turn against them was simply to high. The murder on his General had given Proto more than just the punishment it had also given him a lot of respect. No one ever treated him condescending anymore afterwards.

And this General seemed to be the same. If his twin would be standing up in front of him and being in full charge the guy wouldn’t risk such a mouth.

Proto sighed. He felt sorry for the other one. Even in this situation it was just cowardly the General was right. They were nothing more than trained dogs and puppets simply created to follow orders without thinking about consequences. At least that was what had been planned, but no one had been able to really strip them off their free will. Sure the followed orders but they still had enough confidence and strength to reject those orders and act by their own will. The General got up again and regarded the Cyborg on his feet derogatory.

“I have enough. Kill it.”

The man next to him winced. He didn’t seen to happy about that idea but kept silent. And then the body which was covered in scratches on the floor spoke up. His words made Proto smile, cause they where far more truth than he had ever admitted himself.

“It seems like the machines are those with more humanity.”

“What? Fucking Machine!” The General whirled around and grabbed the machine gun oft he soldier next to him. A volley of shoots went down on the helpless man and Proto flinched and turned around, leaning his back against the wall.

It felt like minutes and probably just lasted seconds till the staccato of the shots fell silent.

“I don’t want to see any piece of it anymore, no trace.” The Generals breathing was fast and you could feel the anger brooding inside him. Harshly he turned around and left. “What a Rubbish!”

The Majors followed him and just one man stop dead in one’s trace. His gaze firmly on the injured body of the Cyborg he took one step after another closer and dropped to his knees. Proto had again turned around and watched.

“I did--- something so horrible.” The man was crying and he was shaking. The scene had some weirdness to itself, what did the man do? He regarded as he got a small wallet out of his coat and searched for something. A small piece of paper came out and the man carefully placed it in the palm of the Cyborg in front of him.

“This is--- a piece--- of your memory”, he sobbed. “I am sorry--- sorry, sorry--- I am so sorry. Forgive me.” With the last words he jumped up and ran away.

Proto waited a few seconds before standing up.

The battlefield was empty, but he knew it wouldn’t take long to be filled with soldiers and machines. He slowly walked towards the young man, carefully watching him. Despite the hairstyle he could really be his twin. He sighed.

This was the one people where calling Proto now. His gaze shifted to the hand of the other and he bent down to take the small piece of paper, being a picture. It showed three people, the soldier in front of him, the major that just had ran away a young woman.

Proto swallowed hard at her sight. This woman resembled his Elena very much. He looked away when in the corner of his eyes a movement appeared. The fingers of the Cyborg on the floor where moving. Proto sank to his knee, putting the image back into his hand and watching him for a few seconds. A slight red blinking could be seen in his eyes. He wasn’t dead, or whatever the state was that followed their existence. A noise of approaching vehicles caught his attention and he turned around. They were still a fair way off but it probably wouldn’t take long.

Protos gaze ran over the battlefield. He couldn’t explain why but his wish was to not abandon his twin to his fate. But what would it be… without legs and

just one arm?

His gaze went over to the other Cyborgs and he nodded slightly to himself. This was probably the only chance he would have and he had to hurry.

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@Kurai Hoshi

I like Gackt and RR tour as well! I was happy to find this fanfiction! :Jumping around:

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Kurai Hoshi

Chapter 3


The brown-haired sighed and sank down on the wall behind him. His gaze went over to the body standing next to him and he slightly nodded. There was still the little sign of life he had felt on the battlefield and he hoped it would stay strong enough to be worth the effort.

Still he asked himself what made him take the Cyborg with him. He shouldn’t care at all and he didn’t even know if he was able to save him but he somehow had the feeling that he needed to try at least.

His gaze went over the coat besides him that he used as a bag for carrying. In a hurry he had gathered the necessary body parts he might need and placed them in a coat he had found. Now he was sitting again in the ruins he spend the day before, hearing the trucks starting to clean up the battlefield and didn’t really understand why he did what he had done. He was neither a biomechanist nor was he a bioengineer. He didn’t learn anything like that. But anyway he would first need a silent place where he was truly save. Those ruins were definitely not what he was looking for. Yet alone them being so close to the battlefield it was dangerous to stay here. Proto got up and regarded his surroundings. He simply had the chance to go back the way he had come, back through the woods. He remembered the small shack somewhere in these woods. It wasn’t that much destroyed like those here and it was hidden and not that close to any streets. This would probably be a good hide out,… at least it had to be enough.

