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Haunted Day Dream

*~*Dream Boys.*~*

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Haunted Day Dream

Picture: 2a9qp9y.jpg




Name: Shu Lee


Age: 143


Race: Elf


Height: 5'0"


Weight: 115lbs


Eye color: Blue


Hair color: Pink


Likes: Nature, Water, Sunrises and the moonlight


Dislikes: Violence, Shouting, Rudeness


Personality: Calm, collected and caring. But do not cross him for once on his bad side it is not easy

that he will forgive you.


Bio: Shu Lee is the son of an Elven leader who have ruled in a vast kingdom buried deep in the ancient forest that has been there for as long as the earth itself. He is more or less prince-like. He spends most of his time outside and in the gardens, dancing in the springs in the moonlit night. He is a curious little Elf though, He has never met any other creature out side of his own race. So he does not know all the dangers of what the outside brings.





Picture: 8y51nc.jpg



Name: Fa Young


Age: 323


Race: Vampire


Height: 5'4"


Weight: 120lbs


Eye color: Green


Hair color: Red


Likes: Young blood, Damp and dark places, and music, dancing.


Dislikes: Sad and depressing people.


Personality: Fun, Partying type who always seeks out an adventure. Playful and slick.


Bio: Fa Young is a Vampire young in his kind, but still older then most. He's been through it all. Never once regretting anything in his life. He always lives up to maker, making her proud. He always seeks out fun and adventure and is ready for a good party. He likes to flirt and get along with everyone, but once they become depressing, he dips out. Only fun. That's what he wants.






Picture: 10mrehf.jpg


Name: Gijnka


Age: Pushing 100


Race: WereWolf


Height: 5'7"


Weight: 154lbs


Eye color: Steel Grey


Hair color: Black


Likes: Warm beds, Hot meals, Mostly meat and head pets


Dislikes: Being called a dog/mutt. Vampires and cages


Personality: Hot tempered and easily gets mad. He can however control his anger so as not to kill to many people.


Bio: Gijnka is still a young wolf, still learning how to keep a hold of his self, but he learns something new everyday and can keep his self under control. He tends to stay with other wolves and humans. He hates Vampires, for they were the ones who killed off his pack and making him a lone wolf... Which with his kind, wasn't a good thing.






Picture: 2z7q2o7.jpg



Name: Dezen Wasde


Age: 1,436


Race: Dragon


Height: 5'8"


Weight: 201lbs


Eye color: Black


Hair color: Sliver


Likes: N/A


Dislikes: N/A


Personality: Mysterious, Emotionless, But is easily amused and tends to smirk at cute things.


Bio: Dezen is an ancient being who has watched over the land for as long as he could remember, His whole life maybe? He's actually a caring man but he doesn't not show it often, for he thinks he needs to be distant and cold so that way he can watch over the lands without distractions. But will someone or something wiggle it's way into his heart?








Name: Kya Beke


Age: 101


Race: Mermaid


Height: 5'8"


Weight: 176lbs


Eye color: Blue


Hair color: Blue-Green


Likes: Swimming, Finding rocks, shells, and other treasures.


Dislikes: Fishermen, Trash, Being told what to do.


Personality: fun, Playful, Curious and gets into trouble.


Bio: Kya is a young merman living in the big bad ocean. But he sticks around a small little island. The people there are friendly and know about his kind. He's friends with just about everyone, even the other super naturals. Sometimes he'll even come out of the water and lay on the beach, Letting his fin dry up and turn into legs... Because one day, he met a witch and She granted him a wish, and this was what he wished. But once wet again, he would turn back into a merperson.





Picture: 2lw6lib.jpg



Name: Noah Klan


Age: 297


Race: Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid


Height: 5'3"


Weight: 122lbs


Eye color: Auburn


Hair color: White


Likes: Blood, Music, Flowers and basking in the sun.


Dislikes: Children, Dogs, and being alone in the dark.


Personality: Noah is adventurous and out going. Most of the time he is well behaved and known to be 'cute as a puppy'. He really is a sweet kid, but with the blood of a WereWolf and a mix of some Vampire, he can easily get ill tempered and lose control, Snapping at anyone that is close enough. He doesn't mean to hurt people, but... It just happens sometimes.


Bio: Noah was turned in an accident. He stumbled upon a fight between a Vampire and a Werewolf. Being the only human scent, he distracted the monsters with his scent and they locked onto him. Coming at him from both sides before a pair fangs bit into his shoulder and a powerful jaw locked onto his arm. They all three fell, but a gun shot was the last thing Noah heard before his world went black. When he woke he was locked in a cage. Chained up and being watched by a strange women. She was surprised that he was even still alive after being bitten by both species. As he could recall, not many survived the bite from both. When the change came.. He lost control, strong as any new born, he broke free of the restraints and out of the cage with ease, slaughtering everyone in the warehouse upon his escape... Now he has taught himself some more control, but.. He's not perfect.





Picture: dbgjtl.jpg




Name: Abe Oaklen


Age: 26


Race: Shape Shifter


Height: 5"7"


Weight: 167lbs


Eye color: Blue


Hair color: Blonde


Likes: Star gazing, Talking, Playing and traveling


Dislikes: high places, Crowds, big city lights


Personality: Clever, Active, Alert, Caring, and Adventurous.


