Summary: Goku and Sanzo are friends. But is this just friendship or is it something deeper?
Status: Complete

Author Notes:
Originally published on FanFiction March 6, 2005. It probably has a few mistakes and I'll need to tweak it at some point, but here you go. This is a Saiyuki fanfiction between Goku and Sanzo.[/I]


Goku watched the thin beams of light that threaded through the stone bars of his mountain cell with his golden eyes. He shifted wearily, the shackles on his ankles and wrists clinking softly against the stone floor. He looked up at the ceiling, wondering how long it had been since he had seen the sun...

Goku looked back down at the stone bars. Someone was coming. He tried to call for help, for them to come, but nothing came from his mouth. One of the beams of light vanished, to be replaced by a shadow.

"Hello?" the person asked. "Can you hear me? I heard you calling me."

Goku couldn't speak, golden eyes alight. Someone was here to save him! But how had this man heard him? He shifted again and the chains clinked.

"Lie on the ground and cover your ears," the person ordered.

Goku obeyed and shut his eyes tight, pulling in his thin form. He heard two loud bangs and then the sound of stone striking the ground. He looked up, eyes opening and uncovering his ears.

The person stepped into the cave, purple eyes watching Goku. The man wore a white priest's robe, black arm coverings, and a black top that cut off at the shoulders.

"Are you the one who called me?" the man asked.

"I-I-I don't k-k-know," Goku stammered.

The man held out his hands to Goku. "You have to be," the man said.

Goku reached out to grab the man's hands, but the chains grew taught, stopping his movement. He struggled to continue reaching, and, to his surprise, the chains and shackles on his wrists and ankles snapped in half. He grabbed the man's hands with a smile.

The man helped Goku to his feet. "Why were you locked in here?" the man asked, leading the boy from the cave and out into the afternoon sunlight.

"I...can't...remember..."Goku's eyes widened with amazement upon seeing the man's blonde hair. "You're hair...It's like the sun," he whispered, reaching up to touch the man's hair.

The man moved his hand away and asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm Goku. You?"

"Genjyo Sanzo."

Goku smiled cheerfully, which shortly turned into a smile of embarrassment as his stomach gave off a loud growl. "I must be hungry," he said.

Sanzo silently turned down a path and began to make his way down the mountain. Goku followed, stopping every minute or so to pick a flower or to watch the butterflies.

"So...Sanzo, can I call you Sanzo? What are you doing way up here?" he asked, running over to a moss colored rock on which a white butterfly was resting.

"I told you already. I heard you calling and I came. Don't do that!"

Goku looked up at Sanzo. He had been proceeding to capture and eat the butterfly. He let the butterfly go with a frown. "I was hungry..."

Sanzo sighed. "There's food at the temple."

"Oh." Goku ran at Sanzo from behind and jumped on his back with a gleeful shout, "Piggy back ride!"

Sanzo stumbled, eyes widening, and dropped the boy. He turned to the boy and aimed his gun at him. "Before we go any farther, we're going to have to clear a few things up," Sanzo growled. "One, no piggy back rides, two, you will listen to me and not cause havoc"

Goku cut his sentence off by running off, down the mountain. He tripped and tumbled, landing in a thorn bush. "Ahhh!" he cried, struggling to free himself.

Sanzo shook his head and walked past the boy, setting his gun in his holster. "Bye, Goku."

"Sanzo! Help me! Please!" Goku cried, watching Sanzo leave and untangling himself from the bushes. "Please don't leave me by myself!"

Sanzo disappeared around a bend in the path. "You have to be alone...You weren't being good..."

"Please don't leave me alone...I don't want to be alone again..."Goku shouted, tears slipping down his scratched and dirty face. The sun began to lower in the sky.

Sanzo stopped in his tracks. Something in Goku's voice told him to go back. He sighed, turned, and walked back to Goku.

Goku looked up when Sanzo appeared again. He flung himself onto Sanzo. "I promise I'll be good! I promise! Just don't leave me, please!"

Sanzo stiffened when Goku flung himself upon him. He softened when he felt tears begin to soak through his robes. He gently pat Goku on the back, unsure. He then pushed Goku away with a slight snarl. "Just be good!" Sanzo then continued walking down the path, never looking back at Goku.

Goku watched for a second, and then followed, head hanging sadly.

A large, wooden building appeared at the end of the path several hours after nightfall. Goku was asleep within Sanzo's arms, arms around the priest's neck. Sanzo grumbled softly to himself, trudging up the steps of the temple. Several monks greeted him.

