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    Chapter 11. Unreachable Sin
    Part 2

    It was a misty night in the city. Even street lamps' light was slowly devoured by this mist. However, the stars of cloudless sky was brighter and just kept a company for lonely moon, who now kindly shown a path for wanderers. Despise a late hour, the city was awake and ignoring silent waltz of stars. Now it was the time when the night-walkers ruled. No, it weren't any of monsters or demons, it was a human beings, who seek out either for excitement, either for the pleasure in this glamorous night.

    There were shining and glittering neon signs of bars, clubs or new advertisements of various brands like inviting with open hands any wanderer with nicer sum of money or suit. Just go, just try your luck, live the moment - it was hard to resist and pass through so lightly... The air in streets was filled with various mixed fragrance - innocently sweet and light, choking over-powered scent of flowers or other sweets, the spiciness or refreshing, it was hard too hard to tell whom each scent belonged. Of course, you could hear a chatter and chuckling of couples or see being more close one to another.

    Along that there was hearable the rhythmic beat of music from passing by cars, which as soon appears, the soon disappears in distance. Or so, this the life of night city. For this brunette it wasn't anything too special, but it was better than the silence. He just walked without minding the pulse of night life of city's center. A vampire or a human - no one could tell a difference, if you didn't stood up from crowd. So, there was no reason to worry being discovered so easily. However, this vampire had no business in this part of area yet he needed to go to west side out of town - this where located that recently infamous bar.

    Hopefully, he would unexpectedly spotted by that hunter, because it seems that this redhead has a habit to show up when least Kyo wants, or so, he though. Besides, this time, he has no real reason to worry or fear. He was innocent and did nothing wrong, or hoped so. Although, this brunette does not fully understand Yagami's motives or why he acts like that. If this hunter like mentioned last time, just desire to face a powerful foe, then why he doesn't leave this vampire alone and hunt down for real high-ranked monster, who might be a worthy opponent? But now...

    This stupid hunter has out of nowhere some kind high expectations for Kyo. Just what a hell he knows about this brunette? Yet treats him like personal test subject for own made up theories. What this redhead tries to accomplish by doing this? Heck, offering a food for this vampire and even sacrifices himself. What if this hunter's effort going to be vain? Of course, Kyo would never say no to that blood and takes it as kind offer, after all, not every day you can encounter a human being, who is out of blue as simply as that gives a better treat. But it is possible that he may never regain his former strength and powers. More important, if this vampire would have a control over the hunter, he might not be able hold back. Yagami may be drained to the last drop and become a mere food for him.

    Damn, does he want to make Kyo feel bad for his death because of his own nature? Who does he think is he? Even so, then this vampire has to prove that he is not just a blood-thirsty monster, who sees humans as good as fine dinner. Heck, if it wasn't for that minority of vampires, who openly can kill and makes vampires look so bad, he wouldn't be hunted in a first place or have a bounty on this head. However, he holds no grudge or hatred against humanity. Yes, some human beings can be annoying or unpleasant, but not necessary all of them are the same. So, it's not an excuse to act as a rabid dog.

    On other hand, it become a pretty complicated case with this redhead. The only way to know the answers from Yagami - how he insist, only by defeating him. Whenever it was just a bluff or not - doesn't matter. This only condition was clear and fair enough, but with current power and strength, it was nearly impossible for Kyo. He wanted to become stronger than anyone else as fast as he could and finally face this redhead. Nevertheless, he is not going to regret for his impatience and curiosity. No one forced this brunette to do as this hunter says, it was his own independent decision.

    But for now, Kyo was getting closer to out of town. It wasn't so much light as in center, only singly street lamps shown him the way. At least, it was peaceful and quiet here. Nearly not a single living soul has crossed his road. As he was getting closer to abandoned bar, he began to feel uneasiness and pressure around him. Eventually, he could feel like being choked yet he was alone. Hopefully, it?s all in his head, so, this brunette tried to ignore this and keep on going.

    Fifty meters, still same feeling, but now he widens his eyes and nearly fell on knees. Right now, he began to tremble. There was no mistake - someone was here and this vampire didn't liked this. It was a second time in his life, he was scared like this. There was only person in world, who has awaken that primal sense of fear. No, Yagami could never do that, even if from the first glance he may look scary. Also, he certainly wouldn?t mock this vampire while torturing for false crimes and just blame for existence of his kind.

    This twisted and vile person was somewhere near, Kyo was sure. There was no reason to stay at this place, so, he slowly steps back and turns around. However, all of sudden, a stinging pain was piercing his nape. After this vampire reaches with his left hand the hurting part of his neck, he could grasp a tiny arrow. Without hesitation he pulls it with one movement and silently groans. However, now vampire frozen in fear when he hears that familiar gentle yet sadistic voice behind him ''My, what a people we have here...Looks like you are still alive, vampire.''

    Kyo tossed that arrow on ground and turned to face this fiend. That's right, the same person, who sent him to his own personal hell five years ago, this man has not changed at all. The menacing chuckle pierced through vampire yet this person continued ''So, it's really you, little slaughterer. You are as rotten little disgusting beast as I remember. However, this time, I won't be so merciful and kind this time. ''

    This vampire instinctively growls and shows his fangs at this long haired blonde hunter, who looked so calm and unaffected. The snow-white long coat, same color pants, long until lower back blonde hair - from first glance, anyone could mistake him as angel, however, behind that look there is a more twisted and vile being than any underworld creature could be. Or so, this is an old time member of Hunter Guild - Kain. Kyo's eyes began to glow in bright crimson red as well.

    This brunette tried his luck to stretch his nails and now slashes with one hand his opponent. However, the hunter was faster and moved aside, leaving this vampire nearly tripping over the air. Damn, why it didn't worked? His nails remained the same. Yet this brunette heard a mockery in chill tone ''Too slow. Is this the best you can do?''. Without second thought Kyo dodge down and spin kicks the enemy. However, another failed attack - Kain avoid attack and now he was behind this vampire's back.

    ''What a sluggish creature are you. Know your place!'' and this brunette barely had time to react to this fiend attack. He felt a strong numb pain on left side of back. Fortunately for this vampire that the broadsword of this cold-hearted blonde was in it's sheath. Kyo was now lying on his stomach yet now he was shaking while tried to get up from cold pavement. For some reason his body now felt so heavy and he could barely move.

    Kain judged with mocking look alone this vampire and now he several times stepped on Kyo's back ''I'm surprised how you can still move. Yet I must congratulate you for that, vampire. However, I do not need bounty from your head, but you have something else what I can use.''. Shit, why does he cannot control his body, though this vampire. It's like his own body paralyzed yet his mind still sharp and clear. In this case, he can't fight back no matter how he wished. This blonde just chucked ''It's seems the poison already started to work. At least, be grateful. You won't feel any pain and after I'm done, you'll be released from your pathetic existence. So, let's go.'' .

    Lastly, the vampire hunter removed his foot from vampire's back and now bends down to grab back side of Kyo's jacket collar. This brunette wanted to escape at any cost, but he cursed himself for not being able to do anything and that suspense what happens to him only made things worse. So, is he going to die as simply as that? Damn, where is that stupid hunter? Even if he knew that it is a useless effort to to call Yagami's name in his mind, but this the only thing he could think up at this moment. Despise that he was dragged towards the mysterious place, where blonde hunter probably even going to personally execute him.

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    Chapter 12. Unreachable Sin
    Part 3

    It was surely one of exhausting days for the redhead hunter. Finally after three days of tracking down and slaying that annoying banchee, he hoped that when he takes a bounty for this creature's head, he could relax for a bit. Heck, it can't be helped, if he wants to prevent that stupid vampire from getting into trouble. So, that's why Yagami needed to get a proper motivation for that vampire. Although, these blood bags were ment just to be used as most obvious bait for hunting down these night-stalkers, but they sure cost a lot.

    After all, it was surprise how Hunter Guild could even afford these. Some said master of the Guild has connection with medical institutions. Whenever it was truth or not, but this redhead didn't really cared yet he was lucky to get at least a couple of them. And this how his earned money went quickly without noticing. Because of that vampire, he has to hunt down more often.

    However, right now, he barely has returned to the Guild and was greeted by his senior, Yashiro, who now dares to asks him to fetch some healing potions, just because he had unexpected plans. Of course, Yagami holds back an urge to punch this fellow demon hunter with a bag with banchee's head, but involuntary agrees. As excuse, the silver-haired man said that Guild is out of stock of them and for good week there wouldn't be any. Of course, the closest place to get them is one witch's shop outside the city, or so added Yashiro. In any case, Iori hoped that maybe he could find something even better for Kyo as well. So, after getting that sweet bounty money, he sets on journey.

    Finally, Yagami has reached the beginning of out of town. Along the main road form both sides were aligned mixed sorts of trees. However, this area was barely inhabitant by humans, so, behind the line of trees there was still a trace of nature - there were visible forests and time from time showing up the residents, who hunts at night time foolish enough animals, which wander in the forest. Yet this redhead has to follow the main road for a bit longer, at least until the first signs of civilization shows up.

