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Incentive (HuaLian from 天官赐福 / Heaven Official's Blessing)

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Fandom: 天官赐福 | Tiān Guān Cì Fú | Heaven Official's Blessing by Mòxiāng Tóngxiù

Fanfiction title: Incentive

Pairing: Hua Cheng/San Lang + Xie Lian

Rating: +18 | explicit content for mature readers

Status: Oneshot - completed

Summary: Xie Lian wants to give Hua Cheng a little motivation in improving his calligraphy skill. Hua Cheng is more than happy to accept.

Disclaimer: Original characters and story are the creations of the respective author; the fanfiction is solely the work of my imagination and my writing ability. You can also find my works in Ao3.




“What’s up with that sign, a chicken scrawl looks so much better.”

“If my kid’s handwriting looks like that, I would personally chop off his hand.”

Xie Lian could only listen helplessly to the voices carried by the wind as he was walking along the Ghost city. The two who had spoken about the signboard of the Gambler’s Den must have been new ghosts, so they didn’t know who actually wrote those calligraphy.

To be honest, Xie Lian thought that Hua Cheng had made good progress. 

Somewhat acceptable.


It could do some work.

With the way things were, there was no way Xie Lian would let anyone know that he was the one helping Hua Cheng practice! That would be an abomination! Worse than letting people know he collects scraps for a living.

When he arrived at Qiandeng temple, Hua Cheng was not around. Xie Lian took the time waiting for him while pacing back and forth, thinking of a way to help Hua Cheng take his calligraphy practice more seriously. Only when the soles of his shoes felt thinner from the endless walking that Xie Lian sat down. He reached for the paper and dipped the brush in ink, starting to list down ideas on how to get his husband to improve his handwriting. 

Xie Lian was so deep in thought that he didn’t notice Hua Cheng had returned. He was startled when the ghost king appeared in front of him, making him spill some ink onto the paper as well as his hand. 

“Gege, what are you doing that you didn’t notice me come in?” Hua Cheng asked, picking up the list Xie Lian had written which was now covered in blotches of black. 

“... “

“What’s this?” Hua Cheng read the first line. “‘Ask San Lang to write his own collection of stories about us’. Gege, I would love to, but why would I write them when I could straight away just tell them to you?” 

“I just thought you would be more motivated to practice your writing.” Xie Lian sighed. He should have known better that Hua Cheng would find writing so tedious.

Looking at the ink stain on Xie Lian’s hand, Hua Cheng took out a handkerchief from his sleeve before wiping it off gently. 

“It’s fine, San Lang, it’s just a little ink.” Xie Lian didn’t want the ink to get onto Hua Cheng as well.

“I already have permanent ink on my body, so a little bit more wouldn’t be a problem. Gege on the other hand...the cursed shackles are finally gone, so let me admire Gege’s unblemished skin from now on.”

Hua Cheng’s bold statement made Xie Lian blush. Hua Cheng had his name tattooed on his arm for more than eight hundred years. Meanwhile, after the cursed shackles around his neck and ankle were removed thanks to Hua Cheng’s abundant spiritual energy, Xie Lian’s skin was once more clear like smooth white jade. 

An idea suddenly appeared at the front of Xie Lian’s mind. It would be a little embarrassing, but he could guarantee that Hua Cheng would be on board with it. All he needed to do was find the courage to say it out loud.

“S-san Lang,” He looked up at the tall figure standing right in his personal space. Their eyes met, and Hua Cheng’s gaze told him that he had his full attention now. “I want to make a proposition.”

“What kind of proposition?” Hua Cheng asked.

Xie Lian moved to the altar where they had done various activities and sat formally. He actually wanted to pose more enticingly, but thought that it would make him look ridiculous and ruin the atmosphere, so he settled on kneeling . 

“Why don’t San Lang use me to practice calligraphy.”

His statement had the desired effect as Hua Cheng looked at him meaningfully. Xie Lian coughed bashfully into his hand and slowly pulled the layers he wore off of one shoulder, exposing his silky white skin. 

“It is sturdy and the ink can be washed off, so if San Lang promises to practice writing everyday until San Lang improves, gege is willing to lend San Lang this skin as a writing surface.” 

“Can I do as I please as long as I practice writing my strokes?” Hua Cheng asked. He moved to pick up one of the brushes and dipped the tip into the ink. 

Xie Lian understood what Hua Cheng meant, but as long as he was willing to improve his skills, a little sacrifice would not bother Xie Lian. Whether or not Hua Cheng agreed to his proposition, the outcome would still be the same for him anyway. So this was like killing two birds with a stone, at least for the younger guy.

