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    Resident ~ 5-nin no Kenshui

    Shizuku Miyama (Riisa Naka) heard her father, who is a doctor, say that he doesn't have any expectations from his daughter because she is a girl. Since that time, Shizuku Miyama has strived to become a doctor to get recognition from her dad. She is now a medical resident and goes through training with four others. The 5 residents are all assigned to work at an emergency center for the next 3 months.
    The 4 other residents are: Kei Yazawa (Kento Hayashi), Junichi Manaka (Takahisa Masuda), Hinako Koiwai (Aya Omasa) and Sachi Shinjo (Anna Ishibashi). They learn from doctors Itki Miyajima (Yukiyoshi Ozawa), Ikuo Tabuchi (Arata Furuta) and Yayoi Kasumi (Risa Sudo) at the emergency center. The veteran doctors are deeply experienced and do not consider the 5 residents as doctors.
    Meanwhile, Shizuku gets an order to work the night shift on her first day. During the seemingly quiet night, the hot line suddenly buzzes. Dr. Yayoi Kasumi orders Shizuku to treat incoming patient Natsuki (Rio Yamashita). Natsuki has attempted suicide several times and comes often to the emergency center. Shizuku is alarmed by Natsuki's crazy behavior and is unable to treat her. Shizuku is severely reprimanded by Yayoi, while more patients come into the emergency center.


    Riisa Naka - Shizuku Miyama
    Kento Hayashi - Kei Yazawa
    Takahisa Masuda - Junichi Manaka
    Aya Omasa - Hinako Koiwai
    Anna Ishibashi - Sachi Shinjo
    Risa Sudo - Yayoi Kasumi
    YosiYosi Arakawa - Itpei Maeda
    Yasuko Mitsuura - Keiko Sakoda
    Sarutoki Minagawa - Kenji Kasumi
    Arata Furuta - Ikuo Tabuchi
    Yukiyoshi Ozawa - Itki Miyajima

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