"Welcome back, Great Sanzo!"one cried enthusiastically, opening the sliding door.

"Take this to a room and make sure he's fed," Sanzo ordered, handing Goku to the monk.

"Yes, Great Sanzo!" The monk hurried off with Goku, slippered feet makeing not a sound.

Sanzo slipped from his boots and into a pair of slippers. One monk took his boots and walked off. The last monk hurried forward, holding a letter. He bowed and handed the letter to Sanzo. "This is for you, Great Sanzo," he whispered.

"Who's it from?" Sanzo asked, taking the letter.

"I don't know, Great Sanzo."

"Very well." Sanzo then walked down a dimly lit hall and into his chambers. He lit a candle and slid the door shut. He sat on the edge of his bed and opened the letter and read it.

Genjyo Sanzo,

I have written to you to ask you to do a job. You are to go find a man with black hair, green eyes. He is injured greatly. He goes by Cho Gonou. Enclosed is a picture of him. Once you find him, take him to your temple and remain there. Use force if necessary.



Sanzo folded the letter and tucked it into his jeans pocket (which he wore beneath his robe). He slipped his robe off and set it neatly on the floor. He had just lain in bed and had blown out the candle when someone knocked on the door.

"Yes?" he asked with a sigh.

"The boy- he's insane!" a frantic voice cried.

Sanzo sighed again and climbed from the bed. He opened the door. His eyes widened slightly at the look of the monk. The monk's hair was messy and his robes were wrinkled.

"Where's the boy?" Sanzo asked.

The monk hurried off, Sanzo following. The monk led him to a room in the back of the temple and slid open the door. Sanzo smiles to himself at what he saw.

Goku was sitting, legs spread open, on the floor. A large dog sat in front of him, tail wagging. The bed was torn and the floor was scratched, probably from the dog. Goku was feeding the dog by hand with a smile.

Sanzo's inward smile faded when he saw that frogs and bits of rock were everywhere.

"What happened here?" Sanzo asked, getting Goku's attention.

"Huh? Oh, nothing. Isn't he cute?" Goku asked, hugging the dog warmly. The dog barked, tail wagging even faster.


"Fine...The dog was outside my window and he looked hungry. So I opened it and let him in. The people had just brought in food..."

"What about the frogs and rocks?"

"I found them outside my window, too. I brought them inside."

Sanzo's eyes narrowed. "Clean this mess up, monkey boy," he ordered angrily.


"And get this dog out of here!"

Goku stood slowly, ashamed he had made Sanzo angry, when Sanzo had been the one to have saved him. He led the dog from the room and into the hall. He quietly walked down it. The dog barked happily, tail wagging wildly.

Goku grinned and walked into the warm of the outside, passing through the back entrance of the temple. "Nahtahcoo, remain here. I'll be back in the morning," Goku whispered, scratching the dog behind his ears.

The dog barked once and trotted off.

Goku turned, walked inside the temple, and back to his quarters. Sanzo was gone, so were the monks. He knelt and scooped the frogs and dumped them out his window. He grabbed a broom from the corner and proceeded to sweep the rock into a pile. He grabbed a dustpan and sweeped the rock onto it and dumped it out the window. He set the broom up and sat on his bed, bored.

Sanzo woke up to someone jumping onto his bed. He moaned, opening his eyes. He started slightly when he saw the smiling face of Goku right above his face.

"Good morning, sleepy head! Rise and shine!" Goku laughed. "I made breakfast!"

"What time is it?" Sanzo asked, sitting up as Goku jumped to the floor.

"6:30 in the morning! I hope you like eggs and bacon!" Goku carried over a wooden tray laden with a bowl of scrambled eggs and bits of bacon and a cup of tea. Goku set the tray on Sanzo's lap.

"Why me?" murmured Sanzo.

"Eat up! It's good for you!"

Sanzo sighed and grabbed a fork. He began to ate, aware that Goku was watching him.

"Don't you have something better to do?" Sanzo growled through a mouthful of food.


Sanzo shook his head and shortly finished. He sipped his tea, burning his tongue. He was careful not to show the slight pain.

"Was it good?" Goku asked eagerly.

"For a monkey."

Goku frowned, eyes straying to the floor.

"I mean, it was good."

Goku instantly brightened up. "What're we going to do today?"


"Oh...Guess what I named the dog from last night!"

"I don't know...what?"