As Hua Cheng approached the altar, he put the brush holder between his teeth as he used his hands to disrobe Xie Lian. More of the smooth, white jade skin was exposed and once the last piece of fabric was discarded, Hua Cheng laid Xie Lian down onto the altar like a beautiful sacrifice. 

“Hmm, gege, where should I start?” Hua Cheng held the brush and moved it over Xie Lian’s skin, deliberating where he should write the first word. 

“Anywhere is fine, but San Lang, I might be a little ticklish, so I apologize beforehand.”

“No need for gege to apologize. I’m very happy that gege thought so much about me.”

The first stroke was between Xie Lian’s chest. Thankfully it wasn’t as ticklish as he had expected it to be. He felt the gentle strokes of the brush as Hua Cheng wrote a character. He could guess what the ghost king was writing and had wanted to comment. But just as Hua Cheng delivered the final stroke, he didn’t stop where it was supposed to. Instead, Hua Cheng dragged the fine brush tip to the side of Xie Lian’s chest and fluttered it against a petal-colored nipple. 

“Ah, San Lang!”

“Gege, I messed up. I should wipe it off and try again.” Hua Cheng smiled apologetically, but there was a mischievous glint in his uncovered dark eye. 

“N-no need. Why don’t you start over somewhere else.” Xie Lian suggested. They were only starting and Hua Cheng was already playing around. If this continues, it would defeat the purpose! 

Hua Cheng complied and started writing slightly lower. But just like the first time, his hand was carefree with the final stroke and it ended up brushing against the same nipple. 

“I messed up again,” Hua Cheng said with a fake sigh. 

“It’s okay, San Lang. Try another place.” Xie Lian tried to be encouraging. 

Hua Cheng wrote another character below Xie Lian’s collar bone. Again, the final stroke ended at the same destination. He tried again for the fourth time, then the fifth. As expected, he purposely ended the stroke on the same nipple that turned hard and pointy after being teased relentlessly. 

“What a mess.” Hua Cheng complained, but the corner of his lips lifted in a smile. He put down the brush on the side and rubbed the drying ink around Xie Lian’s nipple. “Don’t worry, gege. I will try again.”

Xie Lian blushed at the blatant ‘harassment’ but when Hua Cheng’s thumb pad brushed his hard nub, Xie Lan accidentally let out an indecent moan. “S-san Lang, just leave that part and practice somewhere else. I still have plenty of skin for you to practice writing on,” he said quickly, trying to swallow the whimpers that threatened to come out from Hua Cheng’s little teasing. 

“But gege, even if I try on this side, the result would still be the same.” He had the audacity to act like a whiny child while using the fingers from his other hand to rub on Xie Lian’s unblemished nipple. “Whenever I practice the strokes, my eye would automatically set on this delicate part of you and the brush ends up here all the time.” Saying such words casually while shamelessly pinching both nipples, Hua Cheng bent down closer to the one unstained by ink and grinned. “Rather than covering this part with ink as well, I would prefer to cover it with something else.”

“What do you mean? S-san Lang!” 

Xie Lian could only moan and squirm when Hua Cheng sucked his clean nipple into his mouth. At the same time, the other tip was deftly pinched by the fingers on the opposing hand, creating a tingling sensation all over Xie Lian’s chest. 

“San...Lang. Your writing...practice.”

With his mouth fully sucking on Xie Lian’s nipple, Hua Cheng reached out for the ink and dipped his finger in. He started drawing random squiggles on the supple skin, making its way further down and between Xie Lian’s parted legs. Xie Lian’s tight entrance immediately gave way to Hua Cheng’s finger, as if recognizing that the husband was as much as the master of Xie Lian’s body. 

Xie Lian on the other hand could only moan and writhe while letting Hua Cheng pluck his body like an instrument. The single digit probing his entrance soon turned to two then changed to three as they loosened him up for something far greater. Then suddenly, Hua Cheng removed them altogether, leaving Xie Lian choking a sob.


Xie Lian’s protests died when he saw Hua Cheng did it so he could take his clothes off. Once the maple-red robe and everything else were discarded, Hua Cheng climbed back onto the altar and covered Xie Lian’s body with his own. Xie Lian looked up at his husband, meeting his lips sweetly at first before Hua Cheng deepened the connection and flicked his tongue into the other’s pliant mouth, leaving Xie Lian with no other option but to suck and savor the invasive organ. 

