Working title^^^^

Ryu is dating YC(1) who doesn't have the best reputation. With a rough past he is labeled as a bad boy/ thug, being kicked out of school for fighting and even getting in trouble with the law involving drugs, not to mention his appearance is rather intimidating but Ryu has been YC(1) saving grace. They met at school when YC(1) was forced to transfer. YC(1)'s not really a bad kid nessararely, just was dealt a bad hand. Ryu was the first person to approach YC(1) at his new school junior year, becoming his friend. Months go by and thanks to Ryu, YC(1) is actually doing well in school and actually has a shot of graduating, has friends, and seems to be turning a new leaf. But there relationship is quickly tested when senior year starts and YC(1) past returns to haunt him and he has to deal with his feelings. YC(1) is over protective, abusive, controlling, a former drug addict, and rather damaged due to his up brining. So he hates it when people get close to Ryu and with that being said he hates Ryu's best friend Kenji and let's just say, he doesn't know how to handle his jealously.

Meanwhile YC(2) is the strong and silent type, who is new to school, and naturally Ryu trys to befriend him given his kind and outgoing personality. But YC(2) is more interested in his friend Kenji but doesn't necessarily like the way YC(1) treats Ryu but doesn't feel like he has the right to intervine just yet or tell him that both YC's know each other and hate each others guts.

((Don't really know why exactly, may be they use to date, or there ex-best friends from a gang. Anything to cause tension and drama We can add more and elaborated to make the rp better ))

Looking for two semes but I'm willing to make an exception and make Ryu a seke if my partner wants to have a chance to play bottom/uke.



Message down below if interested.