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Fictitious Souls and Crowns (Whimsicawl & Isa Katsura) [Private, 18+]


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General Information:

Name: Camui LeJaune

Nickname: Cottonmouth, Cammi, Cam-Cam

Age: 20

Date of Birth: January 1

Position: Seke [uke for Isa Katsura]

Other Medical Information: Possesses a weak liver and alcohol tolerance courtesy of his mother's impulsive drinking.


Personality: Has a calm, friendly, and somewhat stoic demeanor as raised as the Prince of Sterling Kingdom. He always plays the role of a diligent, intelligent man to his people and an ignorant, snooty brat to his best friend. In actuality, he's madly in love with him and has been hiding it due to the other's erratic split persona.


Background: Well bred Prince of the East, Camui exceeded all expectations in academics, military and mapping as a teen and spends the current of his days dwelling in gardens, tending to plants and playing with children. He wishes to pursue a profession of teaching as he has well convinced his father to pass the family torch to his younger, more aggressive brother.



+His Best Friend



+Picture Books



-Materialistic Gifts

-Political Wars

-The Color 'Red'



Other Information:

~Berates his best friend for his whimsical changes in personality but suppresses the hurt of letting him know how much his other personality physically and emotionally pains him

~Does children and friends secret favors in fear of public admiration

~Has an extensive collection of contemporary and fiction books





The same Prince Camui who ordinarily bursts with creative energy and optimism remotely reduces to a current episode of depression towards pathetic, bedridden immobility. By tracing his unhealthy snacking, lethargic fitness routine and countless meetings he held strongly accountable for, we can gather valuable clues that unlock the mystery of his big, sad fever.


"Cammi, the maid says you are sick." a group of six children enclose the space around their Prince and cover their mouths as instructed by Camui. "When will you get better? We want to play tag and ball!" they chant, nodding their heads at each other.


"Cam-Cam are you ok?!" the two pig tailed girls bustle near the ends of his King sized bed, fumbling with their black and blue hair as the pouts of their cherry lips and widen eyes exact how feverishly worried for their after school play date teacher. To the children, one day without the Prince was a month without the joys of sugar biscuits and warm spoils.


Tossing his brown strands weakly from half lidded eyes, Camui whispers huskily, the frog hurdling on the tracks of his esophagus. "N-not today... I... you all, I'm so happy to see you... but my friend is coming soon and... it's best for you all to play outside now." he squints at the clock just above his mirror, pressure looming over him as he reads it as '4:55', his best friend will be here very soon...

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General Infomation

Name: Aoki Kagero

Age: 20

Date of birth: 8th April

Position: Seme




(Normal) Kagero is usually carefree, cheerful, narcissistic and wouldn't think of hurting people or making anyone cry. With perfect manners coupled with a unique charm, Kagero tends to be respectable to everyone. Though his attitude is nice, his intelligence level and lack of ambition isn't suitable to be a perfect successor to the throne.

(Other personality) Upon seeing the color 'red', Kagero's personality instantly changes. His kind demeanor is overwritten by a blood-lusting, torture-loving personality. In this state, the prince become cunning, rude but he also turned into a very good strategist. The thing similar with both personalities were that they are both narcissistic.


Background: As the lone prince, heir of Cytersia, Kagero had a strict upbringing. His father was a very greedy man. He tried to brainwash Kagero into having an interest in taking other countries' lands and making them his but as Kagero took most of the mother's genes, Kagero can tell what's right from wrong. On his 16th birthday, the king gave the prince a small gift - hunting. Unable to disobey the king's order, Kagero tagged along. When he was made to do his very first killing, Kagero cried over the dead animal corpse. Having his hands smeared in blood red, the prince wanted to run away from reality of killing. Ever since that day, his father made him hunt almost everyday. To escape from looking at the color 'red' as it reminded him of the hunting, he started creating an alternate self. Since his normal personality is his mother's gene-dominant, his alternate personality is his father's gene-dominant.



