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Maya Hideyuki

Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action Movie

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Maya Hideyuki

So today the cast previews got released, just wanted to share them here~

(will update this post if there I find any other info)




The cast includes seven characters that are new to the film versions of the story. Sanspo reports that Hasegawa's character Shikishima holds the key to the film's story as "humanity's strongest man."



On the cast selection, producer Yoshihiro Sato said he did not pay as much attention to whether or not the cast members looked like the original characters. Instead, he had many discussions with Attack on Titan manga creator Hajime Isayama and went with actors who could act out the "characters' spirits."



The films' director Shinji Higuchi confirmed that the project will span two films and stated that, with the supervision of Isayama, the story will be based on the world and characters of the manga, while incorporating new characters and new formidable enemies. Yuusuke Watanabe (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, live-action Gantz, Gantz II: Perfect Answer, 20th Century Boys, Gatchaman) is writing the script. Film critic Tomohiro Machiyama, who is also friends with Isayama, is working on the scripts together with Isayama and Watanabe.


(from: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-11-19/live-action-attack-on-titan-films-eren-mikasa-11-others-unveiled-in-costume/.81220)




Official Website


Trailers (Release date: August 2015):

Short Trailer (33 sec)

Long Trailer (1 min 32 sec)



Miura Haruma as Eren Jaeger





Mizuhara Kiko as Mikasa Ackerman





Hongo Anata as Armin Arlelt





Ishihara Satomi as Hans/Hanji Zöe





Sakuraba Nanami as Sasha Braus





Miura Takahiro as Jean Kirschtein





Additional Cast (not in the manga or anime):


Hiroki Hasegawa as Shikishima






Ayame Misaki as Hiana






Pierre Taki as Souda






Jun Kunimura as Kubal






Shu Watanabe as Fukushi






Satoru Matsuo as Sannagi






Rina Takeda as Lil




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Blue Moon.

What the hell! Where is Levi? How can Levi not be in this? HOW. My baby is a really basic character! I'M SO UPSET RIGHT NOW

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