The former Crown Prince instinctively wrapped his slim legs around Hua Cheng’s hips when he felt the wet tip of the ghost king’s manhood nudged against his opening. He braced himself for the stinging stretch that came from being impaled by the impressive-sized equipment, but still looked forward to the wholesome sensation of being filled by the man he loved. 

After the engorged head successfully went past the guardian ring, Hua Cheng paused and intertwined the fingers of his left hand with Xie Lian’s right. His free hand found the ink once more and he dipped the tips of two digits in the liquid. 

“What should I write, gege?” He asked.

Surprised that Hua Cheng carried on playing around with the ink, Xie Lian’s whole body seemed to turn pink with embarrassment. 

“San Lang, please don’t patronize your elder.” He pleaded. 

Hua Cheng chuckled deeply. “I am not patronizing gege. Since gege is so kind as to come up with a wonderful incentive for me to practice my handwriting, I should be more diligent, shouldn’t I?” 


Hua Cheng dragged his inked fingertips against Xie Lian’s flat stomach and started writing stroke by stroke. “How about, ‘Property of Crimson Rain Sought Flower’?” As his fingers drew on, Hua Cheng pushed deeper into Xie Lian’s soft channel until the entire length was fully buried.

“Nnh, S-san Lang!”

“You’re right, gege. ‘Property of San Lang’ sounds better.” Happy with the sound of the phrase, Hua Cheng started moving his hips so his member was going in and out of Xie Lian repetitively. Despite the clenching and releasing of Xie Lian’s muscles around his thick shaft, the slickness that seeped out of Hua Cheng’s tip made the penetration go smoothly. 

The accompanying sounds of skin slapping against skin, labored breaths and moans echoed within Qiandeng Temple. If there was anyone who dared to approach the establishment without notice of invitation, they would definitely get an earful.  

The front of Xie Lian’s body was covered with a thin sheen of perspiration and smudged ink. Hua Cheng grabbed his untouched organ that was bouncing against his lower stomach and gave it gentle strokes, mixing the ink on his hand and Xie Lian’s oozing essence. 

“Gege, there’s no more space to write in front,” Hua Cheng whispered in Xie Lian’s ear. 

“W-wait!” Xie Lan knew what was coming but he only managed to gasp the word. 

Without pulling out, Hua Cheng put Xie Lian’s lithe legs together and moved him around until he was on his stomach. As soon as he got Xie Lian on his arms and knees on the altar, the younger male continued ramming from behind, going deeper each time. 

Xie Lian buried his face in his arms, able to do nothing but to spread his legs and enjoy the stimuli. Whenever Hua Cheng was fully buried, he felt his walls soften to accommodate the thick, meaty organ and when Hua Cheng withdrew, his body felt empty, his muscles clenched hard, as if yearning to be filled again. His senses were sensitized by Hua Cheng’s actions, tender or otherwise.

“Gege,” Hua Cheng called, wrapping one arm around Xie Lian’s chest. “Don’t hide your face.” He pulled Xie Lian’s torso upwards, making him sit directly onto Hua Cheng’s raging manhood. 

“Ahh, S-san Lang!” 

They’ve done it so many times in different positions since the night they became husband and wife, but Xie Lian found it unnerving when they did it in positions he thought were too bold or shameless. He never stopped Hua Cheng, though, because joining their bodies was never a chore; such acts of love would only intensify their unbreakable bond. So when Hua Cheng turned his face to the side to share a kiss, Xie Lian tilted his head eagerly to catch his lips. 

“San Lang...I’m...soon.” He could only express a few words as Hua Cheng vigorously thrust up into him. 

Hua Cheng buried his nose in Xie Lian’s hair in response, his rhythm turned rampant while holding the delicate-like body tighter, fingers leaving marks on the fair skin. The harder he went, the louder Xie Lian’s strings of ‘ahhs’ came out of his mouth. Indecent sounds further heightened in the vast temple.

One calculated graze against the vital spot within Xie Lian was what it took to undo him. Hua Cheng held on to him as Xie Lian rode the blinding pleasure. His insides clamped on Hua Cheng like a vice, unwilling to be separated despite his completion. 

Undoubtedly, Hua Cheng didn’t slow down. He too was unable to wait any longer. Xie Lian’s channel was soft around him, but so tight that Hua Cheng had to grit his teeth. Each time he withdrew, Xie Lian’s narrow passage seemed to suck him back in and after what seemed like an endless cycle, Hua Cheng whispered a simple ‘gege’ in a passion-soaked voice and spilled. 