- For now, his other personality can only be taken over by the normal one when the personality falls unconscious or gets a kiss from his loved one.

- His favorite drink is earl gray tea.

- As his other personality likes to torture people, his best friend is not spared either. Knowing that the other despises the color 'red', he purposely dye his hair that of the detested color

- He wears sunglasses to cover his color vision when he is outside or when he is looking into the mirror.


As soon as he heard his best friend was sick, Kagero quickly made arrangements to visit his best friend. Sending his best friend a notice beforehand, the prince was already reaching the other's place within a few hours' time. Along his way, he stopped by a florist to get his close friend a little gift. Kagero knew that the other adores roses and he thought that he might get the male some in hopes that he will get well soon.


Viewing the colors in pure monotone, Kagero could only ask the shop keeper to wrap up a pink and white rose bouquet. After exchanging the goods with a couple of currency, the prince resumed his journey. His best friend's place is literally like a second home to him as he had spent countless of times going over to the other's territory due to many different reasons.


The sun was setting down when the prince stood in front of the main door with a bouquet in his hand, his heartbeat increased rapidly as he raised his free arm towards the sturdy barricade. Usually best friends would meant that they'll enter each other's houses even without the other's approval but despite being best friends for years now, Kagero was too well-mannered to drop all sorts of formalities with the male. For him, it was a habit to be polite to everyone despite the close friendship. Heaving a deep breath, the standing figure knocked on the door several times.

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Pigtailed blue haired Lucy rushes to open the door as the goody two shoes she was and gaps out in awe as the children fill in the words scrambling through her brain.


"Woah! It's the Prince of Cytersia!" They stand backs straight and eyes forward as the soldiers they'd seen marching through their village streets and makes a large space beside Camui's bed.


Coughing into his hands, Camui's gestures his hands to the door as he ushers for the children to make their way home safely and quickly. A few of the children declines his command but when goody two shoes Lucy heads out, the rest of the pack follow sluggishly behind.


"You...didn't have to come...stupid..." Camui switches his sweet childish side into a grumpy, stubborn brat as he refuses to look deep into Aoki's chromatic pools he'd fell so hopelessly in love in. "Why...why...did you come...your red hair and...red uniform...and red gloves seriously make me sick....like I don't already have a fever..." He rolls his eyes backwards, nearly fainting in his deprived state.

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Giving a small smile to the child, Kagero reached a hand out to pat the child's scalp before entering. There, he saw a pack of the surprised children in the room where his best friend is. Waiting until the children left the room, Kagero chuckled at the male's sentence. "I'm sorry, I just got back from a meeting. Couldn't remember what it is about though."


Setting the bouquet aside, he took of his gloves and uniform before handing them to one of the soldiers. The prince always wore a white layer of clothes beneath his uniform so he isn't afraid to take his military jacket off. As long as he didn't see the color resembling blood, his personality wouldn't change.


Raising a palm, he signaled his guard out of the place with a swift of a finger. A moment later, the soldiers had made their way out. Glancing back to check for the clearance, Kagero scooped the bouquet and presented the flowers to his best friend. "I bought you some roses." He smiled, showing the pink and white colors towards the male.


Placing the roses with the male and taking a seat at the edge of the bed, Kagero placed the back of his hands on his forehead and the other's forehead to measure the temperature. "It's still burning." The prince sighed, glancing at the male in concern. "I'll go change the water and make some porridge for you. So jut rest here." He propped the other down before attempting to stand up from the bed.

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Marshmallow cheeks melting into shiny puddles of pink, Camui's sneaks a few more stares and peeks at his favorite roses painted in his favorite colors that he'd never admit. "T-tha..." He stutters, beginning to thank gratuitously for the ideal gift till his defence mechanism comes up. "That's so fruity! Am I your girlfriend?! Get me steak next time! Rare steak!" He huffs, his poor throat tripping on a series of hacks and coughs.