Bio: Abe was abandoned as a child and a human couple had adopted him. He had always known he was different then them and when he hit a certain age, he started to feel a lot different and then his body started changing and shifting into shapes and things that were not human. His adoptive parents were scared and shocked at first, but when they saw that he was scared and shocked as well, they decided to learn about when he was, together..






Picture: 9svzon.jpg



Name: Asher Jaden


Age: 21


Race: Human


Height: 5'4"


Weight: 132lbs


Eye color: Blue


Hair color: Reddish Brown


Likes: Writing, drawing, Reading and learning.


Dislikes: Bullies, Milk and sweet potato's.


Personality: Sentimental, Relaxed, Down to earth, Lovable and loyal


Bio: Asher is a freshmen in college, majoring in Art and Literature. He has always loved to write, draw and read. This was his field and he loved his school. It was the one place where he felt like he truly belonged. He lives in the dorm due to his parents both being dead, killed in a hostage situation held by a crazy lunatic who had gotten out of the hospital.






Picture: 2rorebc.jpg



Name: Zero Venture


Age: 23


Race: Neko


Height: 5"3"


Weight: 133lbs


Eye color: Jade


Hair color: Black


Likes: Fish, yarn, forehead kisses and nose strokes.


Dislikes: Bathes, Rain, Dogs and ear tugs.


Personality: Sweet, playful, Serious at times and understanding


Bio: Zero is a Neko, a... Rare creature to run into. He knows his kind is almost gone, but he doesn't plan on hiding from the world. He goes out and lives like anyone else, he's used to the stares and the whispers he gets. He likes his life and he wouldn't change it for the world. But the one thing he craves more then anything... is a Master.





Picture: xndeli.jpg



Name: Glen Dri


Age: 209


Race: Elf


Height: 5'1"


Weight: 110lbs


Eye color: Pink-ish gold


Hair color: Blue-ish purple


Likes: Water, Wild life, Spring time and singing.


Dislikes: Gloomy people, Gloomy weather and snow


Personality: Skillful, Sweet, Trusting, Sensitive and sociable.


Bio: Glen is a water Elf. He is the guardian of a small lake in the middle of a forest. He is there to make sure all the plants animal and water creatures are safe and kept away from any danger. He was placed there by the Elven king and he couldn't be any happier. Though it is a bit lonely, he does have his animal friends to keep him company.





Picture: 2hnc2dl.jpg



Name: Hunter Fae


Age: 763


Race: Elf


Height: 6'3"


Weight: 178lbs


Eye color: Grey


Hair color: Black


Likes: Being organized, teaching, cute young men, handsome older men


Dislikes: Cry babies, Laziness, being disrespected.


Personality: Hard working, Calm, Teacherly, Tidy and Tolerant


Bio: Hunter is a teacher. He talks about all kinds of different creatures and different places. Helping children of all different races see into other cultures and learn about one another without any violence and harm coming to them. So no wars break lose from not understanding. He loves his job and he loves his students.





Picture: 2qmm91c.jpg



Name: Fern Wa


Age: 459


Race: Vampire


Height: 5'8"


Weight: 164lbs


Eye color: Red


Hair color: Black


Likes: Rabbits, books, people watching and hot coco...


Dislikes: Vampires, cats, Rain, and Pizza


Personality: Charming, Capable, Honest, Respectful, and Reliable


Bio: Fern has a good and a bad side, just like everyone, but he can not tell which is which sometimes. His friend, a demonic rabbit is always with him, whispering things into his ear and thus causing trouble for others from time to time. He might be bad and harmful most of the time, but under that he is actually sweet, kind and caring.








Name: Charlie Anderson


Age: 120


Race: Human/Vampire Hybrid


Personality: Caring, Protective, Loyal, Hardworking, Willing to help others.


Likes: Helping others, Honey and biscuits and the ocean.


Dislikes: The ruins, The mutated creatures, seeing someone get hurt/is hurt.


Back Ground: The world has come to a crumbling halt. The land was washed with devastation and destruction. The streets we live in today... Just ruins of the vastness we used to live in. Seeing the world like this, verses the way it once was when i was just a boy, Still shocks me and takes my breath away. I am still in disbelief about it. Through all these years, no one has tried to rebuild. Scared that if they tried, it would all crumble down again. Most thought it wasn't worth it. But me? I think it's worth every moment. But one person can do nothing. With what little i was able to mange a small group and make a livable space for people. Not great, but not in ruins. Our forest now is the ruins of once was a beautiful land. Over time with the darkness closing in all around us some of the people started to change into some of the most horrifying creatures. Mutated and mangled. It's really a sad sight to see, but also, with these changes, they have became dangerous. You would not want to be caught by of these creatures, It will only end badly and painfully. They only come out at night so you don't want to be caught outside after the sun dips below the horizon.



