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Ok, since I don't have any ongoing RPs (YET) I'd like to talk a bit about what/how I should be able to play and the characters I have available ^^


How I play:

I usually prefer to play by IM, mainly to discuss a bit about the plot possibilities, to get to know your characters better, have some concret notions about what is supposed to happen on the plot and so on (I had a couple of bad experiences where we got stuck (permanently) or the plot went completely pointless so we eventually lost interest in continuing). Of course, then one of us could refine the text and finally post it on a thread here at the forums for all you lovely peeps to see ^^

If you'd like to roleplay with me, just pm me with your MSN, S-K-Y-P-E or Y-A-H-O-O address so I can add you. If you still prefer not to use IM maybe we could plan out the details by PM, so yeah XD my method is negotiable. And don't be scared, I'm not exactly a "plot freak" but I'd hate to lose interest on a roleplay because we suddenly don't have a clue about where the story is going (I really don't like to control other people's characters, and I'll be always open to your suggestions ^^)


I'm usually not too picky about themes or fetishes, I'm just not fond of m-preg, and I tolerate shota to some point ^^

I usually roleplay 18+ but if you don't want me to please tell me before we start ^^


I LOVE historical settings regardless it's in Japan (Heian Era, Sengoku, Tokugawa/Meiji) or in the west, particularly in Europe (medieval up to 19th century), but I'm also cool with modern settings, even hypothetical ones like steam/dieselpunk for example ^^


And now, the juicy bits...




*Kaoru Yukishiro*

Picture: (in progress) http://bloodedlunacy.deviantart.com/art/Kaoru-Yukishiro-WIP-sheet-359999150

Age: 17

Position: Uke (may become seme with younger partners, but he would still be a passive seme)

Born in: Japan, Ponto-cho district - Kyoto

Species: Catboy

Short Bio: Son of a geisha he spent part of his life as a boyservant in the okiya, running errands, cleaning and sometimes cooking. When his mother died, he was thrown out of the said okiya went hiding at the local kabuki theatre. A group of actors took notice of him and after realizing he could dance and even play a couple of instruments, they started training him to be an onnagata. He may be a bit shy at first because of the confinement he was subjected in the geisha house, but once you earn his trust he turns out to be quite sociable and talkative. He loves to entertain people and make them happy.

Likes: Dancing, playing shamisen or the fue (flute), browsing for kimonos, the play "Fuji no Musume" being with his friends, seafood.

Dislikes: big dogs, fire (he once got trapped in a cellar during a fire in the okiya, when the Okamisan ordered him to go back into the cellar to save the maikos' kimonos), school uniforms.



*Astaroth d'Arcy*

Picture: http://bloodedlunacy.deviantart.com/art/The-Fencing-Class-323902063

Age: 28 (physically), over 400 (chronologically)

Position: Seke, but more often seme than uke.

Born in: Arcy, France

Species: Vampire

Short Bio: He is the prince of a vampire dinasty and tends to live as extravagantly as his title implies, much to dismay of his family. When in his "early teens" he developed a quarrel with his father since the French revolution, so he spends a lot more time traveling around Europe than at home. He loves to indulge himself in his guilty pleasures, mainly bloodplay (that in his case, will more often than not lead to sex XD).

Likes: Pretty boys to feed on, horseback riding and fencing, gambling, dressing well, himself.

Dislikes: His father, being forced to marry, financial problems, to be rejected, to have his valet Luc shadowing his every step constantly




Picture: http://bloodedlunacy.deviantart.com/art/Luc-TKE-ref-v-2-0-293006642

Age: 16-17 (physically), over 400 (chronologically)

Position: Mainly Uke, but a pushy and slutty one.

Born in: Arcy, France

Species: human, he has an unusually long lifespan because of a drug he drinks containing vampire blood.

Short Bio: He was saved from death by Astaroth's father and became his personal servant ever since. He is extremely protective of his master and would do anything for him despite Astaroth's apparent oblivion. He is kind of the power-hungry type, with a very cold, goal-centered way of thinking. He lost his eye during an argument over a boy with Astaroth who in a fit of rage ended up injuring him.

Likes: Sex, almost everything about his master.

Dislikes: Being ignored by Astaroth (or anyone that he finds easy on the eye), his eye-injury, Astaroth's prodigality.



Any questions? Ask away! ^^

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+Roleplay List+


~ @otameganekko X Sayuri86 ~


(Private +18)

Title: Mayoi Neko - The Lost Cat Amidst the Two Sides of the Mirror

Characters: Shigeru Shiryu (seme) X Kaoru Yukishiro (uke)

Genre: Non-Con (in the beginning), Romance, Angst.

Link: http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/11578-Mayoi-Neko-The-Lost-Cat-(Private-18)-(Sayuri86-X-Otameganekko)

Status: Ongoing




~ @XiuLin X Sayuri86 ~


(Private +18)

Title: Mooncookies

Characters: Hoshi (uke) X Kaoru Yukishiro (seke)

Genre: Romance

Link: http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/11489-Mooncookies-(Private-18-with-Sayuri86-x-XiuLin)

Status: Ongoing




~ @KiraMidnight X Sayuri86 ~


(Private +18)

Title: Blood and Tears

Characters: Daichi (seme) X Luc (uke)

Genre: Fighting, Angst

Link: http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/11433-Blood-And-Tears-(Private-18-KiraMidnight-X-Sayuri86)

Status: Ongoing



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