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    Yokan Ex Noise by Tateno Makoto [Eng]

    Title: Yokan EX Noise
    Manga ALT. names: 予感EXノイズ / Yokan: Premonition-Noise
    Original run: 2008
    Description: Akira, the charismatic vocalist of CHARON, is
    totally fascinated with the legendary band, NUN’s vocalist, Hiroya. After NUN disbanded,
    Hiroya switched to acting until Akira pulled him back to the music world. And even though
    the two lovers are now music rivals, they bring out the best in each other both in bed and out.
    However, Hiroya still carries a heavy baggage from his past…!?

    Manga-type: Manga
    Written by: Tateno Makoto
    Drawn by: Tateno Makoto
    Published by: Oakla Shuppan
    Group(s) Scanlating: Fantasyshrine
    Status: Complete
    Completely Scanlated: Yes
    Completely Translated: Yes
    Genres: Romance, Yaoi
    Categories: Drama, Rivalry
    Main Characters: Akira, Hiroya
    Adaptation based on available: N/A
    Recommendations: Yokan, The End of Youth

    Read Yokan EX Noise online:
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    Download link:
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    Re: Yokan Ex Noise by Tateno Makoto [Eng]

    Thank you so much for sharing, PinkNailsOfDeath

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