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The darkest star often leads to the brightest places Works in Progress

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Height: 6

Weight: 195 lbs

Personality: Ken is very laid back and cunning manipulating things to his advantage with his words or his abilities depending on his situation he often jokes around being very humorous. He has a warrior's spirit and is often being chivalrous helping anyone in need he does have his mean streaks though they often pass quickly.

Likes: People with fiery or mysterious personalities, certain alcoholic beverages, star gazing and irises

Dislikes: A few unimportant things

(Blood, Abilities and Power))

1. (Pyro Genesis): can wield, form, and control two types of flames...(Hell Fire, and Flame of Heaven)

2. (Flash Step): can travel a great distance by divine speed jumping through time itself..

3. (Super Human Attributes): all aspect of the body faster and stronger than that of a normal being.

4. (Levitation): can float in mid air and glide.

5. (Immune to any fire,and poisons):can not be hurt by gases, radiation, poison, or any sickness or illness.

6. (Hyper Regeneration): can heal wounds over a certain amount of time.

7. (Shadow Fade): the ability to fade from position leaving your current image there and can also meld with the shadows.

8. (Phoenix Touch): can heal minor wounds and treat minor illness..



1. (Kiss Of The Phoenix): allows Kensuke to bring another back to life, or fully recover another, by kissing another upon the lips as an aura of light pours into the other.(once performed it leave the user fainted, or in a state of being drunk).

2. (Rise From the Ashes): when killed he will fall into ashes and be reincarnated from the ashes looking the same.( the users body is trapped afterwards and cannot move for over an hour).

3. (Eye of Sun God): eyes turn with circle of fire spinning, can increase his length and the heat of his flame with quick reflex actions, allowing him to shoot fire faster, farther, and create flames from within flames also brings out maximum agility.

4.(Devour Flow): reaches into the body of the beaten or killed and takes the soul and either devours it gaining there power or reserves the soul... ( while performing this move the users arms when holding the soul will start to bleed major). (Can't use this at this time he has momentarily forgotten how)

5.(Awaken Nature): can unlock his real potential which makes him stronger, faster and accurate. also has a bit of change to him where he instead of having two wings he has a set of four wings, the symbol on his back covers part of his face and his crimson eyes are more dark and narrowed and his emotions are frozen..(the downside effect to this is once he stays in this level of power his emotions do start to be eaten away).

Origins: Kensuke is one of the few remaining Shadow Phoenixes as their race was hunted down for reasons unknown it is rumored that The Dark Rebirth Suzaku is a descendant of the first phoenix of paradise who would devour the souls of angelic and demonic beings alike before turning to ash and giving birth to the race known as the shadow phoenix. He retains a human form but has a symbol on his back that he rarely allows anyone to see his wings are usually hidden from view by a spell from someone he met long ago.

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