Camui's didn't begin to imagine how ruthless and violent his friend must've been during the meeting. Step one of a personality switch is memories escaping the host's mind and step two is the childish curiosity the body emits; the amount of resilience in Aoki currently is astounding.


"I don't want porridge." He says rudely, deciding to take advantage of the Prince's good side before his Dark side comes out and exacts revenge. "I want fresh bread from the baker and candy." He takes his hand and touches where the other placed the back of his hand. It may be his dizzy state, but the other was so soft and his touches so tingly.


"Are you...staying over tonight?" He asks hopefully, then purposefully coughing to hide his glee. They hadn't the time for sleepover and play dates since they were children!

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His lips curled into a smile as he looked at his best friend's reaction upon receiving his gift. Being best friends for a long time, Kagero could tell that the other is really happy with it. Shifting the male's hand away slightly and flicking the other lightly on the forehead, Kagero pouted at the other's sentence. "You want candy even though you're sick? You really don't know how to take care of yourself." He heaved out a silent sigh.


The small smile turned upside down upon hearing the next words. "Well.. I," He teasingly glanced away, "..supposed I can make some time for my best friend." He responded, shifting his gaze back onto the other. "Besides, if you won't take care of yourself, I have no choice but to look after you." He smiled. Kagero never spent enough time with Camui in others' presence so he had absolutely no idea how the male acts around people other than himself.


Piercing into the other's orbs, the prince detested the fact that he could only see the male in black and gray. Reaching his hand over his eyes, Kagero removed his shades and allowed the colors to come to life in his vision. He knew that it'll be a risk to do that as he will instantly fall unconscious when looking at that color. "So what do you want to do first?" Kagero shot the other a question.

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Drowsily resting his cheek onto his pillow, his weak body twists and turns as a cramp inevitably attacks the underside of his thighs. Letting out an estranged choke, Camui's entire body spasms and kicks off the blankets to reveal his naked body clad in a loose, thigh length night dress.


"Ah! My thigh! My thigh!" He clumsily presses his hands around his body, dearly having trouble with finding the right spot to massage. He moans aloud, his whines unheard of and delicious. "A-oki!" He averts his flushed, sweating towards the red head and mewls sweetly. "My thigh! Please! Ah- AH Aoki! Please!" He points at the milky slab of meat, the dress sliding up to his ass. He needed the other to help massage him this instant!

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Jumping up from his spot in surprise upon feeling the other's sudden fidgets. "Thighs?" Kagero's vision shifted down onto the male's legs. Glancing at the milky skin, the prince gulped at the tempting sight. It isn't surprising to have indecent impulse at his age. Hearing the male's moans only made Kagero even more tempted. His eyes feasted on the perfect build in front of him.


Looking away, he quickly placed his hands on the other's thighs, pressing along the circumference, massaging the skinny limbs. "How is this?" Kagero knead on the layer of skin. Massaging was never his forte nor have he ever helped anyone massage. The red-haired prince peeked at the other, slightly wondering about the pressure he inflicted on the other. Adding a small amount of pressure, his fingers accidentally slipped towards the softer part of the inner thighs.

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"Pervert! Don't touch me there!" Camui belts aloud, his shrieks ripping up what little comfort is left from this peculiar situation. He snaps his legs furiously together, building a physical wall between his soft muscle of perversion and, what he assumes to be, the sexually harassing hands of Aoki.


"I-I-I-I-I-" he splutters and repeats himself in rhymes. "Why-why-why...I...I..why...I...why...I..."


Camui spins his stomach onto his sheets, claps his face into his fluffy pillow and clasps his hands across his own pink ass when he feels the rush of air from his movements move his night dress higher up his rump. Glowing with color as pink as his own two jelly scoops, he rants off a series of intelligible muffled howls and finally says something that makes sense.


