Hello everyone and thank you for coming by to see my little sheet of guidelines. I was so pleased to see that this site had an easy to access section so I can learn about my roleplaying partners needs/wants and in turn they can learn about mine! Below are some guidelines to let you know a little about what I want out of my roleplaying experience and a little bit of what you can expect from roleplaying with me.

Thanks for stopping by!
- Snail-kun <3

Length: So after collecting the word count for each of the posts of my first roleplay on this site and finding the average of all of those posts I can tell you that my average is about 376.14 words per post (the lowest was 302 and the highest was 533). I could probably go shorter. There is a possibility I could go longer. I do not have the ability to create 1,000 word replies and do not want to create two sentence replies. Let's say the minimum amount I will write is? 250 to 300 words and the maximum I will write is 600. I won?t hold you to such exact standards but my hope is that you?ll write around the same amount I will.

Grammar: I?ll be the first to admit that my grammar isn?t perfect. The bane of my existence is spelling and I get nervous when using a colon. Of course I won?t expect you to be perfect; I just expect you to try. Unless your writing is illegible I probably won?t fault you for it. Just don?t use text-talk. I hate that.

In a perfect world we would both be able to post at least two replies a day. But life sucks sometimes. When times are good I?ll probably post multiple replies a day and be refreshing the forum every few minutes. When times are rough you can expect at least one post a week. In turn I?ll wait patiently for about one week for you to reply to a roleplay. After that I?ll private message you. If you don?t respond to that after a week you get another message and me stalking your activity on the website. I?ll give up after another week. This doesn?t mean I will be mad or will hate your guts. If you come back on months later and still want to continue the roleplay with me or start a new roleplay I will happily agree.

Roleplaying is a two way street (sometimes it?s even a three or four way street) and therefore communication is key! I believe there should always be a clear and honest stream of conversation going on between roleplaying partners. If you don?t like something I want you to be able to tell me. In turn, if there is something I don?t like I want to be able to tell you. If you know you?re going away for a while or if you just want to stop the roleplay then please tell me in advance. Friendship isn?t necessary (but it is preferred) but please keep the communication line open and keep it polite.

It?s probably obvious but no god-modeling, no controlling my character, don?t do anything major to my character without my consent blah, blah, blah. You get the idea. But on a more important note, don?t make a boring character. I?m a personal fan of writing vivid personalities but I don?t mind you writing whatever kind of character you want. They are your babies! I would just prefer that they have a unique enough personality for me to work with.

Sexual Content:
Sex is cool. I?m perfectly fine with writing about sex. In fact, when it comes to sex there isn?t much I won?t write about. I think BDSM and fetishes are awesome to read and write about. Just don?t make it the only thing we write about. Roleplays can be centered around BDSM and still have a rich, fulfilling plot, with both sexual and non-sexual interactions. Besides that I can?t write a dominant character. In the past I?ve tried because I wanted to please my roleplaying partner but in the end we were both left with a bad taste in our mouth. It?s just out of my sphere of ability.