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    BL manga "Given" Gets TV Anime in July

    In the Fuji TV Anime Lineup Press Conference 2019 event on Thursday, it is announced that Natsuki Kizu's Given manga will be adapted to television anime. Which will premiere on Fuji TV's Noitamina in July. It will be the first anime based on a boys-love manga" to air on Noitamina.
    Below is the PV and visual image


    The "youth band story" centers on Ritsuka, who plays guitar but has lost interest in the instrument. One day, he meets Mafuyu, who is holding a broken guitar. Ritsuka unwillingly starts teaching Mafuyu the guitar, but when he hears Mafuyu's voice, things suddenly begin to change for Ritsuka.

    Ongoing manga currently released in Shinshokan's Cheri+ magazine, and Shinshokan published the manga's fourth compiled volume in December 2017

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