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    Dark and Smutty Cravings (Looking for Semes)

    Hello! I'm going to keep this simple because I really just want to get my cravings advertised in the hope of maybe finding myself a few new RP partners. First, a few things about me and how I write:

    - I only play the uke role and I'm looking for semes! I enjoy playing all different types of ukes, whether that be the cute innocent type or the feisty type or anything in between, doesn't matter to me. I'm fine playing with any type of seme as well.

    - I'm a literate writer and tend to write in third person, paragraphs. I'm not picky about length, quality over quantity!

    - I'm looking for a good amount of smut, but with some plot to keep the story flowing.

    I've been craving a few things lately and am hoping to find some people who would be willing to give them a go with me. Ideas are not set in stone and are open to having things added and/or changed around. I would also enjoy discussing any kinks you would like to add as well, please don't hesitate to add anything if you're interested!

    Incest/Brothers RP

    An idea involving something with two brothers, YC being the older and MC being the younger. I would love it if there was some non-con/dub-con in this, as well as some master/slave or master/pet elements to it. I see it being a thing where MC is forced into things by YC, but could eventually learn to start enjoying it.

    Abusive Relationship RP

    I've really been craving something involving an abusive relationship where YC would be over possessive, jealous, and controlling, while MC is fearful of him and quite eager to please in order to stay on YC's good side. I'm open to having heavy abuse in this, but I'm also completely fine with keeping abusive elements to a minimum as well, just as long as YC remains intimidating to MC. I could see elements of manipulation involved in this as well, maybe YC uses affection and treats MC better when he 'behaves'.

    Prison RP

    MC falsely accused and convicted of a crime he didn't commit and is sent to YC's (sex) dungeon, a complete sadist who sexually abuses and tortures him. Perhaps even makes him into a masochist. I want all different kinds of heavy stuff here, though limits and kinks will need to be discussed.

    Any of these catch your interest? Feel free to send me a PM! I would love to discuss more about ideas, plots and kinks with you if you're interested!

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    Re: Dark and Smutty Cravings (Looking for Semes)

    Hey yo! I'm up for this! Hard to find incest lovers and I'm getting into being a sadist. Oh yeah, seme all the way here. Though I've been dipping into being a seke as well. But mainly seme yeah.

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