He took a deep breath before placing the other on his shoulders, grabbing the bag and continued to move forward. It took him longer than he remembered but he also knew why. He had to take several turns and twists to avoid meeting solders and so he lost time. But he was still relieved to finally see the shack standing surrounded by trees. It was still empty as he noticed when closing in and he pushed the door pen. His gaze went over the insides and he nodded to himself. Noone had been here in his absence.

Proto placed the body on the chair and dropped the bag next to it before closing the door. Now they were save even though he didn’t know for how long. He looked at the man in front of him, letting himself fall on the chair across.

“And… what am I going to do with you now?” He knew he wouldn’t get an answer, the flickering in the eyes of the cyborg was still there, even though it got less and weaker then before. He sighed and closed his eyes while leaning back. He had to start, even though he was unsure on how to accomplish his task. Proto tried to remember what the scientist had told him months ago about their functionality, their nervous system and the connections. What did he thought he could do

He got up and went to the cupboard on the other side of the room. When he first came here he had a good look into the place. The house had been left in a great hurry but was completely equipped. The first thing he did when he came here was getting rid of the plates on the table still showing the lunch of the former residents. He opened the drawer and got the tools.

„Well then… let’s see…“ he came back to the table getting rid of everything on it with a whipe of his arm before placing the body on it.

"I hope you still have enough willpower to survive this…”, he muttered while his hand moved over the back to the neck. Somewhere it had to be. His fngertips moved over the skin and he smiled when he finally found the small bump right under the hairline. He had found what he had been

looking for.

“Don’t… dare to give up now.. we.. will see each other later…”

Proto looked into the eyes of the other, flipping the switch he just located with his fingertips. A last flickering in the eyes before they slowly closed. Again he took a deep breath before getting the bag from the floor and starting what he had planned.


The clock and the sky on the outside showed him that several hours had passed. Even though he was unsure if it hadn’t been at least a whole da. More than one time he had stopped, frustrated in his actions and thought about his steps and doings even undoing them sometimes. Now he finally placed the improvised tools next to him and stretched. He was done… even though he wasn’t sure how the result would come out. He sank down on the chair and closed his eyes for a few minutes, thinking about every movement he did in the past hours. Did he do it right? Would it even work? Or was all the hard work for nothing? He sighed and opened his eyes again. He would never know if he wouldn’t try it out.

The blackhaired got up and cleaned of the tools before he closed in to the table. His hand again went into the neck of the other man and he turned on the switch, stepping back and watching the reactions. He could hear the computer based programs and was watching fascinated when the other slowly opened his eyes. His eyes still flickering but he couldn’t see any error messages. Proto closed in again and watched when the other finally seemed to got a clearer view, began to move his fingers. A slight smile went over his face. At least he didn’t do a mistake in that and completely restored the functions. The other one moved his head, looking around. Proto wasn’t sure if he did it to check his surroundings or to test his movements. He wasn’t even sure if the other was awake enough to understand anything at all. He sat down again, watching his twin to slowly awake again.

His gaze went through the room, slowly he moved his head and limbs. Where was he? And what happened. The young cyborg remembered the attack, the explosion of the bombs and then his superior. Standing in front of him, laughing about him and… shooting at him. Suddenly the cyborg sat up, his gaze running through the room scanning every single corner. Something wasn’t right, why was he still alive? And where the hell was he? A house? How did he get here? Questions running through his thoughts and he shivered.

A voice was reaching his ear but he couldn’t understand what it was saying and where it came from. Was he starting to imagine things? The sudden movement made the room spinning and he tried to concentrate to one single point.

A face appeared in his sight.

“Easy… you aren’t capable of actions like that so soon…”

Proto had gotten up when the other one was jumping. He was worried that such sudden movements wouldn’t do any good to him and even more worried when he saw that the other cyborg was swayed. He had already spoken to him for several minutes but never got an answer and such a heavy reaction made him worry even more.

The dark haired carefully reached for the other one and stumbled back when he received a hard push against his chest.

Anyone else might have had some major injuries and broken rips but Proto just caught his breath before again reaching for the one sitting on the table, catching his arms and holding them firm.

“Hey… easy… no one is going to hurt you.”

