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    Alpha, Omega, Beta (18+ Universe)


    My name is Akira and I've been on here a long time. Also been roleplaying over 15+ years and don't write just one sentence responses. It depends on the story but usually my posts are about 3+ paragraphs.

    Typically I'm more on the submissive side but I usually play seke and switch off to make it fair, unless the other person wants to be only seme then that's fine.

    I don't have many things I won't roleplay. A couple things I don't like are underage and vore. Pretty much everything else is on the table, just ask.


    Ideas for the world: (This can of course change depending on our story, these are just world ideas)

    ~Omega's in some areas are sought after or looked at as a family prize to be either sold off to an alpha family or protected from alpha's from a young age since alpha's have trouble containing themselves around Omegas

    ~To mark an omega as theirs alphas will bite their neck in a certain spot linking them together. This act claims the omega as theirs and mutes their scent to other alphas protecting them

    ~Beta's can smell some things but don't have that drive that alphas have

    ~Omega's go into a heat once a month to once every two months and it lasts from 3-7 days. In this time they have little control over their desire and some omegas will seek out many alphas not caring how they get their fill and take a morning after pill afterwards. Or they find their forever partner carrying their children

    For the story I was wanting to play an Omega but there's several different stories I had in mind:

    Each story may contain heats/neck biting/marking/breeding/m-preg/ect.

    Alpha-Beta High

    MC(Omega) is going to school and has almost made it all the way through with no one realizing he's an omega. Taking a suppression medication it helps him hide making others think he's a Beta. However one of the days he forgets the medication and is caught by YC (Alpha) who smells that sweet alluring smell leading to the schools only Omega. The school doesn't allow omega's to allow the students to not have to worry about their heats kicking in and causing a disturbance.

    The Little Coffee Shop

    Its hard for Omega's to get good jobs since Alpha's are the elite and beta's make up the normal. Omega's are hard to find but are sought after for good breeding since they're the one's who can make more Alpha's. Every once in a while a beta can produce an alpha but they usually only make more beta's. At the sweet little coffee shop works an omega that looks to be an alpha but he takes a week off every couple of months to hide his heat condition from his customers. He claims it's to go take care of family. However when his fated pair comes into the shop he immediately smells that he's an omega. However being an elite higher up alpha does he want to bring an omega into his life? Or just use him for fun?

    High and Mighty

    Rich Alpha family hears about another well off family that has an omega around the same age as their alpha child and wants to set them up. Problem is the alpha son wants to just keep doing his thing and doesn't want to be tied down. The omega of the family doesn't want to be in his family anymore so agrees to the set up. Problem is... he's never gone into heat. In order to fake it he's drugged by the alpha to fake a heat and give him his smell. They keep having to fake his heat for the week to prove to the family they are a pair, even faking a marking to try to pretend they are. Over time they realize they do like one another with pretending to like each other. They actually get along rather well and become actual pairs

    Are You Mine?

    Since highschool MC(omega) has been using YC (alpha) to get through his heats. They only see each other when it's that time and then they go their separate ways. They weren't even friends in school they were just both there and with an omega in heat is the best sex so why would he refuse? Over the years they grew older after school, into college and onto work. The alpha has other relationships but nothings as good as his omega. Eventually they realize they have real feelings for each other.

    Family Experience

    YC (alpha was a bad student at college, sleeping around and just doing whatever he wanted. His mother pissed about his attitude sends him to stay with a family member (either father with another family or cousin). MC (either cousin or half-sibling) is an omega but his heats were so weak he assumed he was a beta and no one has ever mentioned his scent so he just assumed he was a beta or possibly an alpha with just a really weak scent. It's fine until YC moves in and suddenly it's a struggle. They're left along for a while and well... fun ensues.


    If you have another story idea please let me know, I'm really open! ^-^ I'd love to come up with our story together just PM me

    Thank you!

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    Re: Alpha, Omega, Beta (18+ Universe)

    This seems like my kind of stuff, all male world RPer here and definitely Alpha. Also into nekos and nagas. I RP this world with yas. Likely coffee shop idea and the long knowning each others ones
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