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    Looking for specific manga/doujin (KINK WARNING)

    Hello. I'm looking for a manga/doujin I read long ago. Only keep reading if you are fine with kinks. WARNING.

    You have been warned.

    So I don't remember if it was a manga or a doujin, all I remember is that it was scanlated into English. It was one of several stories. One story was that there are a bunch of boys (not sure what age) in a bathroom, and another guy (with glasses I believe) walks in, who wants to pee. And they are basically forcing that guy to have sex with a different guy, and he ends up peeing inside that guy. I don't remember much else.

    If anyone knows what manga/doujin this was, please let me know. I believe it was some kind of original story.
    Feel free to PM if you aren't comfortable posting it here.
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