Title: For All These Troubles...

Fandom: King of Fighters

Kyo Kusanagi x Iori Yagami


Genre: Slice of Life; Cooking; Suggestive themes; Embedded Video; PWP; Webcam/Video Chat Sex

Status: Complete

Chapter 1 Summary: It seems that Kyo took challenge which is might be the most difficult of ever encountered - cooking. Yet with no experience he tries to impress one fellow redhead. Will he succeed? the outcome is surprising...

Chapter 1. Cooking Hour feats. Kyo

Heck, it was boring as hell! Nothing to do and it was boring being left all alone, that stupid Yagami... or so, with these kind of thoughts this brunette crashed into bed. That's right, this redhead went on another rock concert tour and, of course, no matter how Kyo insisted, but he wasn't taken together. According this redhead, Kyo was left responsible for the house during his absence. It may sounded okay if it wasn't for couple tiny little details - this brunette is responsible for the house-choires plus, he have to prepare food by himself! It is still surprising how after incident in the kitchen with boiling oil, he can be trusted with gas stove.

That's right, couple months ago this brunette wanted to prove that he can also prepare something nice as well. So, after such a declaration, even this redhead knew it won't end well yet he naively believed - maybe this idiot at least knows the basics and could make the simplest dishes. If anything, there are a lot of receipts step by step either in books, either on internet. In any case, this Kusanagi can educate himself for a once in awhile, or so believed Yagami.

On same evening~ After Kyo finished tying up the knot of navy-blue apron, he began to prepare all needed products. Tonight he decided to go with roasted chicken - it didn't sounded too complicated for someone who had a bare minimum of experience yet it would be enough to make this redhead at awe. Hmph, so, Yagami better be enjoying and asking for more, or so, already hoped this brunette. With smug look on his face, Kyo began to peel potatoes. So far, so good~ in this case, this idiot gonna be addicted to my master class - he though until accidentally cuts his finger.

Now he had to think fast. Heck, where is a plaster? Damn, he cannot let Yagami see that. Nope, he can do it by himself. After searching in all drawers, he was lucky to find a couple of them, but now he had to quickly rush to sink and at least wash such a terrible wound. It was just tiny cut, but it was bleeding a lot! When he finished it, he wrapped around plaster on his finger. Hopefully, this going to be a last incident.

When he done with potatoes and cutting them into pieces, it was time to pour good amount of oil into frying pan. According the receipt, while potatoes were frying, he would have enough time to prepare chicken. Of course, he could pick fillet, but it was still a bit too much for his pocket, so, he had to pick an alternative - chicken quarters. Well, at least they are not just a skin and bones like chicken wings. But for now, firstly, he has to deal with garlic.

Now this brunette encountered the one of biggest problems - it's so annoying to peel them! After peeling first layer it seems that one garlic head had at least eight pieces and even they are small and hard to peel. Kyo was already irritated by such a work. Even so, then these garlic pieces need to be sliced as well. If he knew that takes so much effort, he would rather throw it at Yagami or better - shove these pieces up to his nose. Yup, for prophylactic purposes, 'cos why not? Or said to himself Kyo while cursing this innocent spice.

After somehow managing with this task, it was time for the chicken. When this brunette washed the chicken under the luke-warm stream under the tap, he was getting closer to the end. According the receipt, now all he left to do is deeply cut the meat and add cutted halves or thirds pieces of garlic. Well, it may easier to say rather than to do. That meat cannot stay on same spot while being cut! This brunette pressed poor chicken quarter harder against the cutting board by his palm yet now the skin of this chicken began to slide down. Why this chicken have to be such a mischieve-maker? Or this how he ranted for himself while now trying to pull up that skin again and cutting it down with meat.

