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Dr. Feel Good

Since I don't have an RP's started I thought it would be a good idea

to go ahead and start a thread where I list my available characters and plot ideas that

are in need of some service!


Looking for an available character to enjoy to the fullest?

Maybe you're looking for a man to play and toy with when it comes to your wildest imaginations?

Well do I have exactly what you need!

Look no further for you have stumbled upon...


The Doctors Healthy List of Lovers



First let us start with the humans!

Humans are good for many different types of play and are usually able to pair with

any other character whether they be human as well or something different, like

a demon or even a machine~

Take a look at these delicious and ready human babes!




Name: Alabaster

Age: twenty

Hair: short teal

Eyes: red-ish brown

Weight: average

Height: five foot ten


Clothing: usually a tank and a pair of sweat pants

Race: Human

Sexual Orientation: gay

Position: seke

Looking for: Seme or Uke



-Mother: Shizune (deceased)

-Father: Alexander (age 53)

-Siblings: none

Pets: German Shepperd

POB: Pair, France

Current Residence: Tokyo, Japan


Favorite Food: sushi

Favorite Color: blue

Favorite Music: indie rock and alternative

Favorite Place: Central Tokyo



Alabaster grew up in Pair, France with his mother and father. When he turned six his mother passed from a rare lung disease and after a battle that took a collection of almost ten years, Alabaster was left alone with his father. Since that day his father has remained even silent to Alabaster and yet always seems to be there for him when he needs it most. Growing up without a mother is hard on any one and since he was not taught to defend himself he was always picked on by his fellow classmates. When he turned sixteen his father moved them both to the birth place of Alabaster's mother, Japan. Since having moved there he has made new friends and enjoys life. Though he always knew he was gay he has never once told anyone in fear they would see him differently.


Personality: Alabaster is rather aloof sometimes. He can be caring and sweet when he needs to be but is rather dominated when he can be. He would never abuse his partner but likes to be a little rough. Some say he is a lazy person, always listening to music and drawing in his sketch book, but most who really know him see that his is outgoing, protective and lonely.






Name: Hajime

Nickname: Haji

Age: twenty two

Hair: short blond

Eyes: sky blue (contacts)

Weight: average

Height: five foot six


Clothing: designer brands

Race: human

Sexual Orientation: gay

Position: uke

Looking for: Seme



-Mother: Toyomi (age 40)

-Father: Katsuya (age 42)

-Sibling: Nanako (sister, age 15)

Pets: none

POB: Kobe, Japan

Current Residence: London


Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Color: deep forest green

Favorite Music: Hip-Hop

Favorite Place: L.A. United States


History: Hajime, named after a captain of the Shinsengumi, is your almost average twenty two year old. He is attending a great college in London and on his way to becoming something more then his youth. The only difference is that Hajime is actually a well known model. Having studied in some of the most beautiful places and visited even more astounding reaches of the far earth, Hajime has learned a lot more then the average student. His mother is a sales woman and his father a corporate business man. He has one younger sibling, Nanako who is a constant pain in his butt. To most their family seems a little dysfunctional, but to be honest they have a tight nit relationship. Hajime is always going to his parents for advice. Now when it comes to friends, Hajime has a ton but he knows they are only friends because of his fame. Inside he begs for someone true but on the outside he keeps pretending to be happy about all those surrounding him. He is always looking out for the love of his life, being a true believer in love at first sight.


Personality: Hajime is out going yet shy. He loves modeling and will stand up and defended his fellow models if they were ever targeted. He's sweet and caring, but innocent beyond belief. This is why he is more uke then seme thought he does sometimes have seme tendencies.






Name: Andrew

Nickname: Andy

Age: eighteen

Hair: short brown

Eyes: light blue

Weight: average

Height: six foot


Clothing: pair of jeans and a tee-shirt

Race: human

Sexual Orientation: gay

Position: seke

Looking for: seme, seke or uke



-Mother ( age 67)

-Father: (deceased)

-siblings: none

Pets: Persian cat

POB: London

Current Residence: Helsinki, Finland


Favorite Food: ramen

Favorite Color: light blue and grey

Favorite Music: Alternative

Favorite Place: Helsinki


History: Andrew was adopted when he was very young. He doesn't remember his real mother or father's face but he does remember the love and warmth that his adoptive mother gives him. He does all he can to help her out around the house. He even has a part time job after school to help pay the bills and keep them both from going bankrupt. He has plenty of friends but he finds that after a while they start to leave. He figures the reason being that he is somewhat a loner. Having all the responsibilities as the man of the house, he tends not to worry about others. When he isnt working or taking care of his mother he is reading books and spending his time at the library.


Personality: He is rather a loner, as stated above. He is caring and kind, but very serious thanks to all his responsibilities. He is innocent in the way of relationships but he does secretly wish he could find a good lasting one.




Next we move on to the demons!

Demons are rather tricky but they are dominating lovers

who will fight to the death for those they care about!

So take your pick!

They are all waiting for their next new master!!




