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Jan. 2021_NEW YEAR'S DAY

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My New Year Entry!

Title: New Life

Word count: 600 words

happy new year cat GIF by Loly in the sky


Ohh! He’s here! Artie smiled as he turned the corner and saw the café owner who had been feeding him for a few months.

He woke up one day in the alley behind the café not remembering anything other than running while someone called his name. He was used to go hungry for days; that probably messed his memory. His stomach growled when the guy appeared in the back door with a plate of tuna and water, then called for him to come out. Artie was hesitant at first, but Gabe – Artie heard people called him – had taken his time to chat and soon, Artie trusted him enough to rub against his feet and purr when Gabe scratched behind his ears.

Trust turned into affection and affection turned into love, at least on Artie’s part. He would do anything to be the love of Gabe’s life, including tracking down a witch that granted him a wish to become a human.

Artie walked slowly into the light, showing his new self to Gabe. “Umm, hello,” Artie tested his new voice.

“Hello there. What are you doing outside in the cold? Come in. We have lots of food.”

“Can I really?”

Gabe walked towards Artie and placed a heavy palm on his shoulder. “Of course. Now come, we have tuna casserole, smoked salmon bagels and other things that I think you would enjoy.” Artie almost rubbed his face against Gabe’s hand and purr happily when he mentioned the food.

The café usually closed at ten, but since it was the New Year’s eve, Gabe was throwing a party for his friends and family. The crowd in the café made Artie nervous and flighty. He tucked himself into a quiet corner with a plate of food while imagining how the kiss at midnight will make him human forever so he could be with Gabe.

“Ten, nine, eight…” The countdown started and Artie snapped out of his own thoughts. He needed to find Gabe quickly.

“Two, one. Happy New Year!”

Artie sprang into action. “Kiss now, explain later,” he told himself. But his steps died when he saw Gabe was having a lip lock with another guy. He was too late.

If Artie was in his cat form, which he would revert into in a minute, his ears would droop and his tail would be tucked between his legs. He needed to leave soon before someone kicks his stray ass back into the alley.

“Hey Artie,” said a soothing, deep voice. Artie blinked twice at the handsome stranger, wondering where he had met him. But without warning, the familiar male bent down and placed a soft peck on his lips. “Happy New Year, kitty.”

Artie opened his mouth to ask, but his memory suddenly flashed in the back of his mind. “You!” he exclaimed.

“Yes, me. Luke. You jumped out of my car after I rescued you and hid in the alley. I told Gabe to look out for you since I had to be away for a while.” Luke explained.

“You named me Artie.”

“The pattern on your forehead looks like a crown…when you’re a cat. King Arthur was the first thing I thought of, but you’re too cute to be Arthur, so Artie it is.” Luke replied, chuckling.


“I won’t forget the sweet little fella I fell in love with, Artie.”

“You…love me?”

Luke nodded. “Would you like to build a new life with me?”

“Can I have tuna?”

“Yes, and any other fish we can find.”

“Oh goodie!” Artie bounced happily on his feet. “Luke…I think I love you too!”


- The End - 


New Year Cat GIF




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Title: A New Year Together

Word Count: 590

New year, new me. New year, new me. New year…

The chant was supposed to build his confidence. This year was the year he was going to ask Sam out. No chickening out. No coming up with excuses. He was just going to come out and say it. He liked Sam, he always had since childhood, and those feelings were quick to upgrade to love the more time he spent with him. There was no one else who could make him blush the way he did, no one else who knew all his secrets, and no one he would ever think of confessing to. Sam was his first crush. There was no way he would ever look at another guy. 

…new me.

He couldn’t do it. Not with Sam surrounded by so many people. Both his charismatic nature and ever so friendly personality made him popular with everyone. This New Year’s Eve party was no exception, especially since they had invited all of their college friends. Correction—all of Sam’s friends. 

Nathan had always been an outcast. He was much more of a listener than a talker and people mistook his quiet nature as someone who didn’t want to be bothered or who thought too highly of himself. This could not be more untrue. An awkward silence after someone spoke to him was a sign that he was thinking. Cogs were turning in his head so he could carefully select his words before speaking. By the time he felt he had an adequate response, those around him would be laughing or would have left. The reason why he liked Sam was because he waited. He was patient, always letting him be heard.

He could still vividly remember the day he met him. The day he instantly got butterflies in his stomach because of the blonde-hair, blue-eyed beauty. They were young, but he fell in love at first sight. He still didn’t know if Sam felt the same way.

The scene was too much for Nathan. He had escaped from the party and into his bedroom, door shut, lying on his bed. The lights were dimmed as he stared at the ceiling. Man, he was tired. Too tired to keep his eyes open and to keep thinking of what he didn’t do.

New Year, same me, were his last thoughts before drifting off to sleep.

January 1st. 8:00 AM.

Nathan awoke to two arms wrapped around his waist. Internally, he freaked out. He slowly turned his head to glance over his shoulder and see who had come into his room uninvited. From his movement, the person behind him opened their eyes to reveal two bright blue orbs.