    A half hour has passed. It seems that the traces of humanity began to show up. Although, it was a lonely gas station, which was opened all day and all night and just waits for any of visitors. According, the plan, soon should be visible the industrial part of city as well. However, something strange has caught the eye of this hunter. It seems that another hunter was dragging his caught target somewhere. More important, that vampire looked so awfully familiar. But why this brunette doesn't resist? He looked nearly fine and wasn't even tied or have heavy wounds. Whenever it was Kyo or not, this redhead decided to track down the fellow hunter.

    After nearly fifteen minutes of following, Yagami noticed that the hunter stopped for good minute and now while dragging unfortunate creature with him, entered an opened storage. Heck, just what did this hunter thinks up? Yet Iori observed from a far, hoping that his presence will be unnoticed. Now he is just silently waiting. If anything, he going to put his trustworthy whip into use.

    Meanwhile, the blonde hunter let this vampire rest in the corner of storage and after picking something tiny from his coat's pocket, he stares at vampire as viper looks at it's caught mouse. Fuck, if only he could move his body...Now, Kain proudly announces "Soon, pretty soon I'll finish your misery. However, do not worry, your soul will not perish. You will become a part of my collection and serve me for eternity", he proudly walks to the center of this huge room.

    When this hunter bends, he starts to draw with crayon a small circle. However, it seems that within each minute this drawing becomes bigger more complicated. That's right, now it also contains an ancient symbols and runes. Could it be a transmutation circle? After awhile, the magic circle finally is finished. Kain turns back and now while slowly approaching vampire and delightfully answers "Just a little bit, vampire. The preparations is done and now you are the missing piece.".

    No matter how hard Kyo tried to close his eyes, his eyes were still open. At least, he didn't wanted to see his very last moments. Despise that he was carried to the center of the circle. After being lied down on it, his both hands were lifted into air and now tied by some kind of rope. Now this brunette felt a burning pain on his writs. Damn, it was a rope soaked in holy water. However, his suffering was ignored by this blonde, who now placed vampire's hands above his head, but the hunter couldn't leave it as simple as that.

    Now Kyo felt how his both wrists were pierced by a dagger. This brunette felt like screaming, despise that his face looked calm and his mouth just slightly opened. However, once again, blonde hunter delightfully observed this unfortunate creature. After he stands up, Kain adds ''Just in case, if you decide to run away like last time." Now he draws his broadsword from his left side and after removing sheath, points the sword at vampire. Just when he was about to open his mouth, he felt a sudden sharp pain on his right wrist.

    After accidentally dropping broadsword, while he was turning around to see who cowardly attacks him from back, hisses "...You little piece of shit..." However, once he notices the culprit, he amusingly says "My, it seems we have unexpected guests. Just how long you been here?". That's right, the redhead hunter now takes step inside while lowers his left hand, which holds whip. He just silently looks to vampire's side and now gaves Kain a serious look. However, this blonde just chuckles and replies "You're too slow, hunter. I caught this vampire first and now I can do whatever I want to. So, why don't you find another target?". Yet Yagami remained silent and just gave a hateful piercing look. Now he lift his left hand with whip and when it is on his chest level, with his right hand grasps the string part of whip, making sure whip is stretched.

    It seems that despise Yagami's warning, Kain mockingly replies "You sure are stubborn fellow. However, if you behave yourself, I'll let you have his body. I just need his soul." While he confidential approaches the redhead hunter, he adds "Although, it is too late to train him as slave. He won't be able to move or walk ever again! So, if you were interested in that - too bad~ However, you can still use his body parts."

    That's it! Now the redhead hunter cracked a smile and growls at his opponent "Who allowed you to touch this vampire?" and without warning strikes this fiend's guts. Kain slowly with-draws while still coughing. Through the groans, blonde replies "...You arrogant brat!...". Kyo could only observe this situation yet he could tell that the aura around Iori has changed - that wasn't just that piercing look, no, it looked like he could kill his opponent without hesitation. He may looked chill outside but inside there was a burning rage of wild beast. "A scums like you never change, Kain. No wonder why you been banished from Guild. But I'm still surprised how you didn't learned your lesson and continue your mess up research. In that case, I should remind your place!"

    Now Yagami releases several heavier slashes with his trustworthy whip at his opponent. However, this redhead panics for a second. It seems that this blonde could stand up so easy and his wounds began to slowly heal. The blonde mockingly replies "So, you are still one of chief's loyal dogs? How does it feel being manipulated by that oldman? Hmph, maybe it feels nice when you don't have your own mind...".

    However, Kain changes the subject "Hunter, do you think your whip is just enhanced by alchemy? A brat like you wouldn't be able to strike a vampire with such a toy! Have you ever wondered why your whip works like this?" Blonde hunter once again began to approach poor vampire, continuing " 'A Soul of Tainted' ...You probably heard this term. Have you wondered what Guild master does to these creatures? That's right, after a successful ritual, their soul is extracted and then used to enhance weapons. However, even their organs can be used not only as charms. If you consume them - you'll become more powerful! That foolish oldman was not happy when someone else discovered this knowledge, so, it was much easier to eliminate anyone, who might be a threat for him."

    Yagami couldn't just calmly stand and listen this madman's speech anymore. It was a last drop when blonde approaches that unfortunate vampire. Now the redhead aims for the same hand of Kain, which was about to touch vampire. A cracking sound of whip and hunter screams in pain - his right wrist was broken. While holding his broken wrist, which palm was twitching, his face grimaced in pain. However, Iori ignores the blonde hunter and strictly replies" 'The power' you say...What kind of bullshit is that?! You were caught experimenting on humans in master's room! Your greed knows no limits..." now he withdraws his whip and adds "I'll let you go with warning. Just never ever let me see you again or else you are finished."

    Now Iori waited how this fiend would do next. However, it seems Kain didn't shown even the slightest wish to give up. Yet he proudly looks at redhead hunter and lifts a left fist. After unclenching his gloved palm, the bright blue flame dances on his palm. This blonde menacingly announces ''My, I could finish you right here and right now. But it would be such a waste, wouldn't you agree. However, I expect much more from you next time, hunter.'' Kain clenches a fist again and dims the fire. After giving a delightful look, he passed through Yagami and before his leave adds ''Mark my words - this vampire will only lead you to your doom. So, I suggest to kill this weakling and end his suffer. It's too late for him~''. Without even bidding a farewell, Kain leaves.

    Iori only closes his eyes and sighs in relief, finally that fiend left. After slowly opening his eyes, this redhead and getting closer to this brunette. Kyo could just observe how step by step the hunter was approaching. He couldn't tell what was inside this redhead's head - he kept a poker-face yet his breathing was deep but slow. Once this redhead kneels down near vampire, he takes one of his knives and cuts the rope and sighs ''Just look at yourself...Ending up like this. How could you let this happen?''. Before pulling out the the dagger, which pierced vampire's wrists, he asked ''Why didn't you do anything?''. Surely, these words made this brunette feel like being scolded yet his face remained indifferent.

    Now Yagami pulls out dagger with quick moment and tosses away that blade. He didn't understood how this stupid vampire look so chill despise that he was about die. Goddamn, why he felt so anxious about it, wondered this redhead. Just observing how slowly healed the burned down wrists from holy water and these stabbing wounds, made this hunter disappointed and blame himself how this vampire was so easily snatched from him. Heck, that was still a miracle that he accidentally noticed Kyo.

    This brunette was lying still and could just stare how this hunter's poker-face was cracked. Is Yagami worried about him? But then why? He was only an ordinary target for this redhead. This human shouldn't get attached to creature like him, or so though Kyo. Now this hunter stands up yet his head was lowered, it was even clear in his voice that he was upset. ''...Enough of that. Stand up already.'', he didn't wanted to face vampire, it was nearly impossible.

    However, he patiently waits yet no response this this brunette. Why the heck he is so stubborn, though this redhead. He takes a deep breath and now turns towards vampire. Kyo remained lying on ground like that and didn't moved even an inch. Yagami clenches his both hands into fist and shakes his head. Now he in shaking tone demands ''Just drop that acting already!''. No response, Kyo's face still remained indifferent and didn't bother to do anything. Iori kneels down and adds ''Enough! Stop joking already!''.

    This vampire was scared yet could do nothing about it. Iori now lifts Kyo like he was a small kitten - by placing his arms under his armpits and wraps his arms around him. Heck, this hunter didn't cared how it looked like at the moment. If this stupid vampire refuses to stand up on his own, it can't be help that he needs some assistance. Now Yagami straighten up his knees and slowly tries to stand up with vampire. He hoped it worked.

