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Amime characters you can relate to?


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Well, i'm pretty bored.. So why not?


Is there any anime characters you can relate to? And why?





I can relate to a few characters.


- Kuroneko from Oreimo. (*SPOILER*) Mostly because of the way she gets left alone.


- Rin from Free! It's just the whole thing with not being ''the best'' (Nobody is perfect though, but I just work so freaking hard), and then get hurted.


- Tomoko From Watamote. I used to have a REALLY hard time talking to others (I still have no and then..), and it just made me sound so stupid. >__


- Kirino from Oreimo (Again ._.). Sometimes when I talk it just come out comepletely wrong, and I end up hurting other people. (It's not that often anymore, but I am pretty stupid sometimes.)

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Comparing the real life situations to unreal is something that many of fiction consumers do, so craving the existence of some kind of utopia makes you search a personality similar to yours. In this way, the fiction seems closer to reality, 'cause they have something in common. You.

To be honest (

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Not exactly an anime... But I can relate to Weiss Schnee from RWBY. Mostly because of her constant need to be validated by people, but never have friends. I just don't know... I feel like she's mega relatable. Ahahahahahaha, feel free to ignore me. oAo

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