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Guest juzi

Juzi's life: work, study, swim, run, read BL, repeat...

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Guest juzi



I'm starting a blog thread to de-stress from work and studying. I also want to log my running goals and write about my swimming classes because I have interesting classmates in the pool. My other hobby is reading BL.


I may also post pictures of interesting things I see or my lunch box, because it's usually the highlight of my day.


So are ya curious to know what other fujoshis do in their real life, when not busy giggling about uke/semes?...


Read on...



Job: Library assistant at a legal library


Study: Library and information science/digital archival Masters qualification. The mode is distance-learning, so it means I'm quite lonely as my nearest classmate is located in Kent.


Running: I started after my workplace sponsored me to do a 5k. Three months into my degree, I was sick of it already and needed a change so I started running. I trained for two months this summer, had a blast on race day and decided to run some more. I am working to 10k but it's taking forever!


Here is pic from race day. I was NOT in these lanes ;_;




Today's run was 5.2 miles and I ran past a massive boarding school that I never knew existed....just 20 minutes up the road from where I have lived for nearly 12 years.


Swimming classes and some history: I've been swimming since primary school but only ever had lessons for twelve weeks before my parents pulled me out of the class (no idea why but I didn't complain back then). Since then, the only stroke I could swim decently was front crawl and I swam on and off during my school years (outside of school, I was never fast enough to be in teams or clubs). I stopped when I started university and restarted two years ago. Since then, I've worked on improving breast stroke and back stroke. I tried some butterfly and realised I could barely pull myself out of the water (feeble...) so I joined classes at the biggest pool with the cheapest lessons, at a time I could attend - the London Aquatic Centre:



It is glorious... the only pool in London where they do not overdo the chlorine!


BL: I post about things I read at juzireads.wordpress.com but have not updated in quite some time.





I've set myself a reminder to post again next week. Until next time!

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Guest Milcah

Right now: Currently Unemployed


A year ago: A hospital pharmacist







Covid19 ruined all my plans for immigration. Dunno when are they gonna lift the ban. My mother is too paranoid, every potential local employment I have, she shoots it down and tells me it's dangerous. Now I'm stuck in my room, electricity bills paid by me with no source of income other than my savings that I was saving up for my immigration. My mother is a government employee so she got monetary assistance during the pandemic. She claims that she can provide for me, my little sister and my little sister bf who live in our house and refused to go back to his home.


I'm not in my right mind right now, but BL (BLCDs mostly) and mobile legends are providing me a really good distraction. I really wanna get out of this house already before I'm gonna lose my mind.

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