    However, once Iori releases his arms from Kyo, this brunette fells like rag-doll on ground. He never felt so useless and it hurts so much without knowing what a hell is going with this vampire. No, he tried to brush away any thoughts about Kyo dying on him. Yet maybe this vampire was suffering so badly that cannot move or say anything. Just what a hell happened until he shown up, asked himself Yagami. Iori's knees gave up him. Without any second though, he wraps his hands around this brunette and pulls close to him. Kyo felt though clothing material how this hunter's fingertips sinks deeper into him and how Iori placed his head on this brunette's shoulder.

    Even so, Kyo didn't minded this unexpected gesture from the hunter. Maybe it is okay to stay like this for a bit longer, this brunette wonders. However, he could feel how Iori was shaking. It is a first time when this vampire sees this fearsome hunter being so fragile and vulnerable. If this brunette could move his arms, he would try to comfort Yagami. Nevertheless, there was no need words, both remained silent at this peaceful moment for awhile.

    Eventually, Kyo could feel how Yagami starts to calm down and relax his palms. However, while one hunter arm was around Kyo's shoulders, the other arm now wanders to back side of his tights. All of sudden this hunter straighten up his knees and stands up. That's right, now this vampire was in Yagami's arms like a wounded princess. Of course, if Kyo could, he would frown his eye-brows and punch him for such a behavior. Despise that Yagami looked serious and before carrying him said ''It seems that there is only one person, who can help you. So, don't dare die on me before that.''. Even so, this vampire was embarrassed inside at same time he was curious. Why Yagami was doing all this and who was that mysterious person. It was hard to admit, but but now he had rely on Iori and see how this will turns out.

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    Re: Vampire Kiss

    Chapter 13. Unreachable Sin
    Part 4

    Nearly half hour has passed yet it felt like eternity by carrying this vampire. Within each minute, it felt like he becoming heavier and heavier yet the redhead hunter didn't give up. One thing for sure, if he has strong determination, then nothing stops him. More so, he was getting closer and closer by each step towards the destination place, deeper and deeper inside the forest. Not on his watch...he swore whatever it takes - that stupid vampire shall not die on him and definitely return back to that lousy and such a trouble-maker brat as before!

    However, now Yagami's arms began to tremble, he won't be able to continue soon. But he wanted to make sure that this vampire won't fell down. Now he slowly kneels down and rest this poor unfortunate on grass and takes a closer look. It seems that like Kyo still remained emotionless, same indifferent look on his face, but he slowly opens his mouth and began to deeply breath. Eventually, the fangs slowly shows up.

    Is this unfortunate creature finally reached the stage of agony before taking a last breath? Yet Yagami recalls from his training that vampires cannot be killed so easy as humans - you won't drown or burn them, they would survive even fatal wounds. Even the all known poison of mankind does not affect them yet only chopping head down could stop them. A perfect ice-cold killing machines, who shows no mercy upon their prey or enemy. These night-stalkers earned a high-rank not for show.

    Unfortunately, the vampire, who was resting closely this redhead hunter, looked so pathetically weak. It would be a perfect chance to end the misery of this creature yet Yagami holds up even from thinking about it. If he was after Kyo's bounty, he would have slain him on their first encounter and called it a day, but now... This an ordinary vampire and killing him should make no difference, right? Just taking down another predator and getting quick cash - no more than that. All it was only for his own surviving and satisfying the simplest and minimum needs.

    There is no other reason than that - fame and fortune didn't interested this hunter. Yet taking away any monster's life didn't give excitement or thrill - it was rather aggravating and he didn't shown any feelings or emotions towards his victims. However, of all times, why did now he even started feel bad for the kind, which he hunts down for years? No, there is no time for unnecessary questions or wondering, Yagami shakes away any thoughts.

    After brief moment the redhead hunter takes a deep breath and once again takes this brunette into his arms and carry on his journey to witch's shop. Fortunately, soon enough, he noticed the wooden hut surrounded by singly trees. Once he reached door, he kicked them. At least that should help to attract the attention of the owner. No answer, this hunter tried again and now asking ''Hey! Just open already!''.

    When he was about to repeat, the wooden door has opened and the hunter barely kept the balance. However, Yagami didn't confused and remained still. He was greeted by femine strict voice ''It is quiet rude of you to intrude like this. Besides, we are closed. ''. Finally, the owner of this shop reveals her face. It was a long ebony haired woman, who wore a long-sleeved white tunic, long black skirt. From her face alone you could tell that she looked exhausted and now she slowly closes the door. Just before slamming the door, the hunter placed his foot between door frame and door.

    After slightly moving his leg deeper inside, he managed to open door again, making the witch take step backward. Now Yagami gives a serious look towards this ebony-haired woman and demands "Just help me with this!". Of course, when this woman noticed suffering vampire in hunter's arms, she was shocked and frowns. Now she indignantly tells "You sure arrogant enough to came here and ask someone else to finish your work! Not only you used forbidden arts, but you are shameless enough to let anyone else get rid-off of your failure. Begone or else you'll suffer worse fate than this unfortunate creature.".

    However, Iori gritted his teeth and fights-back yet with mixed despair in his voice ''This why I am here, you stupid woman! So, you know what is happening to him? Then do something!''. Surely, this woman doubted the motives of this hunter yet she was too tired to deal with this stubborn fellow. Now she takes a deep breath and sighs ''...Fine. Come in.'' and opens door wider.

    Once this redhead enters witch's shop, he was greeted by the scent of various mixed herbs, which seem to be somehow familiar. No wonder, there were several small bouquets of dried herbs hanged on walls. Maybe these awaken a false feeling of nostalgia of old distant days. Behind the counter there was enormous bookshelf leaning against the wall - it seems there is a lot of various books of spells, bestiary or scripts containing any other value information. Along that there were lesser creatures kept in jars and even a few skulls of better known monsters. Lastly, maybe on one of shelves along the other potions there was the one, which should save this vampire from wretchedness.

    Even so, Iori leaves this brunette leaning against the wall. From now on, everything was in this sorceress hands. After she kneels down and inspects Kyo. It seems within each minute his condition getting worse. Now his breathing rhythm was rough and he began to tremble, all he could do just stare into void with miserable dull gaze. The ebony-haired woman slowly covers her mouth and closes her eyes.

    Yagami didn't liked this reaction at all and prepared for the worst, but he patiently waited for the final verdict. Once this she stands up, she holds her arms together and now places her hands under her chin while observing this brunette. After short pause of deadly silence, she looks at hunter and spokes up in serious tone ''...Just before dawn of new day and it would been too late for him.''. Surely, this not the answer he wanted to hear, but at least he wanted to know what is exactly happening for his supposed target.

    Without realizing, he asked in shaking voice '' What a hell is going on?...that wicked fool...damn.'', of course, this question was unexpected for the witch and now she replied in inquisitively ''Are you saying it is not work of your hands, hunter? This vampire was poisoned by one of rarest poisons, which can be found only in netherworld. However, even small dose of it can kill even the most dangerous monsters or demons on same day. On first hour it paralyzes the victim completely, afterwards, it will cause unimaginable pain until the creature's last breath.''.

    Redhead hunter didn't wanted to listen anymore and now clenched his both hands into fists. Now he demands ''Is there is anti-venom? I'll pay any price that you will ask. ''. This woman turns away and went behind the counter. It seems that now she was looking one of the needed books. After quick scanning with her fingertips over the back of books, she took a dark blue tome with golden corners. When she placed it on counter, this witch flipped the pages she left book spread and skimmed over the pages.

    Even if Yagami tried to read as well, but it was useless information for him - it is written in one of dead ancient languages and these symbols looked too cryptic. He impatiently asked ''Is there is anything? How come you don't know is there is a cure or not?''. Now this ebony-haired woman gave a cold gaze and strictly replied ''You are still quiet rude. Besides, you are one of very few people who asked this. That's why checking twice won't do any harm. Apparently, there is no cure for it. However-'', now she paused and asked ''What are you planning to do with this vampire? If you only seek to make him into your personal pet or sell him, then forget it and never show here again! I would end his suffer quickly...and without causing any pain.''.

    Yagami gritted his teeth and slammed his hands on counter making this woman with-draw quickly ''He can't die just yet! If you have cure, then I'll do anything, even destroying this shop for that one damn potion! Then you and that foolish hunter will pay, got it?!''. Surely, this ebony-haired woman was in shock yet now she frowns and returns to counter. Once she was close enough to the hunter, she closes her eyes and exhales.

    After she opens her eyes, the harsh sound of slapping flesh echoed. Iori was dumbfounded and he still felt a twitching pain on his left cheek. He remains silent while this woman scolds him ''Don't act so arrogant. You have no right to attack me in such a savagery way. Did you hunters forgot about even the basic manners? Keep any further talk or explanations for later. There might be only one way to help him. If you want to save this unfortunate soul, then stay quiet or else even slightest distraction could only made worse.''.

    Now this witch kneels down to search for so-called cure inside counter's drawers. Before that she looks for small key inside one of her tunic's pockets. Once she inserted silver key to keyhole, she unlocks the middle drawer and now she picks with both of her hands a wooden box. After she places on counter, she twist the switch and lifts the lid. There was a small bottle with golden thick-ish transparent liquid. Even when this sorceress carefully picks bottle it began to shine. It was radiating like sunray beams, however, this light wasn't blinding.