He needed a few minutes to control the struggling cyborg. His strength was great but still he seemed to be curbed. He knew that they could develop an enormous strength but the man in front of him didn’t seem to be able to reach the whole potential. Was it his fault in his act of helping or was it planned like that when they constructed him? He couldn’t answer that question and he didn’t want to in the moment.

“Who… wo are you? Where am I?”

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I love the story so far, can't wait for chapter 4~~~ cheetah5

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Kurai Hoshi
I love the story so far, can't wait for chapter 4~~~ cheetah5



@yaoi4fans Thank you. Chapter 4 might take a while I first need to translate it. *so slow* The story is so far only in German. :)

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@Kurai Hoshi

I'll wait patiently!~ I know it will be worth it~~ cheetah4

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Kurai Hoshi

Chapter 4


The questions tumbled out of him and he stared at his opponent without really realizing him. He wanted answers in this simply overwhelming situation. He should have been dead, he reminded the words of the officer. “I don’t want to see any trace left”, he shouldn’t be alive anymore.

“Calm down first.. my name is Proto…”

It was more than unfamiliar to him to tell someone his name. So far he had always tried to avoid to be seen and noticed at all. But something about this young man told him that he can be trusted, that they shared the same fate even if they didn’t know each other.

“P… Proto?” something in his thoughts seemed to react on this name. He knew it, heard it somewhere. But when had this been? His gaze again went through the room but at least he had calmed down enough to be able to realize his surroundings.

The house was empty, except for the person in front of him no one was here at the moment… actually the person in front of him shouldn’t be there either. His gaze went back to Proto, staring at the man and blinking when the parameters in his eyes seemed to play pranks on him.

He thought he was looking in a mirror and the information slowly melting into a complete image where even more irritating.

His opponent was wearing the coat of an SS officer and looked actually like a twin of himself. Birthdates, statistics and other data flickered in front of his eyes and he blinked to get rid of it. That couldn’t be. He raised a hand to his forehead and moaned softly. All the information was giving him a headache and he closed his eyes.

“What’s your name?”

Proto had watched the young man and could think about what he was experiencing just now. Therefor he just smiled and went back to his chair giving the other a bit more space.

“Zero…”, was the short answer he received and he lifted an eyebrow. Well at least he now know the name but still nothing more. He kept silent and watched as the other moved his hand before his eyes, looking as if it would be the first time in his life. Well in fact it was since it was the arm Proto had adapted to him earlier.

“What happened? After… he shot?” Zero slowly turned into Protos direction, looking at him questioning till he looked again at his legs as fascinated as before.

“I.. kidnapped you.” Proto smiled wryly and looked at the other.

“Kidnapped and brought you jhere… and then.. trying to fix you by myself. Apparently nas as wrong as I feared.” He smiled at the other looking at him puzzled

“You know how this works?” Zeros question sounded more skeptical even though he noticed how well he was, he could actually move his arms and legs like before

Proto twitched his shoulders.

“Let’s say I have small experience with it. But really studies or something like that I didn’t.” He knew that Zero had previously scanned him, but e had no idea what the researcher had fed the yound cyborg for information about him. He seemed to have heard the name Proto ever pointed out, however they had, after all, taught him a lot.

Zero blinked as his eyes again went over the over, this time considering the information provided with closer attention.

//Born on July 4th 1917, Name: Proto, birth: Salzburg / Austria, height: 180cm… Sturmbannfuehrer// Zeros mind was racing as he composed the information together like puzzle pieces. This was the man to whom he owned all that.

This was the man whose memories had mingled into his own for over a month now and led him almost into madness.

Proto noticed the change in the attitude of the other and took back a step. Not that he was afraid of the younger who wasn’t in his full possession of faculties, but he had learned not to underestimate anybody in certain situations. And something inside him told him that his was such a ‘certain situation’.

“Zero? What’s the matter?” The black haired looked at him for a while before his shoulders sagged back together and a soft, resigned laugh was hearable. Now Proto was certainly confused. The other had just acted like he was going to attack him in the next second as his attitude was now rather dejected and reluctant.

“You… you’re to blame?” murmured the younger and Proto took several seconds t even understand his words, as quiet as they were.

“… What exactly do you mean?” He had an idea but he dared not to even think about it as true. That could not be.

