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Gumdrop's House Rules

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Below are my house rules when role playing with me. These are things that I am a stickler with so please follow; if you do find that there is one that you have an issue with, just let me know maybe we can discuss and find a nice compromise.




Rules of the House:

  • Please PM if interested, do not reply to thread.
  • Only Moderate to Advanced posters please (2-4+ paragraphs).
  • Rule 2, on occasion, can be ignored depending on my mood at the time.
  • If it is currently unavailable, it means that I currently must be very much persuaded to play it if you want to.
  • Please let me know if you are going to be gone for more than a week.
  • Only reason for Rule 5 is because I want to know if you are still interested in the roleplay.
  • Character A is my character. Character B is your character. This holds true unless other wise stated.
  • I tend to play Uke, so all these plots are looking for a Seme.
  • Any plot showing up in red is a plot that I very much want to play.




As for what I'm into. The answer is anything and everything except: Mpreg and anything female (minus crossdressing)...

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