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Back from the dead! Looking For RP (Semi Serious, Horror/Harder Themes)

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⚠The Following Role play/Request forum May have Information Some May Find Upsetting And Or Triggering Read At Own Risk⚠


Topics That Maybe Be Covered




⚠Non Con,Dub con, Slavery Themes

⚠Body Horror, Body Trauma, Cannibalism

⚠Mental Strain, Emotional Distress, Psychological Problems

-I'll be asking for a list of triggers from you if you inquire about this post-


What I Expect From You

1.)Proper Censor Ship Of Sensitive Scenes

2.)Respecting My Own Trigger List

3.) For You To Tell Me When Your Uncomfortable

4.)A Proper Oc Profile

5.)Do Not Use Preexisting Characters


7.)YOU MUST BE +18



Killers Oc List Brief



-Andrew, Selective Mute, Hopeless Heart Throb, Cannibal,Dub Con/Non Con Warning,26, Medium Tall, Dark Hair,He/Him Seme

-Noe, Has An Attitude, Short King, Can Lift, Mild Violence warning,Coloured Hair, 24, AFAB He/Him Seke

-Alexi, Yandere, High Violence Warning, Mild Dub Con/Non Con Warning, Blonde Hair, 27 ,FMAB They/He  Seme

-I have more if you don't see any that tickle your fancy-


Victims List



Randi, Masochist,Anxiety,Good With Computers,Dirty Blonde, 21 Uke

Daimen, Trouble Maker, Brat, Colored Hair, 23 Uke






Plot Offer 1# (Group Size 1-2 Excluding Counting Myself)

You'd been kidnapped and are now living with a killer as a hostage or among a hostage or two, the choice is clear you either need to out smart the killer to get away from them, will you work together? Against each other? Will The Tension Grow? Who's Side are you on? Is there any chance of being reformed? It all lays in your actions.

You will receive a rough layout of the house

Plot Offer 2#

You've been attending college but out of the corner of your eye you keep seeing the same person, are they a stalker? Should you be worried? Do they just need something?

Reversed plot: You've finally found who you were looking for.



(●'◡'●)I'm also open to plot ideas (●'◡'●)




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