“Because of you.. it’s all happening…” With these words Protos hopes where smashed like a broken mirror. He was really made to be his replacement. But why? How had they be able to find someone who had voluntarily taken this all in? He looked at the younger and sighed.

And there it hit him like lightning. The man standing before him didn’t volunteer to become what he was. They made him into what he was. Proto felt from one second to the other guilty. He sat down on the chair looking at his opponent.

“What.. what happened?”

He did not expect an answer since the words of the other were still present in his ears… “A part of your memory…” Apparently they had also taken away the memories of his own life, His eyes met the other when he sighed softly.

“I… I do not know everything… I just know that my best friend… or of where I thought he was my best friend, betrayed me. I walked into a trap and when I woke up.. I was here… “ the younger man sighed heavily and turned around on the table.

“And for about a month now.. I’m getting something like failures. I remember situations, faces and events of which I am not sure if there are my memories or that of another. I have the feeling that I lose myself.” He swallowed and stared at the floor.

Proto watched him and sighed softly. These memories soundes so familiar in his ears. But where they manipulating his thoughts somehow? Were they not anymore human enough to have their own memories?

“And… I hear voices… or rather said only one voice. Telling me always that I should go…”

Zeros words draw Proto back to the conversation and he blinked puzzled.

“A voice?”

Zero slowly raised his eyes, let them slid on Proto who sat in fron of him on the chair and then saw into his eyes.

“Your voice…” he muttered under his breath but perfectly sure. He hadn’t been able to recognize the voice in the past weeks but now that the other cyborg was sitting next to him, talking to him he was sure that it was his voice telling him again and again to flee, to leave all the others behind and disappear.

The black haired blinked irritated and looked at his opponent.

“My voice… but.. up until yesterday I’ve never seen you… and until a week ago I did not even know… you exist.” Proto was definitely confused. Why had the apparently younger heard his voice and why precisely in this context? He seemed to stare at the other because he began to shift restlessly on the table.

Resignated he shook his head and rose.

“I do not understand why you have heard my voicem or how I’ll just have said something like that.. but in light of what happened yesterday.. it might have been a good idea to listen to me.”

The younger man shivered slightly as he entered the memories of te previus day in mind. He looked at the other and sighed softly.

“I… I do not understand it. Why?”

Proto twitched his shoulders. He really had no idea. He had not been there and had only noticed a part of what had happened.

“Who was the man who knelt next to you?”

He had seen tears in the corners of Zeros eyes when the others had left him running away crying. Proto searched his pocket for the torn picture that he had taken from the others hand before kidnapping him from the battlefield.

Zeros view became cloudy as the memories of the battlefield flared back.

“That was.. my best friend.. I thought… until a while ago,” he muttered under his breath.

Proto sat down on the chair again waiting for the other to tell him more.

The apparently younger stared at the picture in his hand and seemed to not notice the tears that gathered in his eyes. His fingers ran lightly over the faces of the three people on it and seemed to capture the cyborg.

“He.. he betrayed me…” he continued softly. “Ryuichi… betrayed me… and admitted to make me into this…”

Proto felt the pain and the sadness that where in Zeros words.

Nevertheless he remained seated waiting if the other had not much more to the one had chosen as his successor, Who had been turned intop a machine to win a war that couldn’t be won.

“He… told me he would have something important to discuss with me and I had to.. necessarily com to him into the lab.” Zeros words were a whisper not more than a sigh when he tried to maintain his composure.

“I went to him.. but when I came in.. he was not alone. Several soldiers overpowered me and my cries for help… Ryuichi simply ignored them. He watched as they dragged me away.”

Zero swallowed hard as he shook his head.

“I… I don’t know what they did. What happened after that, I… just know that I… when I woke up again… that I was this,” he continued.

In his voice next to the grief was also something like satisfaction. Proto couldn’t explain why that was. He himself was proud of what he was, after all he had voluntary become what he was, and he had survived the procedure of being converted which wasn’t as easy as thought. But this young man here had been forced, they had intentionally murdered him to make him a machine. The older man shook his head slightly before he looked at his opponent again. Blinking slightly when he noticed the puzzled look on his face.

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Kurai Hoshi


Okay so this is something different. I tried making a part of my story into an Audiobook. well... Not sure how it turned out. English isn't my first language so I translated it and I am not sure if I did it right. Even though not sure about the pronounces. XD So.. looking forward to feedback if I should continue this idea.

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