Sanzo stiffened slightly. "Where'd you get the name?"

"It's a butterfly name."

"Oh." Sanzo relaxed and drained his tea despite the heat.



Goku grabbed the tray and ran from the room, nearly running into the table. He shortly came back and bounced onto Sanzo's bed.

"So...what are we doing to day, Sanzo?"

"We're not doing anything today. I'm going on a 'mission'."

"Can I come? Pretty Please!"


"Please!" Goku's eyes grew wider, doe-like.


"Pwease?" Goku batted his eyelashes.


Goku smiled, golden eyes going back to normal. He hugged Sanzo. "Thank you!"


Goku ran off. "Wait until I tell Nahtahcoo!" he shouted gleefully all the way down the hall.

Sanzo sighed and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. He slipped on his jeans and black, form clinging top, and his arm sleeves. He slipped his robe so it was only on his lower body. He strapped his gun to his thigh and slipped on the slippers. He then quietly walked through the temple, waiting for Goku to find him so they could leave. He looked up when he heard running. Two people were running. One was bipedal, the other was four legged. Goku came running from the direction of the kitchen, the dog following. They skidded to a stop in front of Sanzo. Both carried several lumpy packages.

"What's that?" Sanzo asked.

"Food! Come'n! Let's go!" Goku answered frantically.

"Did you get permission to take that?"


Sanzo shook his head and sighed. "Go back and get permission."



"Alright..."Goku turned, head hanging, and slowly walked off.

"Faster, or you're not going!"

Goku instantly speed up.

"And bring a note!" Sanzo shouted to the boy's retreating back.

Goku came back several minutes later, clutching a note in one hand, and the packages in the other. He handed the note to Sanzo.

Sanzo opened it and read:

Great Sanzo,

Young Goku here has my permission to have the food.


"Hmmm...You're lucky, Goku," Sanzo stated. He turned and led Goku and Nahtahcoo from the temple and out into the cool morning air. Goku ran around, playing with the dog as the group walked down the path. Sanzo walked in silence, listening to the once imprisoned boy's laughter and the dog's playful barking.

A young boy with black hair stirred in his coma, sweat soaking his sheets. His guardians watched, agitated.

"G-G-Goku," he whispered softly, not knowing where the name came from, having never have heard it before.

The guardians looked at one another, frightened. One raced from the room.

When the reached the mountain, Nahtahcoo stopped and barked softly. Goku looked at him. "What's wrong?" he asked, worriedly.

"He has to stay here," Sanzo answered.


"He lives at the temple. He is unable to leave the grounds."

"What! Why!

"Because he lives here."

"Oh..." Goku knelt and hugged the dog. "Wait for me, Nahtahcoo."

The dog wagged its tail and licked Goku before trotting off. Goku stood and ran to catch up with Sanzo. He followed Sanzo and began to mock how Sanzo walked.

"Quit it," Sanzo ordered.

"Quit what?"

Sanzo growled softly, which Goku imitated with a laugh. Sanzo turned and hit Goku on the back of the head with his closed fan.

"Ow!" Goku whimpered.

"I told you to quit."

"'I told you to quit'!" Goku imitated in a deep voice.

"Knock it off, Goku!"

"Knock what off?"

"The imitating. It's annoying."

"Oh? Really?" Goku grinned wickedly.

"Don't think about it."

"Think about what?" Sanzo hit him again with the fan.

"That wasn't nice," Goku protested, rubbing his head.

"Then quit it."

"'Then quit it'." Goku flinched when Sanzo raised the fan. "Alright! I'll quit!"

Sanzo lowered the fan and tucked it into his belt. They two people walked in silence. Goku looked around, seemingly bored, then his eyes landed on Sanzo's gun.

"Can I see your gun?" Goku asked.

"No," Sanzo answered sharply.


"Because I said so."

"Pwetty pwease?"


"Oh! Come on!"

"I said 'no'!"

Goku got to his knees and clasped his hands. "Please!"


Goku crawled forward. "Can I touch it?"


"Awww...please with sugar on top?"

"No. It's not happening."

Goku grabbed the hem of Sanzo's robes and fell forward. "Please!" he pleaded.

Sanzo stopped and turned. "No and let go of the robe!"

Goku grinned. "If you let me touch the gun I'll let go!"

Sanzo sighed. "No because you'll probably shoot your foot off."

"Will not!"

"Fine. "Sanzo pulled out his gun and handed it to Goku, who stood and took it, letting go of Sanzo's robe.

