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    The Anrodnes Chronicles by J. C. Owens

    I attempted to read the third installment of the series, Drums In The Rain, but I cannot finish it.

    I was really disappointed by this book because of the relationship developments. It seemed to me that everyone was busy trying to get Taldan & Hredeen back together, that they would have spared just ONE thought to think "what about Raine?" "What will happen to Raine when these two regain their great love?" Nobody even considered how he would have felt. I just wished Raine would be someone's first & only choice, to be considered first when decisions are made. Even though he?s only a character in a book, it?s sad that Raine never comes first in this series. In any of his relationships, really.

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    Re: The Anrodnes Chronicles by J. C. Owens

    I've also read the reviews in goodreads and it made me reluctant to start the series. I don't mind if MC had many lovers but if it's involve too much emotions I think I have to skip.

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