"Massage my thighs, not... why were you moving up to my crotch? No one does that! No one ever does something like that! Did Red Aoki convince you? Huh?! I bet he did! I thought he was the perverted one but you're a...a...mega pervert as well!" his eyes spiral around behind his eyelids as a string of fluffy fantasies of Aoki blowing hot air on his thighs, Aoki caressing his ass cheeks and Aoki touching his tip with his tongue fly up in his mind.


Who was the real pervert, here?


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Lifting up his hands from contacting with the other's legs immediately upon the sudden movement, Kagero darted his vision onto the male, looking rather confused. When he understood the reason behind his best friend's sudden astonishment, the prince broke into an amused laughter.


"Camui, this entire part is a thigh." His palm was placed below the hip bone of the other as it glides down swiftly towards the knee, feeling the smooth skin. "And my hand slipped so it's not intended."


"Besides, why are you getting so worked up for? We are both guys, aren't we?" His free hand wiped away the non-existent tears from his eyes. "If you are still mindful about it, you can always touch me back and we'll call it even." Shifting towards the other prince, Kagero placed his head on the remaining parts of the pillow, staring at the male. Poking him lightly on the cheek with his forefinger, Kagero couldn't help but chuckled at the sight. "You are turning pink. Do you actually wished that I am a pervert?" He glanced at the other, stroking some locks behind the other's ear.


Of course, this is always a joke. One, Kagero treated and respected the other as his best friend. The second one is a secret he would like to keep for as long as possible.


"I have another kind of massage that can take away your pain." Kagero tried to maintain a serious tone. "It's called Kagero special massage." A short chuckle escaped his lips as his fingers reached out to tickle the other's waist.

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Camui's body jerks right across his stomach, his body flapping like a fish out of water to the others aggressive pokes. He throws a fit of coughs and peckish girly laughs. "Ah hah hah! Hee hee hee! Nya Nya Nya fuuuuuuuck staaaaaaaahp!" The poor Prince slams a foot into the what he assumes to be the others stomach.


"I don't....don't like it when you touch me like that!" He loudly cries out. "It's not funny!" He turns back after a defiant shatter cracks the start of a period of silence and the, an encroaching fear looming over the both of them. As a puddle of red blood crashes around the grounds of a broken flower vase, the pink and white roses were dyed red by his crush's blood.


"K-Kagero?" Camui crawls to the side of his bed anxiously, his icy irises burning madly upon the vase that had been knocked over by Kagero's body thanks to his kick. "Ka...Kagero?" He repeats dearly, addressing his friend by his last name as if they were strangers.


Crimson blood red as the others hair puddles around the others body, much to Camui's sickening fear. He turns away to cough in his hand, blood of his own dotting his palm when he takes a peek. 'Oh no, oh golly...' He panics to himself, dragging his gaze to the door. If he makes a break for it then perhaps he can lock Kagero in his room until he settles down.

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Laughing along at the other's movements, Kagero felt the kick from his best friend which cause him to fly out of bed, colliding with a vase nearby. Shattering pieces scattered over his body and when he was trying to signal to his best friend that he is alright, the red droplets came into vision. Losing the light from his eyes, Kagero dropped unconscious upon the bloody sight.


A few seconds passed before Kagero's eyes snapped open. Looking around the surroundings, the prince got up from his spot, crushing the roses along the way. Skimming around, his sight was settled on the other figure in the room. His lips curled into a smirk as he placed a hand on his hips. "It's you again."


Pulling out something from his pocket, he flung it towards the male. The dart landed on the pillow right beside the other. "That's a greeting." He chuckled darkly, "Did you miss me so much that you call me out?" Kagero questioned. With a swift, he cornered the other by hovering over him. "Should we continue what we did previously?"


Pinning the other onto the bed by the other's thin wrists, his feet tangled against the other's limbs. Eyeing at the other's clothes, he licked his lips. "So seducing. It's telling me to eat you up." He snickered, leaning closer towards the other.

