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    Roleplay Ideas

    Hello! I am new but I have been rp'ing on and off for years. I'm not going to list a bunch of rules I have if we want to rp together, I would really appreciate if it's a literate RP, with decent length posts, and no god modding. But hey, do what you can, and I think we will both enjoy ourselves xD.
    I have been really interested in some darker themed RP's but i'm opened to pretty much anything

    Let's All Go Down Together{18+}
    It's 3012, and the humanity that once flourished on the green planet was no longer on the cusp of continuous expansion. A glacier located in the base of Antarctica melted 200 years ago, inside was a large, undiscovered dead mammoth. The mammoth had a deadly bacteria that spread when it was exposed to the air. The bacteria eventually surrounded the globe, making all humans infertile, and killing those who were exposed over the age of about 28. No one who breathed in the air survived past 30.

    However, the children who had managed to be born in stem cell fertilization developed a much higher tolerance to the air. Scientists believe that the key to save humanity, is to send a team to find another mammoth sample burred deep under the thick blanket of snow and ice in Antartica and retrieve it.

    {Our characters would be on the team sent , but we can figure out specifics of the individual characters if you decide you are interested!}

    So It Shall Be Done. [18+]
    Aesteria has always had it's problems, sure the trolls in the north had a habit of camping out on the roads and robbing passers by. Okay, so maybe the wizards from the south had a little controlling there parties and they tended to set fire to the sacred forest a few times a month. Maybe, just maybe the dragons constantly dropping heaping loads of poo on the farms and disrupting the stock production was a bit of an annoyance. And yeah, okay, alright, fine I know, the wondering harpies shrieking at all hours of the night if you live to close to the edge of the kingdom are a downright drag.

    But still, things had always functioned well, creatures and beings of all shapes and sizes lived among each other in peace. The economy flourished and there had not been a slums in the kingdom in over 5 royal cycles. Most had food on the table for their families every night, and those who wished sat by a warm fire in their homes after wards to allow it to settle comfortably. It had been so long since a war, that most still alive from the olden days had even forgotten about harsher times and settled into a cozy life that the king had provided his citizens.

    Until one day, when a gigantic, smoldering boulder smashed itself into the side of the castle. Fire coated rocks began raining down one after another, as smoke began to fill the air. Screams rose up, and chaos erupted throughout the kingdom. In his chambers, with his castle falling around him, the king looks to the window with a grim sigh and speaks,

    "If it is a war that the humans want, So It Shall Be Done."

    {So for this one I was thinking our characters could be on the kingdoms guard or just residents, whatever species/age you want, and we have to work together to try and sneak through the growing battlefield to get a hold of someone in power on the humans side and try and convince them to stop before the bloodshed reaches repairable levels, but I am completely opened to working around with it.}

    I'll post more when I think of them, I generally play uke or seke, but my uke is basically a seke so it's probably best to just assume i'll play seke, LOL. Please message me if you are interested

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