“Yeah?” The response was groggy.

“How was the party?”

“It was good, although I ended it when I realized you weren’t in the room anymore.”


“Because I didn’t want anyone to wake you up, and it’s no fun if I can’t spend time with you.”


“Yeah, I love you.”

He could feel his heart skip a beat as it usually did when they exchanged “I love you.” It was platonic from such a long friendship. 

“Happy New Year.” Sam added with a smile, giving him a tight squeeze and closing his eyes again, clearly a sign it was too early for him to be fully awake. 

“Same to you. Happy New Year. Let’s do this again next year.” Nathan turned his body to touch foreheads with Sam. Both of their slowed breathing now synchronized.

New year, same us, and that’s ok. 

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drawing entry

🌸Title : A fox heals the heart🌸





Short summary : Uke visits a local shrine with college friends for Hatsumode. He prays, and after getting a fortune paper that predicts good luck in romantic relationships, he receives a break-up text from his girlfriend on their one year anniversary. Filled with sorrow, he tells his friends he's off to get food and sneaks away to a nearby playground to cry. A low, gentle voice breaks through his sobs and he turns to see a gorgeous man. The uke is in awe of this ethereal beauty with long silver hair and golden eyes. Consoling him, the man shares a story of his first love that he met in the same playground 14 years ago, and whom he still pines for. The man offers to fetch him some amakaze and the uke thanks him. They enjoy the next few hours together and just as dawn arrives, the uke turns to the gentleman to ask for his name. His eyes grow wide and he blankly stares for a few seconds from the shock. The sight of pointy ears and a big fluffy tail. The tail is wrapped around and rubbing against him, warming up his chilly legs. "Are you cold?" asks the gentleman. Forgotten memories of his childhood flood the uke. This is not their first meeting!



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Here is my entry!




In the dead of night

Under the moonlight

With your hand you saved me.


The cold breeze caressed your hair

In the distance a melody ends

The las seconds of the year die.


Between stealthy glances, I remember you

That new year's morning

You slept in the empty porch.


With your head on my lap

While I combed your hair with my hand

You mumble an unintelligible tune.


After a while, the birds started to sing

We welcome a new year

A new hope on New Year's Day.





Stay Safe!

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I'm late.

New Years Day~
tumblr_m3jdl64rZY1qb1380.gif word count: 551


Brys had hoped it would snow, although he knew it wouldn’t. He could count on his fingers the times he saw snow piling up. Well, maybe he’d need to borrow five extra fingers from Rurik, but that was not the point. The point was that they had spent their first Christmas together and they were going to spend their first New Years together as well and nothing could have made it more perfect than snow. Brys let out a sight as he looked out the window at the dark, but bare clouds.

‘Are you still dreaming about snow?’ Rurik asked amused.
‘It would have been perfect. Magic.’ Another sigh.

It was just the two of them. A few of his colleagues invited Brys to an outing, but he’d declined. He could have taken Rurik as his plus one, but Rurik didn’t particularly liked mingling and, truthfully, he wanted to have him all for himself.

‘What’s the time? I don’t want us to miss the fireworks.’ Spending new years inside wasn’t different from what Rurik usually did, only this time he had company. He wouldn’t have thought the day would come when he’d choose to spend the holidays with someone, holidays he didn’t even care about, but here he was.
‘There’s still twenty minutes to go.’ He didn’t care for the fireworks either, but Brys liked watching them. And besides, it wasn’t like they were planning on going anywhere, the balcony was plenty big for both of them.

Brys snuggled next to Rurik on the sofa. ‘Don’t let me fall asleep.’
It was the first time in so long since Brys felt this safe and this happy. When he’d met Rurik on that train he wouldn’t have imagined there would come a time when they would be so comfortable with each other. If he were honest, Brys almost despised Rurik at first. He chuckled.

‘Remember when we met? I wanted to grab your phone and throw it at you. Or make you eat it.’
‘You did have an annoyed look on your face.’
‘Irritated.’ He corrected. ‘But then I saw your gun and I had other things on my mind.’
‘Which gun was that?’ Rurik asked and Brys burst into laughter.
‘The real one. Although the other impressed me more.’

Brys opened his eyes to look at Rurik. He looked scary. There was a scar above his eyebrow that Brys didn’t know how he got, and another on his cheek, down to his jaw. He looked mean and dangerous. His dark eyes made him think of a devil most of the times, but when the light was just right, he could see a hint of green in them. Just a little, but enough to put a stop to his breathing. Even now he felt himself getting lost in his eyes, and he would have if Rurik wouldn’t have closed the distance between them and kissed his lips. His kisses were the sweetest.

They heard chatter and laughter outside, but Brys was reluctant to leave his favourite heating source. ‘Champagne.’ He said lazily and attempted to get up.

‘I’ll get it.’ Rurik kissed him again and Brys suddenly didn’t care about champagne, snow or fireworks anymore. They parted only for a bit to wish each other happy new year before they kissed again.


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