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    My Boys (More To Come)

    Status: Available
    Name: Ryota Ito
    Nickname: Triniti
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Occupation: Pop/Rock Artist
    Sex: Male
    Position: Usually Seme (But can make exceptions and Seke. Depending on the top)
    Race: Human
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'9"
    Build: Somewhat muscular but not overly so
    Eyes: Amber
    Hair: Semi-long dark brown hair
    Ethnicity: Japanese-American

    Biography: Ryota Ito comes from a rich family. Ryota has a Japanese father and an American mother. He is the eldest of three. His sisters are twins, Francesca and Anastasia Ito. Ryota has always been a very dark person. Taking after his father. He's his father's favorite and gets away with anything. Even illegal stuff. Ryota has never been disciplined. But spoiled because his father always believed Ryota was just disturbed and mentally troubled. So that was his father's excuse to spoil his son and let him get away with anything. Which makes Ryota the way he is. Ryota Ito is Ryota's real name but he goes by Triniti ever since he became a famous pop/rock icon. Ryota has had secret affairs with one of his twin sisters, Francesca. Who is in love with Ryota and is just as twisted as he is. Ryota and Francesca tend to bully their sister Anastasia. For her burns. Which Ryota caused when they were younger. After she rejected Ryota romantically. Ryota is very hot tempered if he doesn't get what he wants.

    Personality: Ryota is a villainous character. He has a way of charming into people's hearts with his riches and talents. But if he can't have what he wants. He will get it one way or another. Even if he needs to use force, bribery, blackmail or trick a person. He is very manipulative. He's the type of guy with a big ego. He believes no one can top him because he's the hottest celebrity out there. He hates losing. And he would do anything to make his rivals' lives impossible.


    -The Beach


    -People who judge

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