Somehow after a hard won fight, Kyo finished this struggling with other chicken quarters. However, he smelled something starting to burn and now he remember about potatoes. So, he left the tortured meat alone and flipped over the potatoes. It was close enough to burning them down and he didn't expected that he would take that long with the chicken. Anyway, it was a pure luck that he didn't burned down the potatoes. Once again he return to finish the started business. It seems that now all he left to do is insert cutted garlic into these made couple cuts for each chicken quarters and now he just added for finishing touch - salt, pepper and bay leaf powder. After rubbing spices all over these quarters, he placed them in bigger bowl and carried towards the frying pan.

Finally, now he takes one prepared quarter into his hand and placed in frying pan. Everything so far was fine - Kyo carefully placed three quarters inside frying. The tiny bouncing oil droplets began briefly harass this brunette's hands yet he just patiently closed his eyes. Big deal...and even these small bastards want to piss him off - murmured Kyo.

At least now all he left to do is flipping over the chicken and potatoes time from time and just wait until it cooked. However, how come his partner didn't checked on him? Not even once during this whole time. Was he asleep or went somewhere? Well, whatever...This brunette already feels so proud even before accomplishing a thing.

That's right, he can clearly imagine how he would leave the kitchen like a master chief with apron on and carrying the plate with roasted chicken under iron lid on one hand. Plus now so delightfully approaching Yagami, removing the lid in front of him and letting to smell the aroma of home-made meal. However, once he would try to have it, Kyo would lift the plate up and say 'Oh no, you won't~ it's too good for you'. So, only after Yagami would get upset, he would say something comforting as 'Fiiine~ Just because I'm such a nice person.'.

While day-dreaming like this, Kyo picks couple of forks to flip over his dish. However, after lifting one quarter of chicken, suddenly the hot oil aggressively shoots at his arm. Right now this brunette grabs the harmed hand, making him gasp loudly. Yet after the same piece of meat was dropped it, the oil has splashed again making him instinctively with-draw. ''You little!-'' and now he accidentally slips and fell on the floor. Fortunately, he landed on his bottom yet now slowly crouches toward the drawer where all lids.

Once he opens it and tries to get a random lid, all of lids began to fell down and causing loud banging noise. At least now he has the shield against the oil. Besides, later on, he would clean up this mess, so, with that in mind he now was hiding behind the lid. He knew that he needs to flip over the meat, but once he tries with fork, it shoots at him the oil. Without noticing the spilled oil, this Kusanagi nearly trips over again. Damn, what to do?... He kneels down and uses the lid as shied. Hopefully, that nasty oil will calm down.

Meanwhile one certain redhead was chilling out on couch until he heard a loud banging noise, which was followed by this brunette ranting. Yagami just wondered what could possibly happened and decided to how his partner was doing. While having his hands in pocket, he enters into the kitchen like it would be nothing. ''Just leave him alone for a second alone...'' this redhead murmurs.

However, now after noticing what happened he simply face-palms. While he shakes his head, he cannot believe what kind of battlefield he would find. While Kyo was on his knees, he shields his face and elbows behind the lid of frying pan. It seems that the deadliest foe was heated frying pan with boiling oil. This redhead tried his best for not loosing the patience. Yet he deeply exhales and quickly turns off the gas stove and only then checks the fallen soul of this fight. Yagami just silently bends down to face Kyo and just stares at him without saying anything.

Finally, this brunette removes the lid and after giving a questioning look frowns ''What are you starring at? That thing started first!''. However, once this redhead notices an injured hand of his partner, he sighs and prompts Kyo to stand up ''Let's go.'' yet this brunette objects ''But what about-?''. Iori now gently presses both his hands against Kyo's cheeks and in irritated tone replies ''It can wait for longer. First, let's get you treated, you fool.''.

Yagami just observed this idiot in front him yet he cannot scold him, because at least he tried to do something without any complaining. Even so, he continued "You dumb sandwich..." and now this redhead ruffled the hair of this brunette and helped him to stand up. Later on, he would finish himself the cooking. However, despise that it was too salted and potatoes were soaked in oil, he didn't minded. Heck, he has to admit - Kyo has at least a potential in this field yet he needs lot of practice.