    However, after awhile this light slowly dims yet remains to glitter. Yagami didn't wanted to get in the way for this woman and moves away and gets closer to Kyo. Once this ebony-haired woman approaches vampire, she kneels down and opens the bottle. Before letting this brunette to take a sip, she calmly explains to Iori ''It is one of hardest to obtain potions, which needs a perfect precision to make. Even the most skilled alchemists devote their entire life just to make a single bottle of this mythical potion - Aqua Vitae. Let's hope for best, because this is the last hope to save him.''.

    When she gently holds vampire's jaw, she brought the tip of bottle closer to his mouth. Kyo was still trembling yet now he felt such a nice and sweet scent, which strangely comforts until he started to feel calming down. Once first drops reaches inside his mouth, he felt bitter-sweet taste. Now he greedily began to swallow the poured liquid. It was like a water sip for long-time thirsted person. This brunette never felt at such a ease, he didn't even minded to rest for eternity while he is at such a state. Even his lively gaze started to return.

    Meanwhile Yagami observed how well this vampire was finishing this potion. It looked like it worked. Once this witch placed emptied bottle, she looked relieved as well. However, once the hunter was about to say something, this vampire froze in same spot.

    No movement or sound, he eyes were wide-open, but now he began to gasp. then tightly holds his throat with one hand and falling on ground. This brunette crawls into ball. He felt like being choked and throwing out. Unfortunately, there were nothing in his stomach yet he spasmodically hiccoughing. It was painful, so painful that he cannot stand, inside his head he begged to be killed. His head was feeling like splitting into half. He shrieks and whines.

    His whole body was aching, every inch or cell of him screamed in pain. It's unbearable, his vision dyed in red. There world didn't existed beyond that crimson color. He was drolling and face full of tears yet like it matters! He begged to be killed.

    Iori's knees gave up on him and now he roughly grabbed vampire's shoulders ''...the fuck is going?...Get a hold of yourself! Wake up! Fuck...'', he desperately began to shake this vampire. It looked like those words didn't reached agonizing Kyo, who's body was in convulsions. This ebony-haired woman instinctively hits back hunters hands and rices her voice ''Calm down before you did more damage than help! There is nothing what you or me can do about it. His body rejecting the poison. It's up to him whenever he is strong enough to fight it back or not. All we could do just wait and hope for the best.''. Heck, this hunter never felt so useless and he barely could understand this woman. Yet how come she barely shown any reaction? How come she can remain so cold when someone whom she curing is now on verge of death? She blocked any attempt to get closer this brunette.

    It felt like time has stopped and every second felt like eternity. After couple of minutes Kyo lets out last groan and stops moving. Is he dead?

    Now this ebony-haired woman places her hand on this brunette's shoulder and she sighs. Surprisingly, but she felt how this vampire was still slightly shaking and notices how calm he is sleeping. Once turns towards hunters, she says in gentle and comforting tone ''He only passed out. However, right now he needs to rest.'' , however, it seems that this redhead was dumbfounded and remained still. This sorceress replies in slight annoyed tone ''Are you going to stay like this? Or will you help me carry him?''.

    Once Iori approached Kyo, he places vampire's arm over his shoulder and now stands up. Now he wraps his arm under this vampire's shoulder to support him. It was like a miracle that Kyo was alive yet somehow it was to have him that close...He could still feel how this brunette was shaking, but that gradually went off and now his head was nearly resting on hunter's shoulder. Did this vampire's body was exhausted to that point he completely passed out or could it be, he finally calms down? He swear that he could hear how this brunette began to let out quiet short purring like sounds. It seems that in between these sounds, this vampire letting out trilling noises like a feline being.

    Is this a common thing when they resting? He was not sure yet yet this is the first time seeing this kind sleeping. Yet one thing for sure, this redhead felt like a heavy weight was removed from his chest. Heck, that stupid vampire! Once he wakes up, he gonna...gonna...In any case, later he'll decide what to do next. So, for now this hunter was prompted to follow the witch, where Kyo could probably recover.

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    Re: Vampire Kiss

    Chapter 14. Unreachable Sin
    Part 5

    After leaving the hut, this ebony-haired woman leads the hunter behind it. It seems that this building was bigger than expected, because rest of it at least three times as spacey as the shop. Once they were near the door, this witch picked a key from one of tunic's pockets. However, just when she inserted it into keyhole, she turn her head towards this redhead?s side and gives an easing smile.

    It seems that he was alerted how someone else noticed Kyo's behaviour towards him. That's right, intentionally or not, but this vampire all the way kept this acting. Is he truly a vampire and not a nekomata instead? Yet he knew that if this brunette was a one, then he would act much more different. So, no split tail into two or triangle cat ears when he shows stronger emotions. In any case, Yagami didn't wanted to encounter with these yokai since they were normal cats, but because of cruel people?s behavior become into nekomatas. As for this brunette, he was a vampire despite being in weaken form.

    For now, this redhead irritatingly asked ''What do you want? It's nothing like I asked for this.''. The witch just calmly replies ''As a hunter, you should already know that vampires are very sensitive creatures. In this case, he simply sensed that you might be stressed. However, despite being unaware of his actions, he may trust you enough. That's why he unconsciously tries to calm you like his primal instincts tells him.''.

    Surely, no matter how hard it was to admit, but Yagami felt less stiff because of these hypnotic rhythm of weak vibrating noises made by Kyo. That stupid vampire...Right now Iori just turned his gaze away from this witch, like heck, he would openly admit that. She only sighs ''You shouldn't be ashamed of that, hunter.'' now this ebony-haired woman twist the key and while slowly opens the door, continues ''Vampires like any other creatures do also have the same need of wanting to comfort and being cared or loved. Humans like you may never been taught about such a simple thing, but it's not your fault...Anyway, let's go.''.

    After this woman enter the dark room, she turns the nearest switch and now the room was lighten up in warmly light orange color light. It was a moderate room from which left side had small kitchen table and couple chairs, from right side along the wall was placed a single person sized bed and night table close to head. It seems that this room maybe used only for restless or wounded wanderers to stay overnight, because there was another door not so far from the front side of the bed. Maybe behind the door was the room where where stays this witch.

    However, now this sorceress asked the hunter ''Don't just stand here and help me to put him into bed.''. Without any hesitation this redhead carefully laid this brunette to bed. Of course, he later he received some of the notes from the witch "At least remove his shoes and jacket or are you planning to wash the sheets as well?''. This woman keep constantly irritating Yagami yet he didn't argued and just did what he was asked. Unfortunately, it is not easy as it seems and one thing is remove shoes - it's not that hard and this redhead managed that pretty well.

    Another thing was removing his jacket. The hunter hoped that Kyo not putting an acting on purpose, otherwise, someone really missed the taste of leather whip. Hopefully, this stupid vampire is not aware how Iori was struggling with such a task. Plus, he never felt this embarrassed, because this whole process was probably silently judged by that witch, who now wanted to lend a hand, but this redhead's pride didn't allowed that. Once he managed to half sit this brunette, he finally managed to take off this piece of clothing and now let this unfortunate soul to lay down.

    Right now Yagami silently observed this vampire, who looked so peaceful during his rest like nothing happened in the first place. It seems that his fangs disappeared as well. However, this ebony woman was about to open the door of the mysterious room, but she was stopped by hunter's question in serious tone ''Where are you going? What if he starts to freak out again?'' and now she turns back towards this redhead's side and calmly explains ''Rest assure, hunter. This vampire already went trough the worst. So now he is simply exhausted and need time to restore the energy. It may take a week or two of resting, in worst case - even more than month. During that time, we have to make sure that he would avoid even the smallest sunlight beam.''.

    This redhead persistently attack this woman with another set of questions ''And you going to leave as simple as that to doze out? How can you be not so sure how long it will take for him to recover?'', the ebony-haired woman only sighs and decides to put this curious fellow into his place ''As a hunter, you sure seem too much care about your target. I'm not asking right now what kind of relationship you have with him or your motives. It can wait until another day. For now, I would just ask your name, because may already tired of being called 'you' . In return, you should know my name - Kagura Chizuru. ''.

    At first, Yagami was doubtful whenever he should tell his name, but it seems maybe this woman seemed to be trustworthy, after all, she could simply trick him or cast a deadly curse on him. Yet while still being suspicious and self-aware, he decided to see how this going to turn out. When both introduced themselves and even telling this brunette's name, Chizuru explained that she just need now to write down everything what happened and about the condition of this vampire in her journal. That's why she doesn't want to be disturbed in the study room. After that Iori was left alone with this vampire and waiting until he wakes up from his slumber.

    If this Kagura person was right, then there was nothing left to do at the moment. Besides, this redhead started to feel tired as well, so, after dimming the lights, he sits on ground next to the bed where this brunette rest. Yet that woman mentioned earlier that vampires are more sensitive, so, probably this thin blanket wouldn?t be enough for this idiot, or so wondered the hunter. More important, these curtains would barely protect this stupid vampire from sunlight as well. Or so, he thought.