Name: Nikita

Nickname: Niki

Age: 200

Hair: short black

Eyes: maroon

Weight: average

Height: about five foot seven


Clothing: human clothes such as tee-shirts and jeans

Race: Demon

Sexual Orientation: gay

Position: seke

Looking for: Seme or seke


Weapons: short sword

Alternate Form: form of a Wolf

Form color: pure white

Powers: Shifting



-mother (deceased)

-father: (deceased)

-siblings: older brother Kaito (age 300)

Pets: demon hound

POB: Hell

Current Residence: Hell


Favorite Food: Human

Favorite Color: maroon/cherry red

Favorite Music: Human punk rock

Favorite Place: cross road between living world and hell


History: Nikita or Niki is a pure blood demon from Hell. He was born from shadows and has lived for almost 200 years. His birth mother died when she gave birth to him and his father died from his inability to protect himself from hunters. Since then he was raised by his older brother Kaito who has always been more of a father figure then anything else. Despite their age difference both Kaito and Niki look the same, though Kaito tends to keep his emotions in check and remain expressionless. Niki is a renowned trickster who has a dominating side. He loves getting into trouble and being punished for it. He's considered a little bit of a sadist by the few friends he has but other just know he loves pulling jokes more.


Personality: cocky, full of himself and considerably tricky. Niki loves being able to push a persons buttons and get away with it. He is sort of mysterious since he doesn't let anyone in on his life other then his brother and when he wants he can be rather caring and protective.






Name: Claude

Nickname: Blade Dancer

Age: 500 years

Hair: long purple with black highlights

Eyes: purple contacts

Weight: average

Height: five foot nine


Clothing: leather pants and jackets with grey undershirts

Race: Demon

Sexual Orientation: gay

Position: seke

Looking for: seme, seke, or uke


Weapons: staff with sharp two sided daggers at the end

Alternate Form: large grotesque bat

Form Color: black

Powers: transformation and darkness



-mother: (dead)

-father: (dead)

-siblings: none

Pets: none

POB: not known

Current Residence: Small town outside Berlin, Germany


Favorite Food: Souls

Favorite Color: dark purple

Favorite Music: mixture

Favorite Place: Berlin, Germany


History: Not much is really known about Claude other then he is one of Hell's most secretive members of the guard. One day he appeared at the castle of the devil's, defeating members of the guard and earning himself a spot as an elite. He is able to bend shadows to his will, either to use as escape or to cause hallucinations of monstrous sort. As a gift for becoming the youngest ever to join the guard, Satan gave him the gift of transformation which he uses to transform into a hideous bat creature. He is said to be the certain of one of Berlin's fairy tales to scare children in their beds at night. Being part of the guard he really has no friends but that does not stop him and in fact he enjoys not having much company. There is one other guard who he holds in high respect. This guard is Alexander, a demon who is said to have been the first undead being constructed by Satan when he created Hell. He is the only guard that Claude looks up to and is usually seen with.


Personality: Claude is silent unless he speaks with Alexander. He is reserved around those he doesn't know. He is cautious but that comes with the job of being a guard. He is a rather dominate seme and enjoys being rough in bed yet he knows how to be the submissive partner in the relationship. Sometimes he shows more emotion, like a smile now and then, but only in rumors.






Name: Naidus

Nickname: Nai

Age: 300 years

Hair: short snow white

Eyes: very light blue (almost white)

Weight: average

Height: five foot three


Clothing: human suits

Race: Demon

Sexual Orientation: gay

Position: uke

Looking for: Seme


Weapons: short staff

Alternate Form: Ram

Form Color: white

Powers: Transformation and mind control



-Mother: Hana (age 700)

-Father: unknown

-Siblings: Nessa (age 100)

Pet: none

POB: Himalayas

Current Residence: Himalayas


Favorite Food: Human Pasta

Favorite Color: blue

Favorite Music: no preference

Favorite Place: Canada


History: Naidus was born into a fatherless family. After a few years his mother remained but he never really took to his step father as his mother wanted. Growing up he stayed close to his mother but soon traveled out on his own, learning about new places and people. When he hit his 200 mark, his mother gave birth to his little sister, Nessa who soon became the center of his world. He took over the role as protective brother and never left the safety of their home again. When Nessa hit her hundred mark, a rogue group of hunters came to the mountains and killed off her father. To protect her from harm, both Naidus and his mother traveled further up their mountain home in order to escape the reaches of the human world. As Naidus hit his 300 hundred mark he began to realize he had the power to control the minds of those around him, often changing his sisters when she began to think of leaving. He was recruited into the armies of Hell when his gift was found out.


Personality: Naidus is very timid and shy. He is supposed to be the man of those house and a warrior but he can't help but shy away from a lot of things. When someone he loves is in danger, he will do anything to protect them but he usually tries to stay away from too much fighting. He is caring and sweet and one day hopes to find love, despite his shy nature.




So that is it for now!

More loving and ready characters will be added on soon, but for now I'm sure these

beauties will fill your heads~

Don't forget to check back now and then for new additions!

After all this is the Doctors List of Lovers!!


For now I bid you Adieu!!

Until next time!


Dr. Feel Good


Please let it be noted that I do not own any of the pictures used. The characters belong to me

but the picture are merely representations of what I believe them to look like or at least closely resemble.

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