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    Re: Deleting my raws. This is farewell~

    I know I'm late on the news but I wanted to show my agreement for Cruciatus' decision but not perhaps in the same way as other members in this forum. Instead I'd like to instead discuss from a more legal perspective about the rammifications of sharing manga.

    I've been on the manga scene for about 15 years now and I've gone from lurker to simple downloader, to scanlation editor, to translator, to online reader and back to lurker again. I now work professionally as a medical translator but through the years I've had the chance to work with various publishers and legal offices so I've gained at least a minimal insight of the other side of publication.

    My time as a scanlator has helped me in so many ways, both with my own learning as well as with job opportunities and for that I am extremely grateful for the various scanners and Cruciatus for giving me permission to use their scans. However, if I could do it again I would do it with no credits, no watermark, no webpage of my own or weblinks (private/trusted acquaintances could share my scanlations on various forums in my place). Nothing that would show that I had a hand in any part of the process.

    Of course, nothing filled me with more pride that seeing my own pseudonym attached to works that I had spent hours poring over whilst editing but ultimately it's meant that it's far too easy to link them to a single digital presence, and it wouldn't take much more to link it to the real person behind that presence. What saves me, as of this moment, is the grey area in the transformative nature of translation, that 7 years ago there was no legal precedent and lastly that I was a small fry in the business of scanlation. Cruciatus, unfortunately, is not.

    I've read through all the previous posts and many members have highlighted the rudeness of, how surely decency and politeness should have meant that those who downloaded Cruciatus' files should have kept the files to themselves but really, all it boils down to is a flimsy agreement amongst strangers. In the real world, people already struggle with being altruistic when self-benefit is involved, so it goes to show that if copyright laws couldn't stop the work being shared illegally in the first place it doesn't take much to assume secondary or tertiary sharers will do as they please as well. Of course it's okay to not like what's happened. On my part I'm quite happy to state the selfish truth of it: Because of a third party site, I can no longer easily download illegally copied BL work (for free) directly from the scanner and that annoys me tremendously. This however takes me away from the point I wanted to make.

    Using free online streaming sites as an example, in most countries it's still not fully illegal to host links. This means the streaming site is only offering a portal to the media and the money they make is through web-traffic, they make no profit from the viewers and so they have a legal loophole out of any punishment. The one who faces serious time is and always will be the person who ripped the video in the first place (there are no consequence for those who just view or download only). Most of us know this though we choose to ignore it. With digital literary media it's not too different either. 13dl, though they seem to be a nefarious bunch that publishers would do well to get rid of, are making money not from the readers but from the url shorterners (i.e. web-traffic), and so technically any punishment they face (if at all) will be light in comparison to the first illegal distributor.

    Now in regards to Cruciatus, I'm afraid having their name so clearly plastered across so many scans might prove to be their undoing. Even scans without the watermarks can easily be traced back to various accounts - Greenleaf on tumblr, Greenleaf1309n on livejournal, Cruciatus on aarinfantasy and here etc. There's historical record of copyright breaching lasting almost ten years which can be shown simply through archive sites. Breaking copywrite for print may have not been a great concern in the past (as transactions were difficult to trace) but if it's true that they are now sharing digital media then it will be a doddle to link the digital transaction to the sharing sites. They may face even heavier penulties as I know online publishers are racing to amend contracts between themselves and the online buyer by the minute (just look at the small print and see how it constantly changes). We all know that Cruciatus shared out of kindness, wishing that we could all have the chance to enjoy amazing stories from such talented Mangakas but to the big companies that means nothing. To them, in this chain, Cruciatus has done the most damage by illegally putting the works out there in the first place.

    With the prospect of such a heavy charge, especially in light of the recent arrests, I sincerely hope that Cruciatus will listen to the advice I have to offer: Delete your forum accounts, delete your drive account, delete your twitter, delete your tumblr, delete any old accounts using any current or old names/avatars. Delete even the profile you use to buy manga online in the first place (I personally would close your bank account too). Stop sharing and start again fresh as a simple reader with new accounts, new profiles, new IP address and say nothing to give away your link to 'Cruciatus/Greenleaf'. It'll be sad for us members to not be able to connect with you again but that is the level of how serious this is. Even you sharing your emails dobbing in on here is a big mistake. We all know their members are on here, and it'd be piss easy for them to, out of revenge, contact the same publishers with the screenprints and say 'Hey, the person who sent you this email is the person who shared all your works to begin with!'.

    No doubt, as with other comments I've seen here, someone will accuse me of being affiliated with 13dl, defending them, or think that I'm saying Cruciatus deserves it but far from it! My aim is to protect our scanners and scanlators and to warn Cruciatus before they get in trouble, especially as I've heard word that there's going to be an extreme crackdown coming.

    I'm extremely thankful for the scanners and scanlators I've come across over the years for promoting manga. Without them it's doubtful that there would be as much of an audience for it outside of Japan as back in the day it would have been almost impossible to get hold of a physical copy of any manga, let alone a genre so niche as Yaoi and BL (I think it's very short-sighted of the big publishers not to realise how they've benefitted). It's thanks to these people that prices have been driven down and there's now an avenue to buy manga over the net. It sounds counterintuitive but I hope one day there'll be no need for scanners at all due to manga being even more affordable and easy to obtain than it is now. Afterall, the joy of supporting the mangaka is worth more than the joy of sharing works under our own 'name'.

    It's been a long while running but I think you've made the best decision in getting out of this game. I wish you well with all your future endeavours. You've made a massive difference in my life and I can't thank you enough for it. Goodbye.
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    Re: Deleting my raws. This is farewell~

    I'm totally with you! no one of the people who enjoy your raws, including me, worth your depression or a big trouble. A lot of individuals will be angry and will talk bad as are so many ungrateful people but at the end you are alone dealing with these kind of people who make money at your cost, surely you will get sad and frustrated as the time pass so a big thank you for the time you shared your pages against all this big obstaholes and wish you now the best far from them; know that you made me so happy so many times reading works that could never have been in my screen otherwise... aaaand as I read your shares I will remember your generosity. Take care and the best of luck <3
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    Re: Deleting my raws. This is farewell~

    sad to see you go.
    many thanx for your works and all the best wishes on your path.

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    Re: Deleting my raws. This is farewell~


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