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[BLCD Request] [ENG Sub] Salaryman Boys Night Out at a Love Hotel – Business Love Hotel Trip

Dewan Tyieeb

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RJ330433 img main


* This work contains overlapping content with “Office Worker’s Love Hotel Guys’ Night ~Business Trip Voice Drama~ (RJ327450)”.

* This product contains Japanese audio with subtitles in English.

A whole new story in the Love Hotel Guys’ Night series — but this one’s a voice drama!

Everything was recorded with a binaural microphone!

Become the walls of the business hotel, the bed in a love hotel, and listen in as your favorite couple gets it on! It’s like you’re really there!

Total playback: about 50 minutes


[ENG Sub] Salaryman Boys Night Out at a Love Hotel - Business Love Hotel Trip [がるまにオリジナル(BL)]

Mamori Sendachi (35)

A straight guy who tends to show his emotions, a quality that seems to conflict with his true age. He’s just a bit of a dumbass. His hobbies are eating, working out, and playing futsal. He’s got a complex about his age and often overdoes it trying to relate to Taichi. His unusually high sex drive also worries him. Once his switch gets flipped, he forgets himself and goes all-in.

[ENG Sub] Salaryman Boys Night Out at a Love Hotel - Business Love Hotel Trip [がるまにオリジナル(BL)]

Taichi Ushirogi (26)

A man who takes on all challenges at work without fear. At a glance he seems rather indifferent, but he’s actually a gay top with a naughty streak a mile wide. His hobbies are drinking alone and playing FPS. He lied about people hanging out at love hotels to get his crush Mamori into bed. Though he is quite intelligent, he loves Mamori so much that his IQ seems to drop occasionally. At his last job, he was a bartender in the gay district.


One day, Taichi and Mamori are sent on a business trip to Kyoto together. 

“I guess a travel date could be nice. I wonder what the love hotels are like.” Taichi muttered suspiciously. It’s for work, we can’t go to a love hotel.” Mamori scolded.

Taichi’s been getting away with being spoiled on account of his age far too long.

This trip is the perfect chance for Mamori to show him some proper guidance…

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I have a link, but it requires Rapidgator premium which I dont have. If anyone can download it then heres the link: 

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