    That's why this redhead decided to use his coat. Besides, it is warm and long enough to cover up this vampire. After removing his coat, it was visible that he wore white plain long sleeved shirt yet he still had wore a dark sturdy leather vest on top of it. So, it should be still warm enough, this what he told to himself in mind.

    Now he gently placed his coat on Kyo and made sure it was also wrapped around his head yet leaving his face uncovered. Just who knows if this stupid vampire would try to roll on sides. It can't be helped that it was this hunter's first time taking care of this kind. Of course, he has no experience! Heck, this vampire does not realize that he is so peacefully resting near a potential enemy, isn't he? He was too vulnerable and if it was another person, he may be already dead.

    Just looking this brunette alone made this hunter feel bad for him. What a hell he went trough? How could this vampire let his guard-off so easily? - this what Iori thought yet it was useless to get these answers. Yet after awhile observing Kyo in this state, this redhead even started feel guilty over being too late. However, for now Yagami sits down and leans against the bed where this reckless fool resting. Despite feeling tired from all this mess, he just continues to observe this brunette and now just sighs.

    After all, it was such a relieve that this vampire was still alive and not taken away by someone else. Even so, matter how you look at it, it was rather ironic - a vampire killer saves a life of the kind, which are feared and despised by humanity. Yagami perfectly understood that, but it wasn't his style to finish off a weaklings, unless there was a need for accomplishing bounties. However, this brunette was another case.

    He didn't shown any signs of being a threat or had super-natural strength. Heck, the only thing that he was gifted so far - attracting the trouble, yet for his head was offered such a generous bounty. Of course, this redhead wants to see by himself the true potential and the power of this vampire. That's why no matter what it takes, he is ready for any sacrifice. Maybe then Iori could give his best and then finishing this vampire would be something satisfying.

    But for now, Kyo barely could protect himself, that's why for beginning, he needs to learn even the most basic self-defense and maybe have a better weapon. Heck, this stupid vampire better do not disappoint him, 'cos if he knew how much this redhead already invested into this one so desired fight then...It's not important what happens next - now this brunette was the main priority. That's why this hunter has to keep the eye on him and make sure nothing would happen to him.

    However, Iori was snapped back to reality once he noticed how without even realizing his palm was brushing against Kyo's cheek. It was like he was drawn closer to this vampire. All of sudden he with-draws his hand like it was burnt. Yet this vampire wasn't so cold as expected, contrariwise, the touched skin was warm and smooth. Nevertheless, no reaction from this brunette - not a single move or sound, nothing. He remained looking so calm, peaceful...and innocent? No, it must be in nature of this vampire to be alluring, otherwise, he wouldn't be able to catch a prey - or so, this how this redhead tried explain his own unexpected behaviour.

    In any case, Yagami was more curious because, if this vampire can hypnotize while he is asleep, then what he could do once he fully awaken... ''Just get better soon, you idiot.'' this hunter murmured and went to turn off the lights. Once he return, Iori returns to same spot and for last time checks this vampire before eventually falling asleep next to him.

    It was still same night, but hunter's instincts woke him up. Now he immediately placed his hand on neck and checked whenever this vampire was awaken and tried to use him in advance as a food. Fortunately, his worries were for nothing - this vampire was asleep. Like he was lying in same position, he remained so. Yet it seems that this brunette unconsciously shown his fangs during the sleep and started to silently let out chattering noises. However, as soon as he started, he finished. Kyo's fangs slowly disappeared as well. What was that all about? Murmured this redhead before returning to his sleep.

    Thus, time from time this redhead was waking up and struggling all night with no restlessly. Fortunately, by the dawn of the new day, this hunter finally dozen up until next evening.

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    Re: Vampire Kiss

    Chapter 15. Unreachable Sin
    Part 6

    This redhead began to slowly open his eyes. It was simply too bright. What kind time of the day is right now? How long did he dozen out? However, right now he felt how something warm was wrapped around him. Once Iori looked around him, he noticed that it is already late evening and that someone placed a warm blanket on him. Another thing, which caught his eye is that there were no visible trace of that annoying woman. Was she gone? Like it is matters right now, or so thought this redhead.

    Now he tried to turn his head to see how this vampire was doing. Unfortunately, even one slightest movement and now he felt how badly his nape was in pain. Not to mention when he leaned forward, his back was in pain as well. Yet this hunter ignored it and still stands up through silent groaning. Once he was on feet, he placed his hand on his nape and began to rub it. Well, it's no one's fault that he fell asleep in such a place or position yet it's been really awhile since he slept that well. Maybe he was more tired than he though.

    Nevertheless, Yagami decided to check how is this stupid vampire. The hunter only sighs - Kyo was still in his slumber and didn't shown any signs of waking up any time soon. Probably this brunette was more physical and emotional exhausted than Iori expected. In any case, he'll wait as much as it need. However, all of sudden he was alerted and turned his gaze towards the squeaking noise of opening door.

    Apparently, it was only Chizuru, who has left the study room. When she noticed the hunter, she calmly asked ''Oh, you're finally awake? How are you feeling?'' but when she points out where was left Yagami's coat, she smiles and adds ''My, you sure are considerate. However, you need to take care of yourself as well. No matter how you may be though, but you are still a human, Yagami.''. Surely, this redhead was not happy about this comment yet he holds back from fighting back.

    However, he briefly replies ''Just mind your own business. I'll stay here as much as it needed. So, at least not until this stupid vampire wakes up.''. Unfortunately, the ebony haired woman strictly says '' You don't need to worry about. He doesn't need to be observed whole day, at least for this week. That's why you can carry on your routine like usual. Besides, this shop is surrounded by magic barrier. So, I would be aware if anyone getting closer. If you were worried about this vampire's safety, then rest assure, he is in safe hands.''. It seems the hunter didn't wanted to give up to this annoying woman, so, now he negotiates ''Very well, but don't you think you gonna get rid off me so easy! Then I'm going to visit here until he recovers. Like heck, I'll leave him alone!''. Of course, Chizuru could only sigh and silently enjoy observing how Yagami behaves like a stubborn child. This redhead even forgets about this coat and before his leave, he turns back and declares ''I'll be back! So, be glad that I have unfinished business with other pesky bastard.'' and after he gazes for the last time at Kyo, he left the witch?s hut.

    Besides, the only place where Iori could get more food for this slumbering brunette, was the Hunter Guild. After all, who knows how this stupid vampire going to act once he is awake. So, being prepared in advance, shouldn't do any harm. That fool Yashiro may already forgot about his sent request, so, if he wanted these potions so badly, he may already got them. In any case, right now dealing with his mentor was very least concern of this redhead.

    After a while, he finally reached the Hunter Guild but once he was inside, he noticed that the guild is still so lively as ever despite it is a late evening. So, who were checking notice board for news and bounties, who were preparing for new journey or just returned and, lastly, one pesky silver-head, whom Yagami very least wanted to see. Once he was noticed by Yashiro, he was greeted in casual manner of this veteran hunter, who approached him and pats Iori's shoulder '' Yo! Look who is back?~ Why took so long? Did Yagami-chan was bullied by some nastier monsters on the way? You look awful. What happened to your coat?''.

    Apparently, this demon hunter wasn't even planning to go on next hunt any time soon, because of his more casual outfit. At least he didn't carried his trustworthy sword - Demon Slayer, plus, for once he putted a shirt and does not wear that shabby coat as well. However, this time, an innocent question like that made this redhead annoyed - No, you dumbass. Just stumbled across one abomination, who cowardly back-stabs and escapes like a shameless asshole. Then woke up in with killing spine, of course, I'm fine~ - Or so this redhead kept in his mind. However, he only answered with keeping his poker-face and in cold tone ''Mind your goddamn business...''.

    After such a adorable reply, Yashiro with-draws his hand from Iori's shoulder and shakes his head ''So, you got into another fight again, but now you lost it, didn't you?''. Heck, that idiot surely strikes into right spot of this redhead whenever he intended or not. Yagami only turns his gaze away from his senior and remain silent. It seems that after couple minutes of awkward silence, this silver-head begins to give a good session of lectures ''How many times I told you to not to loose your temper over small details? Whoever it was, surely was merciful enough to spare you. ''.

    Iori just cracks a smile and then without looking back murmurs ''That stupid bastard...'', of course, Yashiro gave a questionable look, but continued to listen further. Right now this redhead lift his head and says clearly ''I met Kain. He look exactly the same like years ago before being banished. It seems that he might be a same kind as you-'' however, before finishing what he wanted to say, he felt a menacing aura from his senior, which was followed by his vest being grabbed roughly. All of sudden Iori was lifted by this silver-head's one arm into the air with no sweat. Heck, now this redhead's face was twisting in pain from this unexpected attack.