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Fat heart flitting against the meat of his snowy chest, Camui melts inside his idols harmful eyes and the beating virus that is inside. A series of unfortunate hacks and sneezes crack his head back and his mind to whiten out. Of course he isn't ready to continue where they'd left out, he would never be ready and so he gurgles a ball of goo and spits it out towards the others right eye. He misses.


"Kagero!" He icily splutters, wielding a brave front against his submissive posture. "Give Aoki's body back! Give it, give it, give it!"


There isn't anything else he could possibly say to change the man and as himself, his authenticity shines with his fear of misconstrued love. He'd been fortunate to escape the last time deep into the cluttered, brown woods but their bodies were meshed on top of his bed.


"I'm sick!" He blurts out, a wide smile pulling up his blossom lips. "Do you seriously want to taste my yellow spit? There's probably smegma on my dick!" He waggles his hips, feeling quite powerful. If Kagero had said these words during their first time, he'd surely be grossed out to delay any touchy acts. Ah, their first time?! What was he thinking about! Golly, that will never happen! Never! It's not like he wants Aoki to touch him on his inner thighs and kiss him or, or anything!

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Locking eyes with the male, he tilted his head to the left to dodge the other's sickly attack which he succeed. Upon hearing the other demanding him to switch back, Kagero could only laugh. "What's wrong? We share the same body. With that idiot's mindset, do you think you can be one with him?" The prince asked, raising an eyebrow. "You should be thanking me. I can make your fantasies real."


Holding the male down, he recapped on what happened the last time they were together. Within a semi-deep forest, Kagero had almost done it with the other after a long time chasing and playing hide and seek with the male. However, due to the exhaustion of playing tag, he fell unconscious reverting back to the usual sweet and more innocent prince he was.


Snickering at the other, with his vision still on him, Kagero's lips curled into a devilish smirk. "You don't have to use your mouth or dick to satisfy me. Your ass alone can do the job perfectly." The prince slid his hand slowly upwards, along the male's thighs. "What a perfect timing actually. I was getting sick of the court problems and I wanted someone to satisfy my sexual frustration." He commented.


Knowing that the other like his alternate ego, Kagero tried to take advantage of him. "If you don't want to, I wouldn't force you." He started. "But you wouldn't be his first." Kagero pulled up the hem of his own shirt, slightly revealing his abdomen. "I can go to the brothel anytime." He lied confidently. It can only be a lie. After all, the prince may have two personalities but the emotions and feelings remained the same. He wouldn't reveal it out loud but currently, the other is the only person who can truly satisfy his needs.

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Kagero's ugly split could venture inside the entire crooks and alleyways of the red light district and his body would still be considered pure to Camui - he'd be making love to the entirety of the soul he adores, not to a hollow frame. Between brain aching coughs and sticky sneezes, the young brunette manages to suppress giving a speech on true love as well as the bubbling jealousy of other boys melting with a body he'd been dreaming years about. Those lonely night...those quiet nights....


"I'm...not afraid of you!" He fights back, crossing his jittery legs over to lock away his perverted muscle. A second of Aoki's caress spiked uncanny shivers through his feet, then rising up those baby toes to his blood inside his pelvis. Both of his wobbly hands flap in its trap, wrists pressing up, down and sideways in dire search for an escape. This was not Aoki, he constantly reminds himself, getting into a preparation routine to defeat the other's advances.


Camui had experienced this ugly side since he was eight! And with a few persuasions here and a bunch of psychoanalyzing there. He had true confidence in his own skill set and his knowledge of the vast world all far and wide, including his inferior best friend, he was going to get this pat down and over with a breeze!


"I-I've been to over, like, say, uh, two, no, twelve...hundred brothels across the world!" He shouts, voice high and airy. "I'm soooo desirable around the Earth! I've done it like over fifty times! You're probably a virgin!" He sticks his fat tongue out childishly. "Haha!" His laughs increasingly breathy, superficial and stupid. "Hahaha! Ahahahaha!"


