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Thread: Game recs?

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    Red Face Game recs?

    Hey ^^; Long story short I'm collecting games to play because my internet might not be paid for next month and I want to have a decent stash. I want to grab a couple games for when I'm in a yaoi mood so. Can I get some recommendations please? (Note: My size limit is 20 GB) TY in advance!

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    Re: Game recs?

    Hmm, well, you can never go wrong with VNs from Nitro+Chiral ^^ So, personally I would highly suggest Togainu no Chi AS NO.1, if you're looking for dark post apocalyptic setting. Plus, if you like badass fighting scenes (come on, even that first introduction of Shiki when he uses katana against Akira's plain knife was very nice touch, plus CG looks so nice~). Heck, even added tone of experiments of humans during the 3rd war in order to create a perfect killer-machine soldiers was something close to NEST saga from King of Fighters series (don't mind some nerding out x'D) *sigh* and get JAST version, cos Steam one butchers this VN and you need to purchase a patch which restores all smut scenes and removes censorship(so, no mosaic censorship)

    Then, the second choice is Sweet Pool. Yes, despise being gory and tragic, I loved to see the rare peaceful Youji x Tetsuo moments T^T (that true ending was something and yes it was bitter-sweet but beautiful at same time)

    Of course, then you can try Lamento Beyond the Void. I loved how Nitro+Chiral putted good effort having such a nice world-building and the legend how Ribika people were born and live in this world is nice touch (So, not only for so-called your-nekomimi-needs xD) *sigh* So, that's good fantasy VN ^^ (JAST, Lamento English release when?)

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