Have A Wonderful Day - Poem by JAMES T. ADAIR

Just in case nobody does say
Have a wonderful day

If you're at work
and all the world
seems to be at play
Smile your work away

If you're having trouble
and it feels like double
Do a good turn for someone else
and ease their worried mind

I think a little happiness you will find
when you make an effort to be kind
And someone else you might remind
that there is hope among humankind

If you're at school
and you don't feel like you belong
Keep in your heart a song
Do your best as you sing along

All your troubles and worries
are here now but won't be long
Someday soon you'll find a place you seek
Exactly where you've belonged all along

So in case nobody else would say
I wish you a happy wonderful day
All your worries and sadness wished away
Today it's going to be better
Find a little beauty in your day