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Onigari no Mori de ✮ MIYAMOTO Kano [Eng]

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Onigari no Mori deMIYAMOTO Kano [Eng]




Original Name: Onigari no Mori de

Alt. Names: 鬼狩りの森で, 鬼獵森林, In the Forest of the Phantom

Author: MIYAMOTO Kano

Artist: MIYAMOTO Kano

Released: 2011

Original Publisher: Tokuma Shoten

Serialized In: Chara

Genre: Drama, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Yaoi

Categories: Bishounen, Demon/s, Magical Creature/s, Parallel Universe, Post-Secondary Student/s, Shinto Priest, Special Ability/ies, Straight Uke, Swordsman, Unrequited Love

Type: Manga (Japanese)

Group(s) Scanlating: September Scanlations

Status: 2 Volumes (Complete)

Description: Misono Kazuki is a college student pursuing a dream of becoming a famous novelist but unfortunately, for someone trying to pen a supernatural YA novel, he's got next to no experience with close encounters of the spiritual kind. To remedy this, at the suggestion of a friend, he heads to a supposedly haunted shrine late one moonlit evening, and while he doesn't find any ghosts, he does find something much more interesting.


Read Onigari no Mori de Online:

Onigari no Mori de


Download Onigari no Mori de Manga:


Volume 01 - Userscloud


Volume 02 - Userscloud







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Link to Vol 2 is also broken. :(

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