My name is Charlie Anderson. I am a Guardian. A protector. A survivor. I look out for the people that live in this little slice of heaven buried deep in the city ruins. I am not all together human. I am a mixture of a Vampire and a Human. Strong but not a blood drinker. I am here to save the human race and someday be able to live in the beautiful world once more and be out of this darkness. But until that day comes, I will look out for my people. Taking in anyone who is traveling our way and either give them a place here or help them to continue on their journey.









Name: Kyle Droe


Age: 20


Race: Human


Personality: On the outside Kyle is a positive, upbeat and straight forward person. But on the inside or when no one is around, he just a sad, depressed and angry person.


Likes: Strawberry cake, Cold milk, Warm blankets or cool summer days.


Dislikes: Everything else. Being alone, Getting to close to people.


Back Ground: Kyle was a cheerful and happy child. His parents tried their best to keep him safe and unaware of the dangers of the world. But his Parents knew they could not keep this up forever. His parent's were in some pretty bad things. When Kyle was only 10 years old, he watched as his parent's were brutally murdered. Leaving him alone and forever scarred by the scene that had unfolded before him that night. Since then it has been hard for him to get close to people. But he also can't stand being alone. He's scared that if he lets someone in, then they will have the same fate that his parents did.



He tries to be upbeat and cheerful, that way people don't ask questions. That way people don't see him cry. He doesn't want their concern. Pity... He doesn't want any of it. He mostly stays to his self. He's just a freshmen in college. Barely getting by. That night still haunts his dreams even now. He still doesn't know if these people were people, or if they were monsters... He just can't seem to let it go... Who could if you're honest. But what happens when a person is so set on getting into his life that this person keeps following him and annoying him and... Gets closer.










Name: Ban Chau


Age: 25


Race: Human


Personality: Over thinks, Over reacts, Get's shy and easily put down, but bounces back pretty fast.


Likes: writing and drawing. Creating new and exciting things and working with others.


Dislikes: Coffee, Bugs and juice.


​Back Ground: Ban has always loved to read and write that's why he soon became a manga artist. He mostly writes romance and also some exotic pieces. Sometimes he gets down because he thinks his work is not good enough, but then always bounces back and is ready to dish out his ideas and get them to his editor on time. All in all he sometimes worries his editor because Ban wants more attention from the other. Over the course of time Ban had ended up falling for his editor. He would never tell the other but he can't help but like the other male. He always gets flustered and opens his mouth to rumble on about nothing. Just to talk to the other. How will this affair come to an end, or will it just be the start of a new beginning?​


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Haunted Day Dream





Name: Quin Taylor


Age: 20


Race: Human


Height: 5'4"


Weight: 128lbs


Eye color: Green


Hair color: Blonde


Likes: Coffee, Tea, books, People Watching, Horror flicks, Hot coco and cuddles.


Dislikes: Bugs, Rudeness, Carrots, Being stood up, Others texting while with him.


Kinks: Hair Pulling, Biting, Restraint, Dirty talk, Begging, spanking.


Personality: Calm, Sweet, Nice, Loving, Caring, Loyal and fun, but can also be very sexual and teasing.


He owns his own Coffee shop on the edge of a small town. He can be found there or in the library. He is looking to hire a new employee for his shop.









Name: Melvin Jade




Race: Neko


Height: 5'5"


Weight: 151lbs


Eye color: Brown


Hair Color: Black


Likes: Fish, string, Head pets, Being called a good boy and sun bathing.


Dislikes: Water, Cold weather, dogs and loud noises.


Kinks: Ear nips, Tail stroking, Biting, scratching, forced blowjobs, toy.


Personality: Fun Playful, full of energy, knows no personal space.


He is looking to be adopted. Sitting in the window of a pet shop in the middle of the city.









Name: Ron -


Age: Looks 19-23


Race: Demon (Incubus)




Weight: 150lbs


Eye color: Gold


Hair color: Red


Likes: Food, humans, Animals, sweaters and sweets.


Dislikes: Other demons, Being yelled at, Fire.


Kinks: Hair pulling, Biting, teasing, forcefulness, Dirty talk, Spanking, cum shots, more than one round, Pain.


Personality: Curious, Adventurous, Always gets into things, wants to learn, gets sexual really fast.


He gets summons as a familiar, but is not really good at much. He gets on his master's nerves but he is a quick learn and becomes stronger as a familiar.









Name: Kyo Namae


Age: 24


Race: Inu


Height: 5'8"


Weight: 208lbs


Eye color: Brown


Hair color: White


Likes: Toys, pets, cuddles, hair being played with


Dislikes: Being pointed at, being flicked in the nose, or being put out.


Kinks: Open


Personality: Playful, loyal, spunky, energetic, loving, protective.


A stray dog just wandering around a dog park waiting to get picked up and brought home to a new master.









Name: Jillian Recon


Age: 22-26


Race: Dragon


Height: 5'9"


Weight: 210lbs


Eye color: Gold


Hair color: White


Likes: Open air, Nature, different creatures and Humans


Dislikes: Enclosed spaces, Being told what to do, Children.


Kinks: Open


Personality: Calm, collective, observant, doesn't show a lot of emotion but once he gets close to someone he opens up.


He just goes from place to place, learning about new things and taking everything in. He is settling in a village right now and owns a potions shop.

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