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    Demon/occult RP Idea // looking for Demon Seme

    Okay since I don't sound so convincing in my last post I threw in an idea,
    let?s start with something basic, I want a demon theme rp
    Here?s the summary of my Idea no title yet

    Police classified files:
    A certain occult went on the alert list because someone died, and its not just someone, the daughter of a very known politician got drag in, with symbols all over her body, and with something carved on her stomach or womb area "03", it turns out she's not the only victim since "01" and "02" victims are also found, with the same symbol all over the body, both female.
    The police wanted this investigation to stay silent, it means no one must know aside from those who are legally involve, since it will cause chaos and tarnish the good name of the politician, so he doesn't want to let the world know that her daughter is involve in some cult.


    Name: K [Krain]
    Agent name: Silver Kite
    Age: 26
    Investigator K also known as silver Kite got assigned in a task to investigate a certain occult, higher authorities wanted to settle this under the radar that's why K got called in, K handles problems that can't be leak to the public, and hands over anything he finds silently to the higher ups.
    Personalities: mostly serious, with a bad sense of humor, finishes half a pack of smokes or cigarette a day

    Searching for Seme:
    The demon, basically your searching for a "suitable" wife, you control the cult organization so you can name it yourself, we can discuss further on what to do with everything as we go on or before we start up to you

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    Re: Demon/occult RP Idea // looking for Demon Seme

    I'm so down for this!!!!! Can we rp this pretty please!!!!

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    Lightbulb Re: Demon/occult RP Idea // looking for Demon Seme

    Hm, what do think of MC/seme being the son(still a demon or halfling,say name rath) of the demon cult leader and he wants to kill daddy,stop the cult somethinga along those lines. K gets asign rath and rath has to live with him to learn about human ways and what not. I like always wanted to do a human demon cops partner RP and them living together with the human teaching MC human ways.
    Or we can do K mets rath at a crime seen maybe and rath kisses him to learn english or japanes witch ever and say K keep rath secret or not while he lives with K and helps out best he can but still with his goals. So any of those works? I'm seme and rath will be seme.

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