An indescribable happiness blossomed in Xie Lian’s heart as his core was filled to the brim with Hua Cheng’s seed. However, there was also a tinge of shyness creeping up his skin from receiving such an offering. Hua Cheng loosened his grip and Xie Lian’s body went slack as he was laid onto his stomach. He had anticipated Hua Cheng to finish it all in him; yet his husband pulled out suddenly, spattering warm, viscous liquid onto the small of his back.  

Xie Lian gasped out Hua Cheng’s name and turned his head slightly to look behind him. The sight of Hua Cheng painting him with his excessive essence - stomach muscles tightened, his manhood rigid and imposing in one hand, his face mischievously handsome with looks that showed his desires satiated - will forever be engraved in Xie Lian’s mind. He immediately faced forward and buried his heated face in his arms. 

To make things even more embarrassing for Xie Lian, Hua Cheng had dipped his fingers into the ink once more. Unlike earlier where he directly wrote the characters onto Xie Lian’s skin, Hua Cheng mixed the wet ink on his fingers with the remnants of his bodily fluid he left on his beloved deity and spread it all over the supple surface. A contented grunt escaped his throat once he completed his ‘masterpiece’ on Xie Lian’s back. While pressing their equally naked bodies together, Hua Cheng gathered Xie Lian’s silky long hair to one side and planted a kiss on his bare shoulder. 

“I think this is my best work yet,” he said, smirking triumphantly.

Xie Lian lifted his face that he hid in his arms and peeped at Hua Cheng. “San Lang...you’re too bold.”

“Gege doesn’t believe me?”

“There’s no one else I believe more than you. But San Lang, how can this help you practice?” He hardly even used the brush. 

Hua Cheng seemed to be thinking for a moment, but when he smiled, Xie Lian knew he shouldn’t have asked. 

“Then, gege must help me practice every day.” 

“Nn--h!!” Any protest was futile as Hua Cheng silenced Xie Lian with a fervent kiss. Xie Lian struggled at first but after a few seconds, he relaxed and reciprocated, once again pinned beneath his faithful lover. 

Perhaps his ‘incentive’ plan didn’t work out quite the way he had imagined, but having the one and only person he loved in the whole eternity to be fully immersed and devoted to him was a type of encouragement on its own.


~ the end ~


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I'm not sure I heard about Heaven Official's Blessing before, if I did, I forgot the name immediately. However, I enjoyed this oneshot a lot. It seems every time I read something you wrote I like it more and more, so keep it up!

I have a few highlights too.

4 hours ago, 3ruri said:

To be honest, Xie Lian thought that Hua Cheng had made good progress. 

Somewhat acceptable.


It could do some work.

Hilarious, made me laugh and had me hooked. 

4 hours ago, 3ruri said:

since the night they became husband and wife

Wife? This part took me a little out of the story, I would have expected 'husband and husband' there. 

4 hours ago, 3ruri said:

“I think this is my best work yet,” he said, smirking triumphantly.


You know what? I agree, Hua Cheng, marvellous work. 

Overall I really liked the relationship between Xie Lian and Hua Cheng, they seem so very devoted to each other, and the story was both cute and hot. 

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Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
 I’m surprised that you would read it because I know you’re not that familiar with the fandom, but thank you very much. You’re always my #1 biggest supporter. Me so happy :o

About the “husband and wife” thing, I would normally use “husband and husband” in my writing, but from what I see in MoXiang TongXiu’s work so far, she always refer the couples as “husband and wife”. So for couples from her works, I would be referring them that way as well.

I hope to see more works from you too!! 

ps: I think you saw my review on the animation that I shared on twitter, so you did hear about it before 
Disappear Episode 2 GIF by Funimation

Edited by 3ruri
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13 hours ago, 3ruri said:

from what I see in MoXiang TongXiu’s work so far, she always refer the couples as “husband and wife”. So for couples from her works, I would be referring them that way as well.

Oh! I see. Well, then you were very in character, good job! 

13 hours ago, 3ruri said:

ps: I think you saw my review on the animation that I shared on twitter, so you did hear about it before 

You are right. I just checked, the title of the review is the Chinese name so I didn't really look past that, haha. My bad. 

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19 hours ago, Kujaku said:

Well, then you were very in character, good job! 

Heheheh thank you ;)

19 hours ago, Kujaku said:

the title of the review is the Chinese name so I didn't really look past that

It also took me a long time memorizing the Chinese title too...but I thought, if we could remember Japanese title easily to use them, why not treat the Chinese title the same, well, at least I told myself that.

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