    However, once he noticed Nanakase's pissed-off face, he knew that now he crossed the line yet Yagami didn't tried even to resist, just waiting how this going to turn out. This demon hunter only stares silently and now threats in deep tone ''Don't you dare to compare me with that human scumbag. Even demons do not commit such a crimes as this arrogant trash.''. Certainly, it was one of rare cases when this silver-head shows his serious side yet each time it awakens Iori's primal sense of fear. Heck, no matter how he looks at it, he was simply too weak compared to this veteran hunter, no matter how many years he was trained by him.

    One thing sure, this redhead was smart enough to understand that Yashiro was definitely a super natural being and opposing him would only lead to the death. However, at this moment, this redhead refused to show any signs of fear or struggle and now just stares back. Apparently, this silver-head had enough and after he sighs, he lowers his arm which holds the fellow hunter. Finally, Yagami was released yet he landed on his knees. Hell, he never felt so defeated and now just when lowers his head and bits his lower lip.

    Yashiro now spokes up in more forgiving tone ''I hope that you didn't mean to say this. In any case, what happened? '' when this redhead stands up and fixes his clothes, he replies ''He caught a vampire and was dragging him to abandon storage.'' , now this demon hunter chuckles and answers ''So? No one forbids even fools like him to join another guild and hunt down a wanted target.''. However, right now Iori continued telling his story but now it sounded more concerned tone ''There was some sort of magical circle and when he placed vampire in the middle of circle, he was about to stab him...I broke that bastard's wrist. However, aside that now he now can use a blue flame, the vampire was unable to move no matter what. He was like paralyzed...''.

    This silver-head only scratched his chin and sighs after listening to Yagami, calmly answers ''I see...So, Kain is still causing problems as usual and striving for more power...However, what kind of demon did he slain to get such a ability? More so, this vampire caught your attention, isn't he? Is he was your target? It's unusual for you to fight with other hunters for a mere bounty. Besides, no monster is able to recover after this, just silently suffer in agony, unless...At least can you tell me what have you done to this vampire? ''.

    However, Iori's poker-face was cracked and now he was confused as a child who is being caught by doing something wrong yet not sure how to escape from punishment. He could swear that he felt a pressure from his senior like being judged for what he going to say. Nevertheless, he need to answer quickly, otherwise, Yashiro might suspect him. So, after swallowing saliva, Yagami briefly answers ''...I killed him. Move, I just need to rest.'' and now this redhead without a word walks by this demon hunter and went to upstairs floor, where was his room. Once Iori was out of sight, this silver haired hunter just cross his arms and shakes his head at such a behavior of his disciple. Now he tells to himself in humming voice ''Liar...Yagami-chan been acting so weird recently~ You thought I wouldn't notice that oh-so-hidden bite mark?...There is same vampire's scent all over you, you idiot...Just don't lower your guard or else you might get hurt~...''.

    It was a dawn of new day. However, this vampire hunter couldn't rest all night and just managed to get couple hours of sleep. So, surely, it was more than enough for him, or so he convinced himself. Besides, right now was the best chance to sneak out, 'cos that annoying idiot wouldn't notice. That's why despite still feeling lazy, this redhead forced himself to get up and just get ready.

    A good half hour has passed~ Once he left the room, this hunter straightforward went to exchange for blood bags. However, it seems that he was lucky to get couple bags yet the shopkeeper gave him a weird look before leaving. Just what was her problem? It shouldn't be anyone's concern what and how much he can buy, or so, thought this redhead. According this shopkeeper, only after couple of days she should receive the rest of these value bags. So, it means that now he has to stay in the Guild for awhile. Of course, Yagami wasn't too happy, but at least it was better than nothing.

    That stupid vampire better not awake without his notice, 'cos who know what he might be up to or how he would behave. Maybe the first thing what he could do is rabidly attack the first visible person on sight and feast on it. Hell, then it would mean that this hunter would have to fight probably against strong creature, but filled with nothing more than pure instincts and, unfortunately, finish up like any other target. One thing if it would be just a mere frustration over the investment and hard work which was for naught. After all, it would be only the matter of the time when this redhead would find another high-ranked enemy.

    However, it?s not the point in this case! Yagami knew that there was something special about Kyo. Even if this vampire lost his oh-so-great powers, for what he is, he sure shows a huge potential, which makes Iori interested in this brunette. That's why this redhead willing to do anything to make sure that Kyo would be in his best shape as soon as possible and finally defeat him. He can't just wait for that day when this brunette would be giving his best, then probably Yagami could finally have the most satisfying and thrilling battle. Maybe then he could understand what it feels like to be alive.

    Would be worth to sacrifice everything for that temporally moment tho? What he would do when he would achieve this? One thing for sure, killing off Kyo instantly is not a choice. It would be the same as dying along with this vampire. Besides, this brunette probably without realizing attracts Iori like drawing closer to him. Is it because he was just a better treat for this vampire? May be, may be not. In any case, at least for awhile, it would entertain this hunter and would give a temporally purpose in life - protecting Kyo from any threat including his vampire's instincts. So, having something to trick this brunette's hunger might calm him down.

    And thus, the hunter has waited for these two days to pass. Before leaving his room, he looked in closet for thicker coat, because he cannot stock these blood bags under his vest. The suspicious bulge around his chest area would attract unwanted attention, plus, dealing with Guild master would be just a waste of time. Once he found a similar coat to his previous one, which one was a long dark crimson coat, which had a black fur collar and had a white crescent moon sign on the back side. Unlike previous coat, this one also had a black leather straps to close his coat. After all, it was designed for harsher weather and was more sturdy as well. So, once he puts this coat, Iori left his room and went to the guild's shop. After visiting the same shopkeeper, Yagami got the rest of the blood bags and now once he opens his coat, he places two bags inside left chest side inner pocket and the rest couple into right side's. At least it should be a safe spot and, hopefully, it won't attract unwanted attention. However, speaking of devil, before he opens the entrance door of the Guild, he was spotted by a familiar face. Not again...thought this redhead while he rolled his eyes.

    Apparently, Yashiro was approaching him. From that outfit alone, you can tell that he might be planning to go out somewhere and at least it?s more or less decent - white t-shirt, black leather jacket and black pants, and, of course, behind his back his trustworthy sword - Demon Slayer. While holding his hands inside of pants' pockets, the silver-head cheerfully greets him ''Yo! Are you already leaving? Did you find another target? '' of course Yagami replied in his usual manner ''Mind your business.'' and now walks through the door, ignoring his mentor's presence.

    The sky was dyed in orange and little by little changing into purplish color and leaving the grayish Hunter Guild building and courtyard dyed with orange tone - the day was slowly dying and the night was taking over. There was only a small breeze, which makes hunter's long coat?s hemline slowly flap by being caught by the wind. It felt like being finally free and getting closer and closer to the slumbering vampire. Unfortunately, all of sudden he felt that someone may following him and he didn't like it at all. Once this redhead stops walking, he turns back and now frowns.

    ''Will you ever stop it? It's so annoying...'' said Iori in irritated tone, however, the demon hunters only sighs ''You know you are not the center of the world, Yagami-chan. So, what's wrong wanting to visit good couple of friends? Besides, you should be more careful, otherwise, you may find problems just around the corner.''. That's it, Yagami's patience was almost gone, but he didn't bother to say anything back and just continued on his way.

    An hour has passed~ Finally, this redhead reached the witch's shop. However this time he walks by the shop and went straight behind. Just when his fist lightly touched the door, there was short buzzing noise and all of sudden he fell down with a small groan. Hell, this redhead's whole body was weakly twitching yet he could barely move. Whenever it is a curse or not, it won't stop this hunter. He just cletches his fists and while ignoring this pain, tries to stand up. After several attempts, he fails each time yet he does not give up.

    Fortunately, a familiar witch noticed him struggling. Of course, she just sighs and approaching the hunter ''What are you doing here, hunter? You sure are impatient...'', once she offers a her hand to stand up, Yagami stubbornly brushes it away. While this redhead slowly stands up, Chizuru adds ''You should have checked the shop first instead of storming here.''. When this ebony haired woman reached the door, she stretches her palm and after closing her eyes started to cast a silent spell. Once she opens her eyes, she revealed the invisible barrier, which was glowing in platinum light and surrounded this hut. As it appeared, now it was gone. After opening the door, she prompts Iori to go inside.

    Right now, he was greeted with the familiar view once the lights were on. It seems that Kyo was deeply sleeping while still being under the cover of hunter's other coat. However, Yagami began to undone the straps of his coat and after opening it, he was looking for something inside his inner chest's pockets. When he picks up couple of blood bags from left side and couple from right side, he addresses Chizuru ''Where I can keep these? '' after he notices her being confused, continues ''It's for that stupid vampire...just in case, he needs it.''.

    When this witch sighs, she replies ''Sure thing. I'll keep them in study room.'' , but now she chuckles ''But what are going to do with two coats? Don't tell me you're going to wear both, hunter?''. Of course, Yagami tried to keep his poker-face despite being caught by such a unexpected question and now he replies ''None of your concern. It's not like the last time when I would need your help. Besides, I planned to sell this anyway. So, if it is worth anything, keep it. Maybe some amateur would need this.''. After he was done with removing current coat, he handed over to the witch along with the food for this brunette.

