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  • Soren

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  • Aaravos

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  • Prince Callum

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  • King Harrow

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  • Lord Viren

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  • Prince Ezran

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  • Runaan

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  • The crow master

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  • Other

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    The Dragon Prince

    The Dragon Prince is a fantasy series on Netflix. While not yaoi or anime, it is LGBT friendly with the potential of possible BL couples. It is centered around the quest to return the slaughtered dragon king's only egg and the upcoming war between the human lands to the west and dragons and elves to the east. So far it has only 2 seasons totalling 18 episodes but according to the creators, at least another five seasons have been planned. If all goes to plan, the next season will likely be out around July.

    So, what are your thoughts on the series so far? What hints have you picked up? What do you suspect will happen in the upcoming series? Who are your favourite characters? Which BL couple do you ship?
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