Goku grinned, ooo-ing and aw-ing as he turned the gun around in his hands. He pointed the gun at the ground. A loud bang erupted as the gun fired and Goku jumped with a scream.

"Ahhh! My damn foot!" he cried, jumping up and down.

Sanzo grabbed and set him down on the ground. "Quit moving," the priest ordered.

Goku obeyed, shaking slightly, tears running down his face.

"Which foot?"

"The one with the big gaping hole!"

Sanzo sighed. "It's just a cut."

"It's not! It's a big gaping hole!"

"It's not! Look!"

Goku, whose eyes were shut, opened them and passed out at seeing the bloody scratch on his foot.

Sanzo laughed and pulled out a clean cloth and a canteen of water. He cleaned the cut and bandaged it, making it appear as if the cut was larger. He then shook Goku softly.

Goku stirred and slowly woke. "What is it?" he asked, seeing Sanzo's worried look.

"I'll have to take you back to the temple..." Sanzo whispered solemnly.


"'re foot needs to be amputated"

Goku began to cry hysterically. "Wahhh! Noooo!I dun wanna loose my foot!"

Sanzo tried hard to hide his smile. "I'm sorry...but it has to be done..."

"Please don't do it! I really" Goku's sentence was cut short when he realized Sanzo was shaking with suppressed laughter. "What's so funny, Sanzo?"


"There's nothing funny about having your foot cut off."

"I know, but no one's having their foot cut off."

"What! I am!"

"Are not. I lied."

Goku's eyes widened. "Are you saying you have a sense of humor?"

Sanzo's droopy purple eyes narrowed. "I've always had a sense of humor."

"Not since I've known you."

"You've known me less than two days."

"Have not! I've known you for...for a day and a half."

"Think about what you just said."

Goku thought. "Oh...I guess I haven't known you for two days..."

"Come on, we have to go."

"Did you really need to use so many bandages?"


"Then fix them! Please!"

Sanzo did. "Happy?"

"Thank you!" Goku hugged Sanzo before getting to his feet. He winced when his right foot touched the ground.

"We'll have to go back to the temple to get you some crutches."

"No, I'm fine." As if to prove his point, he set his foot down and winced, again.

"Are you sure?"


Sanzo hooked his gun in its holster and proceeded down the path that wound around the mountain. Goku followed, limping.

"I'm hungry," the injured boy gasped, sweat breaking out. It had only been a half hour, but he was already tired.

"We'll take a break," Sanzo said. He sat down, within the shade of the trees; Goku sat across from him, breathing heavily. Sanzo pulled out two water canteens and handed one to Goku.

Goku took it, opened it, and drank it deeply.

"We should have gone back, Goku."

"No! I'm fine!"

"No, you're not! You're tired and clearly unable to go on!"

Goku looked down. "I'm fine."

"Dammit, monkey! You're not fine! You're injured! I shouldn't have even let you come!"

"I'm fine and I'm not a monkey!" Goku stood, despite the pain, and ran off, into the woods.

Sanzo watched him leave silently, just sitting there. "I suppose I'll have to get him eventually," Sanzo whispered to himself, "but he'll come back..."

A bird chirped somewhere in the distance. Another bird answered.

Sanzo rolled over in his sleep, eyes opened. Goku hadn't come back and it was now night time. Despite the fact that he didn't care for the little monkey king, he was worried, more than he would admit, even to himself. He sat up when he heard something move within the bushes.

Sanzo gripped his gun softly, eyes scanning the forest. Nothing stirred. He was about to lay down when something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. He turned and something slammed into him. He slid slightly, gun flying from his hands. He looked around. Nothing was there. He stood and went to grab his gun when something wrapped around his ankles tripping him. He fell to the ground, striking his head on a rock. Lights flashed in front of his eyes. He shook his head and realized he was being dragged. He clawed at the ground, trying to get to his gun despite the fact that he couldn't move his legs.

"Don't struggle, now," a soft, creepy voice floated to Sanzo.

Sanzo gave no answer and grabbed onto a jutting root of a tree to quit from being dragged. He clung tightly to the root, feeling pain rip through his abdomen and arms. He clenched his teeth.

"Come on, dear Sanzo. Let go," the voice whispered. "You know you want to."

"Who are you?" Sanzo growled, feeling his grip loosen, hands slick with sweat.

"Let go and see."

Sanzo let go and let himself be pulled into the dark forest.