    Unfortunately, this ebony-haired woman didn't liked this kind of attitude yet she backfires with the demands ''You sure are generous to give away so easily such a fine coat, even if you slightly aware of it's cost. Yet since you arrived here, you won't be sitting all day and do nothing. Until this vampire awakes, you will be helping me in the shop. Don't worry, I won't give you over-complicated tasks. As a hunter you can catch any beast or just do lil fetch work. So, since because I'm so kind and smart, I am even forgiving your loan for the very precious potion~''. This annoying woman surely knows how to get on the nerves of this redhead yet she was right. Who knows what kind of spell or curse she can cast, for now he would lower his ego and play along with Kagura's setted conditions, or so decided Yagami. Besides, now he can stay closer to Kyo and will be at the moment when he wakes up. And thus, another week full of various tasks has begin. Hopefully, soon the promised day should arrive.

    It was a calm cloudless evening, the moon was shining bright, however, instead of silver light, it was dyed in light pink color, along with sky being in purplish color. However, only a swarm of bats disturbed the silence of the night, who flied across the sky. It was the time when creatures of the night rise.

    In the familiar hut, a certain redhead was just sitting in front of table and observing how this vampire was still slumbering. However, soon enough his eye-lids becomes more heavier. Maybe Kyo would be still resting even tonight, or so thought Yagami before dozing out. Couple hours has passed. However, all of sudden this redhead was back on his senses upon hearing a weird screeching noises. Without any second the hunter looks toward the side where was the beastly sound.

    Apparently, this vampire was awaken from his sleep. However, there was something off about him - even if it was for a brief moment, but he was radiating a huge amount of dark aura. It was enough to make this redhead's blood froze and realize that he was dealing with more terrifying monster even than SS rank ones, which he encountered a few times. Without realizing he immediately stand ups. His hunter's instincts made him reach out his whip - Vampire Killer. While holding the rolled whip in his lifted left hand, he carefully observes this creature. Although, Kyo was stretching his arms in bed, but couple of details has caught this hunter's eye.

    First of all, these sharp nails looked sharp enough to shred his victims into pieces with slashing strike. Secondly, when this brunette was still yawing, Yagami noticed that now vampire's fangs and glowing crimson eyes were more intimidating and cold like they belonged to the perfect merciless killer. However, this redhead could swear that for awhile Kyo's hair was pitch black and his skin a bit darker, now he grasp Vampire Killer more tightly. Once he several times quickly blinked and after rubbing his eyes with other hand, he looked again at Kyo.

    In the end, it was same old stupid vampire - there wasn't any dark aura, which surrounded him, anymore. Perhaps it was only a trick of the light making this brunette look a bit different than usual. Yet one thing for sure, this redhead could sigh and lower his weapon. However, right now this brunette look down and now was dumb-folded. Upon taking this cover into his hands and studying it, he notices that it was someone's coat. Right now, he doubtfully asked ''What a hell is this?'' after brief moment, he turns his gaze and now notices the hunter and now he is alerted ''Oi, what are you doing here? Just...Just what were you planning to do with that thing?''.

    While anxiously waiting for the answer, this brunette just silently gazes at the hunter, who was getting closer to him. However, once he was so close to bed, Yagami placed his whip back to his right side of the belt and stares at the vampire. After awkwardly pause, this redhead spokes up with trying to keep his cool ''So, you finally awake? You sure took long enough...'' and fixes his shirt. It seems only now this brunette had realized that all the time while he was asleep, he was covered with hunter's coat. Of course, it only leaves him more unanswered questions about this hunter.

    Nevertheless, Iori clenches his hands into fists and begins to scold him ''What were you thinking by acting so recklessly? You didn't even bothered to put any effort to fight back. Ending up like this...Did you wanted to die so badly?!'', of course, at first Kyo had not even the slightest idea why he was accused like this. However, a quick flashback when Yagami shown up before his own execution, made this brunette lower his gaze. How much this hunter saw before that moment? Why he cares this much? wondered this vampire. Even so, Kyo honestly replies ''I was looking for you.''. This redhead was surprised by such a unexpected answer and now remain speechless.

    Despite that, this brunette continues to confess ''You did something to me and like heck, I asked for these changes. Of course, maybe you know what is happening me!'', this vampire bends his arm and after taking a deep breath, concentrates his gaze on his palm. His hand was shaking for the moment, but all of sudden the sharp nails shows up. However, there were no blood traces on this brunette's nails yet it was still painful. Kyo tries to ignore the pain, however, his voice and gaze betrays him. While in shaky and in gloomier voices, he continues ''This is not suppose to happen, not in this form...Your blood is slowly changing my body. Even my prey's blood nearly lost it's flavor and doesn't satisfy my hunger as before.''.

    However, this vampire turns his gaze to the hunter. Once Iori's eyes met Kyo's, he was captivated by this nocturnal creature and couldn't look back. No, vampire's eyes weren't glowing in familiar crimson red, these dark amber eyes were like drawing him closer to this brunette. Heck, Yagami even felt how all of sudden his heart nearly jumped out his chest and now he swallowed saliva. This brunette adds now in melancholic yet gently tone ''Even only once tasting your blood, but...I think I'm slowly getting addicted to it. That's why I needed to see you as soon as possible. I knew that you might be around that bar where some human was killed. Of course, you would-''.

    Iori just sit down on bed next to vampire and grabs Kyo's wrist. Of course, he was speechless at such a gesture of the hunter. While one hand holds this brunette's wrist, with other one, Iori gently brushes this brunette's hand and carefully studies his sharp nails. Yagami just sighs and while keeping a poker-face, he says ''You? Murder with these? You stupid vampire...don't make me laugh. I knew it couldn't be your job even in million of years. So, didn't even bothered to suspect you in the first place. Hell, it was only a mere werewolf. That annoying dog was a waste of time and barely got any better bounty for it.''.

    After releasing this brunette's wrist, this redhead adds ''In any case, you need a weapon to protect yourself. However, first, you need some food. Like heck, I would want to be sucking dry while I'm resting. Speaking of witch, how come that annoying woman is not here? Just wait here.'' when Yagami stands up, he went towards the study room. After couple times of knocking on the door, this redhead asks in irritated tone ''Hey! Kagura! Just open the the door! Kyo is awake.'' - no answer. this redhead tries his luck again - same. That's it! If this woman does not answer, then it can't be helped, than checking by himself.

    However, when he was about to open the door, he heard a familiar voice ''I heard it! Just a minute.'' and now behind the opened door stood Chizuru. It seems that she was staying awake all night - these black circles under her eyes proved that she had restless night. Apparently, she didn't even minded closing the door of study room when she left. Despite that she looked glad seeing that the poison has successfully left vampire's body. After she approached Kyo, who was still in bed, she asked in calm tone ''How are you feeling? Did you had a good rest?''.

    At the beginning this brunette gave a questioning look, he didn't knew this person yet he didn't felt any threat or danger from this mysterious woman. Now Kyo asked ''How long did I sleep this time? Did I have done anything while I was asleep?'', this ebony-haired woman sighs and calmly replies ''You do not need to worry about it. But you slept for nearly two weeks. It is still impressive how quickly you recovered. However, Yagami mentioned that you are feeling hungry, aren't you? This hunter surely brought you a lot of food.''. Then Chizuru addresses the hunter ''Can you get the blood bags from the study room? You know where it is, right? This time you can go inside. After all, you personally wanted to give it by yourself to this vampire.'', of course, this redhead wanted to object to this woman since he was in dept, but also cast another deadly spell.

    When he went to get the package, Chizuru introduced herself to Kyo and just asked couple of questions about his well-being and other details for filling the journal. After Iori returned with blood bags wrapped in blue tissue, his behaviour has slightly changed. It seems that it was a harder task to give these bags, because this with was here, so, now this redhead tried to keep his poker-face, but now he turned his gaze from vampire and while stretching his arm in which one was the blood bags, he told in nearly understandable voice ''Here.''. After he felt how vampire took these blood bags from his hand, he once again looked at Kyo.

    Apparently, Kyo didn't told anything yet carefully holds this package. However, this ebony haired woman interrupts before her leave ''In any case, I need to go. If anything happens, just knock into the door. Good night and take care.''. If she was right, then she doesn't need to worry about them and just let them have their time. After all, it seems that this hunter doesn't have any vile ulterior motives what to do with this vampire and just maybe cares too much than he should. With that in mind, she closed door behind her and after sitting in front of writing table, she works on her notes until falling asleep.

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    Re: Vampire Kiss

    Chapter 16. Unreachable Sin
    Part 7.

