Skyler Sakura
Age: 19
Wolf Clan: Red Wolf / Aniwaya

Personality: Spunky, but caring.


Skyler heard about his cousin coming to visit and was glad to be able to help him get back onto his feet. He knew his mother was over his attitude and he really needed an adjustment. Coming to a completely new town should really help with that. Standing outside he waited with his folks to welcome him there.

Being in a smaller town that he grew up in, it was different for him there. Growing up around alpha's and beta's they didn't have omega's in their town. At least that's what they thought. Since the alpha's there were not very strong their scents he'd grown up with never effected him like he heard most alphas/betas/omegas were effected. Since he never responded he assumed he was a beta or a weak alpha since he did have the drive to strive higher. That was an alpha trait but also an omega one. They might be thought of as less than alphas and miss work often because of their heats but that didn't mean they weren't driven. Alpha typically became heads of companies where omegas were more kept at home by their alpha or given easier managing jobs. Since he really didn't have what he believed was a heat cycle he just assumed he was more horny that time of the month and would jack off but it was nothing like what he'd read about with other omegas. Hot and horny to the point they loose themselves.

However he found out a couple years ago that he was indeed an omega but didn't tell his parents. He was fifteen at the time and allowed to choose what to do with the information. Getting on suppressants he hid the fact he was an omega. If anyone knew he might be shunned, even sold off to a family for high money from an alpha. Omega's bred more alpha's which were highly desired, but then he would be kicked out of his school program and even loose the job he was striving for. Best to keep that to himself.

Smiling softly he waited for his cousin to pull up. It would be fun to have him around and help him maybe find himself in this backwoods setting. Not like those bigger cities in the states. Little did he know how strong real alpha's could be.