Hi!! So it's been a while since the manga was updated, and the last two volumes were released, and they were all just a bunch of extras and mix mini stories, and I was wondering when the next volume (in this case 25) would come out, and if it finally continues the story!

I'm still waiting to see how the author will tackle the issue of Misaki telling his brother about his relationship and how everything will unfold.

I can't wait and I've been searching everywhere for a release date, but to this day I've found nothing yet! I hope the next volumes are not a bunch of extras again, even tho I enjoy reading everything because it's really cute and wholesome, but I REALLY want to see the story progress!

Hopefully we could get another anime season featuring that part of the story as it could be a nice way to end this story imo! It would be amazing to get another anime season of JR!

What do you guys think? Is anyone here also following the manga??