    It was the same night and right now everyone were asleep aside one vampire, who seem to be fed up with staying awake. There was nothing to do! It's too boring! Even that hunter was deeply asleep despite that he was leaning against the bed. Why does this human have to act so stubbornly like this? He could have picked better place for sleeping...Besides, Kyo was fine and doesn't need to be protected all the time. Humans are sure weird creatures and just too complicated - wondered this brunette while silently observing this hunter. Anyway, since no one is going to pay attention to him, this vampire has to find a way how to kill some time. This Kusanagi feels a small urge to stretch out, besides he was curious where he was all this time. So, this brunette decides to have a walk and now once he puts his white jacket, Kyo takes a better look at his new surroundings.

    Surely, it was so refreshing outside the hut and being greeted by the breeze, which rustled tree leafs was relaxing. So, apparently this brunette was surrounded by the forest, hell, he could still vaguely remember how he got here, his vision simply started to black out while he was on the way. Yes, he remember what happened in abandoned storage and that Yagami was carrying him somewhere, but later on, he could re-call only singly parts until he passes out. One of more outstanding details were this hunter's voice - he was waaay too loud and constantly yelling. Then that sweet taste of mysterious liquid, which awaken something distant yet familiar inside him. It was cold and frightening, he was in darkness and then...

    Right now Kyo widens his eyes and while he roughly breaths and shivers, he hugs himself. He could swear it was like another being living inside him and back at that moment, it was striving to survive at any cost and take over his body. That creature was cold and unforgiving and wanted to him to be dead. Before loosing his consciousness, this brunette can clearly remember seeing these glowing crimson eyes showing up in the darkness, which silently starred at him. Could it be that this vampire was already too weak and finally his instincts reacts? Or was it an illusion caused by his physical exhaustion? Probably, probably not... But it seems that now he was back to normal and who knows how this could have ended if Yagami didn't interfaced.

    This vampire just shakes his head and sighs. After he leans against the nearest wall of this hut, Kyo just stares at the night sky, which was dyed in in light purplish and dark blue. He begins to wonder whenever all this was just a really bad dream. Even so, every time he takes a his long nap, which is mostly dreamless, more or less it was like switching him off until his body restores enough of energy and wakes him up. Plus, this vampire really didn't had any sense of time when he is awake - maybe weeks or months have passed while he was sleeping, it was hard to tell each time. This is why like any other creature of the night, Kyo has to look for a safe spot for his slumber before humans would find any trace of his existence. And only then he can worry about more petite details such as getting his sense of time.

    In any case, this brunette was about to return back into the hut, however, the sound of opening door startled him. Apparently, a certain redhead was now outside as well, who addresses this vampire ''There you are. Were you looking for a trouble again?'' and now eventually leans against the wall near this brunette. Now Yagami just crosses his arms and calmly observes the moon. ''I thought you were asleep, human. Besides, I just wanted to stretch out. That's all.''. replies this brunette while enjoying the same view as the hunter.

    However, now Kyo turns his gaze towards this redhead and now ask in slight embarrassed voice ''Hey, Yagami, why are you doing this? Erm, it's nothing that I'm not thankful for what did, I guess. But how can you be so sure that I might get my powers back? Your effort might be futile and you'll die for naught...''. This redhead confidently answers without looking back ''You will. I know you will. Otherwise, I wouldn't have wasted my time on you. So, for beginning, we're going to look for a suitable weapon for you.''. Of course, this vampire fights-back in more daring tone ''Eh?~ Why do I need one? Just because I can't use my flames right now, it's doesn't mean I cannot use my nails and fangs!'', this brunette now faces this hunter and stretches his sharp nails and demonstrates to the hunter.

    Of course, Iori just slowly looks at this vampire and sighs, saying ''And then ending up under someone's foot again. I cannot rescue you each time, just because you don't know how to protect yourself, you stupid vampire...''. This brunette didn't expected such a answer and honestly shown his surprise. However, Kyo tried to keep his cool, but it seems that he failed and now with indignation replies "My your own business! I would have won, if that bastard didn't back-stabbed me." and now Kyo being in front of this redhead, he puts his hands inside jeans pockets and thrust his chest forward.

    This nocturnal creature now announces "However, you better take care of yourself! I don't want you to be killed by anyone else. So, you better stay alive until I'll get stronger and show your place!''. However, this redhead once again was convinced that this stupid vampire never cease to amaze him. So, now Iori only closes his eyes and delightfully smiles, now he replies ''So, you finally decided to take things seriously...You better do not forget these words, vampire.''.

    Kyo turns his head and lower his gaze, but after brief moment he looks back at the hunter and now says in more serious tone "At least this the only way to beat answers out of your stubborn head. So, you better prepare me a good reason for your strange behaviour, you stupid idiot!" right now this brunette impatiently waited for this redhead's answer. However, Yagami briefly replies ''Then don't seduce me with your vampire charms, you stupid vampire. You won't win by cheating.'', this brunette suddenly with-draws and defends himself ''What a hell are you talking about!? I couldn't even move a muscle and then I was sleeping all that time. So, how do you think I could even touch you?...But then, who the heck knows what you else have done to me while I was unconscious.''.

    After this vampire fixes his shirt, he approaches the hunter again while swooshing his hair. Now this brunette gives such a smug smile and replies nearly in singing voice ''Be glad that along my flames I lost my voice. Otherwise, our first meeting would been your last one~'' and now he corners Yagami with one arm. Finally Kyo's fangs shows up and now he continues ''That's right, you would been under my control. Unable to move while having your own mind - it would suit you perfectly, hunter.''. Now this Kusanagi delightfully closes his eyes and after taking a deep breath, adds ''However, since I'm not interested in killing off my prey after I'm done, I would only have taken a better sip until my hunger would be gone. No more, no less~''. Once again this redhead was one step ahead and now he grabbed the other hand of this vampire and pulls him closer.

    This brunette only widens his eyes and the next second he was slammed against the wall of the hut. As he was pressed against the wall, he could feel how his one arm was bending. The hunter was too close to him, nearly pressing his body against him. Kyo could hear how Iori says in stricter tone ''You talk too much. Don't waste your time like that when you are facing your opponent.'' of course, it can't be helped that now hunter's head nearly rested on this brunette's shoulder and now he could feel how this redhead's hair were tickling this Kusanagi's neck. Even so, this hunter added ''It seems that relying on your powers only made you lazy and arrogant. So, we need to fix that as well.''.

    Although, being crushed under this foolish human's grasp once again reminds that this brunette was not strong enough to face this redhead as worthy opponent yet, but he was determined to defeat him and make him go through same treatment as he did. Hunter released this vampire's arm and now placed his hand on Kyo's cheek. Yagami makes sure that Kyo was facing him. Finally, their eyes have met. After that, the other hand, which cornered this brunette, now was placed on Kyo's chest and now gently slides down toward this brunette's waist.

    This vampire already shivers from such a simple touch of this man and it didn't helped that Iori didn't lay off his gaze from this brunette. That gaze alone sets this Kusanagi on fire. Now Kyo blamed himself because of how his body works - it was much more sensitive in his human form. He realized that maybe this redhead just messing with him and might using his vampire's nature in his advance, but the feeling of dizziness won and he was unable to fight back, he couldn't even think straight anymore.

    However, this brunette nervously swallows saliva - hell, Iori's face was so close to his! Yet this redhead keeps his poker-face like it was nothing. Yagami calmly confesses ''Lastly, you are mine and not allowed to die on my watch. I won't forgive anyone who dares to touch you either. If I die, I'll take you together to my grave. So, you better remember it.''. Surely, Kyo very least expected such a honest confession from Iori and now he just silently watches over the hunter .

    The moonlight was shining bright and after slight breeze, Yagami continues in deeper tone ''...It's all your fault, vampire. So, take your responsibility.''. This brunette was eyes-wide open and then shakily closes them after this Iori's lips presses against his. Surely, it felt like time was stopped at this moment. However, Kyo didn't pushed away the hunter and just wanted to stay like this for awhile. Yes, he was already drunk by this new sensation and slowly melting at same spot. Yet this redhead slowly with-draws his face from this brunette and just observed him.

    It seems this vampire was still out of this world and now Iori chuckles ''Don't let your guard off so easily, you stupid vampire...'' and now after fixing the collar of his shirt getting, Iori was back to normal. Now he continues ''Let's go back already. Because I'm too tired to chase you again today.''. Of course, it was too late when Kyo was back to his senses and realized what just happened. Now he frowns and follows Yagami inside the hut ''Oi, Yagami! What was that all about? Come back, you coward! I ain't done yet! Don't you think you can run away like this!''.

    After this hunter was inside, he just lies in bed and covers himself with blanket, now this redhead murmurs ''...just stay quiet, you stupid vampire. You're way too loud...''. However, this brunette keeps trying to get this redhead's attention either by poking him randomly, either keep calling him - nothing helped and this vampire's hard effort was ignored. There were no way that this stupid hunter now gets away from this nocturnal creature. Kyo swore that he would definitively make him pay...somehow. But for now he sits down and leans against the bed and patiently waiting until Iori wakes up.

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