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Yume's Rules = q = ))~

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Awaa, I actually love role-playing and have been doing so for a few years now, ehehe, however this would be my first in a different site and i'm looking forward to the various things we'd get to do-- ;3 //HIT


Though Yume does have a few rules in regard to rp-ing~ ; v ; ))


1.No God-modding, though that's also common sense, I just wanted to put it out here that I dislike having my characters controlled ahaha//sweats nervously// As for what to rp, Yume's not much of a fan of shotacon//kicked// Gory, dark ones are kinda ok...?


2.One-liners tend to irk me, especially when i give about two paragraphs. OTL Please let me know in advance if you prefer to rp in script or lit style. Though Yume prefers the latter, Yume can do both.


3. Please be patient...Yume is pretty slow in replying as of now due to various things//laughs// But I will reply, just give me time. Naturally, take as long as you need, Yume doesn't mind waiting at all. ^^


4. Lemme know if you wanna stop rp-ing, since it kinda sucks when I'm left hanging like that. I'll understand of course :''D


5. Mnn, I guess that's it? I'll come up with other things eventually, but so far, anything is good with Yume. e u e ))b


Feel free to PM Yume anytime if you're up for it~ or if ya just wanna chat~~ ///7//)/

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