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Noticing that the other probably wouldn't willingly give himself up, his smirk dropped into a frown. "Why are you hesitating? You can touch this body as much as you want." No matter what direction he looked at, it's a win-win situation. Kagero can have his sexual frustrations satisfied while the other could probably have his fantasies turning to reality. The only thing that's different was the personality so why bother noticing it? Patience is not Kagero's strong point. When the prince wanted something, he'll do anything to get it.


Kagero eyed his best friend with a hint of disbelief but he decided to play along with the other. "Over fifty times, huh? I should have a taste." Releasing his grip off the other's wrists, the prince proceed to lift the male's legs higher, using his left shoulder to act as a support to anchor the pair of limbs while having his left arm wrapped around them. Gliding his tongue along the exterior side of the other's right leg down to his thighs, Kagero's orbs moved to the corners of his eyes, glancing at the male and checking out his expression.


The prince figured that if he couldn't talk his way into having the other abide to him, he'll force things to go his way. This Kagero could execute anyone without batting an eyelash at the bloody sight, thus he wouldn't feel anything if he were to rape someone. Slipping his free hand towards the other's shirt, he roughly tugged on the cloth with the aim to tear the clothing apart. "Things would have been much gentler and easier if you stop fighting back." Kagero commented.

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"A-are you dea-dead? I- I mean... de-deaf?!" his body struggles to concede taboo desire, aching on its own for the visualization of his lonely nights to become a thrilling reality. Luckily for him, years of discipline in his intellectual upbringing forced his mind to reign control over his body, as it should.


"Why can't you leave Aoki alone? What's so important about you that you push Aoki in the back of his mind and tell him 'No, you're not acting right. I'm going to act for you'. Do you see how selfish you are?" he splutters, clearly angered over the years of Kagero's consistent sexual and mental torture. Camui regularly dismisses their encounters, mulling it into the deep waters under the bridge when Aoki returns with his silly smile, but imminently in Camui's salty, feverish state, his feelings were taking him over.


"Go away! Shoo!"


While his feelings stand with his principles, his fever also brought silly, baby Camui to play. Poor prince smacks both hands onto Kagero's biceps, pushing him backwards. "You're a big bully! And big bullies aren't allowed to touch me in the goody area! Bully bully! AOKI NO BAKAAAAA!"

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Snickering at the other, Kagero found the words rather amusing. He couldn't even willingly take over the body no matter how much he tried. It's always the goody-two-shoes personality whom forces him to switch over in the first place. Now that he had finally taken over, he doesn't want to switch back just because the male preferred the nicer personality. To be misunderstood in this kind of way, Kagero really despised that thought.


"I'm selfish? Don't make me laugh. Have you forgotten that we are the same person. If I were to disappear or being merged together with him, I doubt that you'll still like your Aoki." Kagero smirked, feeling confident with his words. Since the other did tell him to go away, Kagero decided to stay that way longer just to annoy the male, despite the fatigue accumulated from the long conference previously.


Seeing the other's childish side, Kagero decided to tease the ill individual. "Yes, I'm a big bully and bullies don't have to listen to their victims." With that, the prince leaned closer to the other. Cupping the other's chin with his left hand, Kagero's lips pressed against the corner of the male's mouth, intending to make the other upset at the fact that Kagero stole his kiss before Aoki does. However, upon the contact, Kagero felt a very strange sensation before he was knocked out, returning the body back to the original personality.

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Kagero's kiss sends him into a warp of chaotic tantrums. He bangs his fists against the other's shoulder, though the strength of the punches falls in between a kitten's pawing and a kind pat on the back.


"BAKA BAKA BAKA!" Camui half enjoyed and half sulks from the kiss. Though he'd certainly save the special sensation and close up image of the man in the back of his head, now is not the time to be endearing. "YOU STOLE MY FIRST KISS! MY FIRST KISS! GIVE IT BACK! GIVE IT BACK RIGHT NOW! WAAAAAAAAAAAH!"


