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Scar Millione | Thirties | Male | Top | Zombie | 6'2 | Athletic | AVAILABLE

Plots for Scar:
A) Police/Criminal scenario where YC is a police officer or an agent trying to get the De Luca mafia. They end up playing cat and mouse with Scar and eventually they end up getting romantically involved.

B) We come up with our own scenario.


Masayuki Itou | Twenty three | Male* | Bottom | Human** | 5'7 | Slim | AVAILABLE
*But due to being a Doll he has a womb and he can give birth.
**His real species is Demonoid Wendigo Doll, but he thinks he's human.

Plots for Masayuki:
A) Your character is in prison, juvie, mental asylum etc. and Masayuki is the assigned therapy companion for YC. The initial road is rocky and they reject Masayuki, but he's very persistent and eventually gets past YC's guard. They end up becoming friends. Eventually when YC gets our of the high stress environment they were in, they end up seeing Masayuki heading into an alley. Wondering what he's doing, YC rushes in only to find Masayuki... and the dead body of a man.

B) We plan our own!

Casimir Marseille | Thirty five | Male | Switch | Human | 5'10 | Slim | AVAILABLE

Plots for Casimir:
A) YC is a regular at The Grapevine where Casimir frequents, now mostly to see if Matthias has returned.
They can be another hitman/informant/henchman etc if they want. These plots can go a lot of ways.
-> YC becomes Casimirs new trusted informant for the time being.
This can go a lot of ways.

-> Hitmen scenarios:
- YC and MC have been ordered to kill each other, but they actually end up as friends.
- I was told to kill you, but you're too damn nice?
- The last three people who tried to kill me were so much better trained, wtf?
- You just shot at my arm, wtf, don't they hire decent assassins anymore?

-> Mafia henchmen/Civil/Crime scenarios
- I'm here trying to snipe a guy and according to my intel this place was supposed to be empty. Sorry?
- You busted into my home to steal stuff and I'd like to keep most of it.
- Upon another inspection, you're not the person I was supposed to kill, apologies. Do you want tea?

B) We come up with a plan of our own.


Bruce Arkham | Twenty Eight | Male | Power Bottom | Dhampir | 6'0 | Athletic | AVAILABLE

Plots for Bruce:
A) Multiple scenarios:
- I'm only hiring you as a favour to a friend, but you turned out to be much more competent than I thought.
- Rival CEO's who are interested of each other.
- I had a one night stand and now it turns out they're interviewing me for a job.
- A small business' child VS the heir of the multibillion company who is trying to buy the small business.
- YC works under MC in one of their science laboratories and directly respond to MC.
- Project between Arkham Enterprises and YC's company. Neither of them agrees on very much everything.
- I don't want to go to this function alone, so be my date.

B) We come up with a plan of our own.