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not sure, if this is a right place for this (I'll delete this if this was a wrong place) but here we go ;-;

Yuri on ice limited Edition. I'm a big fan of YoI but It's such a shame it already sold out and I cried for a month, I can't get my hand on YoI limited edition blu ray plus with all cut scenes. Realizing it's already been 3 years and I still can't watch the DVD. I searched for the DVD everywhere, from the link of youtube content creator gave and another website. There's some website like the otaku, they still selling the DVD but unfortunately, it doesn't ship to my country. I'm really disappointed and depressed. I've saved my money to get my hand on this DVD (in 2018 and they sold out fast), I'm still saving, with a glimmer of hope, I can still watch this DVD I can sacrifice not getting a hand on the interview and pictures but the DVD. ( I swear to victor's bum, there's no word to express, how much I want to watch them DVD) 
I still can't give up on it, I really really really want to watch it. I want to watch it from A to Z, from the uncut scene to the polished scene. I'm holding onto a thin straw. I would really REALLY REALLY HIGHLY appreciate it if anyone ever wants to upload the DVD video. I'm really disheartened with myself, I can't get my hand on it OR even watch a second of that YoI. I really hope, with my writing here, I can find people who are willing to share the video from the DVD or at least the polished or the cut scene. or someone who are willing to re-sell it again ( I can buy it with any reasonable cost 0 - 300 bucks)

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