A few of the guards strolling past the prince's door do not hesitate to check in or knock, they were well accustomed to their highness's spontaneous change in personality and frankly, didn't want to be held accountable for his girly mood swings. Instead, they beckon closer to each other, away from the room and continue their conversation on tonight's drinking plans.


Back inside, Prince Camui's bloated cheeks shine feverishly red, his voice crackling from exertion and his dress lifting higher above his thighs due to his mindless, one sided fist fight. From above their bodies, it looks as if a puling, baby kitten was squished by a sleeping German Shepherd.

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Falling unconscious as soon as he made the kiss, Kagero was woken up by the pounding against his shoulders and a long trail of yelling against his ear. "First kiss...?" Kagero shifted his position, questioning the other with a confused look. It was only a matter of seconds when he understood what happened. Looking at the other in a really close up range, Kagero jolted up and away from the male before quickly putting on his shades. Placing a finger on his lips, a tingling sensation still lingered within his lips. After a short moment of silence, the prince break the awkward atmosphere by laughing. "Sorry Cam, the other me came onto you?" He didn't even need a reply when he saw the messed up bed and the other's attire.


"I'll return your kiss if you want to." He joked, crawling back to the bed. "It must be really embarrassing to have your first kiss taken by a guy, right?" Kagero had always deemed the other's sexual orientation as straight as he had always seen the other being around with mainly female children when the prince was too busy to play with him. Leaning close to the other, Kagero places his hands on the other's cheek, with a mindset to return him want his alter ego taken.

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After befriending his loony Prince at age 4, he'd taken up another Camui persona as well. If Kagero pulls his ears, he would pull Aoki's ear and shout inside them, if Kagero chased him around town, he would chase Aoki around till both their bodies met their match. It was always the easiest and most satisfying way for Camui to feel like they were equals again.


And very expectedly, a very red, very pissed off and emotional Prince Camui flips Aoki right onto his back, his legs planting on each side of the man's hips, bringing his chest down and his face anchored right onto Aoki's. A whistling piggy squeal escapes his own lips moments before he squishes them onto Aoki's ugly, ruby red.


"You..." He breathlessly gasps, slim back arching forward to further possess his friend's body. "Hate....you....ah..." The strong smacking lips brings himself into a hazy white, images swirling and thought process melting into the crimson goo that is lust. "Hate...hate Aoki....Kagero....mph...look what you made me..." He breaks their kiss apart, wrinkles crinkling between his brows while fat tears sparkle fall down his cheeks. If he kisses him again, he kneels down, rubbing his slippery tongue onto the tip of the boy's glorious chin, he won't be able to stop.


"Mph..." Camui slithers inside the others hot cavern, swabbing at the teeth and juice he'd often visualize upon his lonely, turned up nights.

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Wondering what his best friend would do, Kagero laid down with his back against the warm mattress. He noticed a trend. Every time his alter ego did something to the other, the other would do the same thing when he returned. It was totally unfair since he wasn't the one initiated it but if that was what makes his best friend calm down, he would gladly do it. His eyes widened upon the kiss as he was only joking when he said that he would return back the other's first kiss.


Kiss was supposed to be with the one they loved but as a heir to the throne, his kiss was supposed to be for his arranged betrothed and no one else. However the other was pretty good at french kissing for a novice. Lifting his body into a sitting position, Kagero wrapped his arms around the other's hips, responding back with a deeper one. Tilting his head with every kiss, the heat within the atmosphere increased.


Breaking the kiss with a thin thread of saliva, the prince proceed to lick off the other's streams of tears. The taste of salt filled his tongue as he dried the remaining damp spots on the other with his right hand. "Damn, I'm going to have your sickness." Kagero let out a long sigh. "How are you going to be responsible for this?" He questioned the other.

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"Mm, eh?" a bit of Aoki's taro juice flickers in his creamy mouth, making its mark permanently inside him. Sky blue eyes backing up, rolling all around the room as he undermines his own actions with useless words. "Nothing...I didn't do nothing..." he backs away, slipping on his night dress and collapsing onto his back.


Camui pulls at his hair, writhing around in a fit of short coughs, snivels and a pounding head ache. "I-I'm sowwy...sowwy Aoki...I...um...um..." he'd swam too deep in his quest for lust and release for hate that he'd been drunken on his own actions. Unfortunately, his personality continues to reek of denial, he backs further away on his royal bed, clasping the marble wood holding up the corners of his mattress and sucks on his lips.


"I did'nt do that...I mean, I didn't mean to do that... since you made me anyways... it was just your fault. YEAH! IT WAS JUST ALL YOUR FAULT!"


Camui rolls onto the floor, brazenly getting up and pointing a literal finger at the man on his bed. "If it weren't for you retarded illness, you're stupid split side, I would have never ever had to deal with all these... unnecessary emotions! All this time... I hated the thought of taking up the throne, always convincing my mother to tell my father to pass the torch to someone else. Always..." he gulps, his fever getting the better of him. Camui hiccups and goes to his door, turning their conversation into messy self talk. "I hate you, Aoki, Kagero whoever the fuck you are! You always...make me feel so weird! And you always bully me! You always poke fun! You always make me think about you and I hate it. I can't take it. Others laugh at me because I can't take up the throne, they said you manipulated me and stepped on me for your village. They say I'm the retarded King's kid with no strength in his heart... yeah...they're all right on that because even I don't believe I have any strength in my heart and it's all your fault! Just get out! Get out of my room! Get out of my castle! I never want to see you again!"

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The kiss, however, was pretty intense. He had never French kissed anyone before but he was enjoying the moment with his best friend. Peeking through his half-lidded bicolored eyes towards the male for the other's response. The prince was slightly disappointed when the other stated that he would do nothing if Kagero fall sick afterwards. The adorable reaction of the other suddenly turned sour, causing Kagero to snap out of his semi-illusional thoughts. It was supposed to be a harmless joke but the other seemed to take it quite seriously. Hearing each word carefully, a sudden gust of unknown guilt filled his heart. From the other's sentence, his best friend must had suffer a lot due to his abnormal presence. If only he is strong enough to overcome his fear, but from the way things are now, it's close to being impossible.


Glancing at his best friend in concern, Kagero wanted to dismiss it as the other's usual mood swing and it is possibly due to the sickness that the other's mood may worsen. He knew that it's hard to coop with a split personality friend like himself and judging by the other's yelling, he knew that his other self had gone overboard with his teasing even though he wasn't personally sure of what it is.Trying to find the right words to express his sincerity, Kagero's eyes shifted around insecurely behind his shades. "I... I'm sorry." Was all he could say. Inching closer to his best friend, he forcefully embraced the male, in hopes that he will be forgiven. Kagero wouldn't want to lose his best friend because of a stupid one-sided fight. "I'm sorry so please let me stay by your side." The red-haired prince tighten his embrace.

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Whereas abnormal describes individually their characters, uncanny best defines their relationship. Had Prince Camui gave up his loyalty to stay by the other's side, he'd forsaken the unremarkable puppy love he held for Kagero. He didn't bear romantic feelings he couldn't handle for his Prince, he held platonic and professional regards in order to better manipulate him for his own country's good.


Prince Camui's legs wobbles beneath the man's tight embrace and he felt faint from neck up. Oh it was so silly of him to feverishly make out with his crush, the usual scent the boy carried had been mixed with his own taste. He felt like he was sniffing himself.


"Leave..." he brings a hand up to his mouth. "Leave me alone. I can never tell when you are going to turn around and hurt me. You don't understand what it feels like to be talking and held tight one minute and then forced to kiss and spread your legs open like some doll."

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